Ross recruiting candidates to run against stadium foes


It’s getting uglier and uglier between Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and the politicians who thwarted his effort to renovate Sun Life Stadium in part with public money.

According to the Miami Herald, Ross is now recruiting candidates to run against politicians who opposed the attempt to upgrade the venue.

Ross formed a Political Action Committee dubbed Florida Jobs First.  The group seeks candidates to challenge in the 2014 primary representatives Michael Bileca and Carlos Trujillo.  A spokesman for Florida Jobs First told the Herald that the group is indeed looking for folks who’ll run against the duo.

“After hearing from many in the community who were upset by those who stood in the way of jobs for Miami-Dade, we have been talking to several potential candidates to challenge Trujillo and Bileca,” spokesman Eric Jotkoff said.

Retaliation apparently has come swiftly from House speaker Will Weatherford, who per the Herald announced that Trujillo will serve as chairman of the Economic Development and Tourism Subcommittee.  It means that, if the Dolphins try to push a renovation plan through the House in 2014, it won’t go far.

Ross wants to secure partial public funding for the renovations, which would get Sun Life Stadium back in the Super Bowl rotation.  Without the upgrades, America’s premier sporting event likely won’t return to South Florida.

11 responses to “Ross recruiting candidates to run against stadium foes

  1. Mr. Ross should spend more time figuring out how to remove people on his management staff that haven’t been doing their jobs to make the Dolphins into champions.

    But I still hope he wins his personal political feud, nothing wrong with wanting to go to war with a shady politician. Take him down and then find more that need to be replaced. Can’t really argue about that too much. Somebody has to help take out the trash.

  2. I suggest Mr. Ross start selling off some of his vacation homes and maybe looking into getting some money out of those offshore tax havens if he wants another Super Bowl.

  3. Public, taxpayers, money should not be used to help enrich Billionaires. If he want to renovate the stadium he has the money in his own pockets to do it, and he should do it. If he want to create jobs he can do it himself, and the public money can build schools.

  4. He should save whatever money he was using to “hire” these people to pay for his stadium. Hey rich “people” stop using serfs to pay your way for you and pay your own way.

  5. This is getting good… A cheap billionaire who will fatten his pockets with a new stadium paid for by tax payers and lying politicians…

  6. While I agree it should have been allowed to go to a vote by the people, I’d rather see Ross devote these resources into stadium upgrades.

    Funding rival political campaigns isn’t cheap. If you’re going to spend the money…

  7. As a Dolphins fan of 20+ years, and even though I don’t have any particular affinity for Ross, I hope Ross crushes these guys. I would have been cool if the bill made it through to the people, and even if the people of Miami shot it down – I can live with that, it’s called DEMOCRACY – which is what we’re supposed to be.

    These jerk politicians have personnel agendas, and wouldn’t allow it through to the voting public. That being the case, I hope Ross crushes them, and I promise you that Ross’s billions, and his ENDLESS power of connections flowing from New York to Florida will win out.

    Unlike most teams, Ross, even with the minimal amount of public funding he was seeking, was set to pay 70% of this renovation cost out of pocket. This would have created many thousands of jobs, and would have benefited the community of Miami. LOVE to see someone stand up and say enough with political agenda, and pick a fight.

  8. In this age of austerity, when schools and other non-profit projects are not being built, why should the public put one red cent into a project that will benefit only a billionaire. You say hr will put up 70 % of the money, but he gets 100% of the profit. No way Ghent32. The people have better things to do with their money, not just profit him.

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