Bill Belichick: Edelman has some ground to make up


The Patriots will have a few more bodies in practice at wide receiver in the next few days.

Aaron Dobson returned to practice on Thursday after missing Tuesday’s session and Julian Edelman has been cleared to practice for the first time in camp. Edelman was placed on the physically unable to perform list after having surgery on the foot injury that ended his 2012 season. That kept him from doing much this offseason, something coach Bill Belichick said won’t help him in the battle for playing time.

“He wasn’t able to do much [in the offseason] and he hasn’t done anything in camp, other than work individually with the trainers and stuff. He watches and goes to meetings, but he can’t participate in anything,” Belichick said, via Mike Reiss of “I certainly don’t think it puts him ahead. He has some ground to make up. We’ll see how it goes.”

On some teams, Edelman’s experience might give him an edge in such an inexperienced receiving corps but Patriots history says that sentimentality won’t be a factor when it comes to doling out snaps. If he can’t make up for lost time, Edelman’s playing time and/or job could be at risk.

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  1. Translation:

    “I know Julien Edelman is an important part of our team because he’s going to fill some of the void left by Wes Welker and is one of the reasons we were comfortable with letting Welker walk.

    “But I also know how to motivate my players so I’m going to scare the hell out of him by putting him on a guilt trip for being injured so he’ll make up some time and be ready in September.

    “The best way to get the best out of a guy is to make him believe his job is in jeopardy. But wink wink, we all know he’s going to play as much as any of our other receivers.”

  2. I hear the EAGLES might be dumping a WR soon. Im sure you could use the help when Edelman is your #1….

  3. Before Edelman got hurt last year he was playing at another level. I fully expect Edelman to be a big part of the O and have a great season . He is one of Brady’s go to guys.

  4. Edelman had beaten out Welker for starting slot position coming out of camp last year. He’s faster than Welker with comparable hands. He is NOT is a durable as Welker to this point. IF – a big if – he can stay on the field, they won’t miss Welker a lick.
    Then again, Amendola has been looking great in camp, Brady is already taking to him quite well.

  5. Disagree with some of the pre ious posts. BB rarely throws down the gauntlet to a veteran in the press. He was only resigned after testng Fa and getting no interest. He’s fragile. He can do a lot of things, but IMO he’s no lock to make this team.

    Denvwally, where’d you get the idea JE beat out Welker. that was a negotiating ploy by the Pats to show Wselker they were willing to live w/o him(and JE was a better blocker) Didn’t last long.

  6. It could also be that Belichick still thinks Edelman will be one of his better options but he says it like this for motivational reasons.

  7. .

    The Sentimentality Power Rankings :

    1. Tin Man

    2. Miguelito Loveless

    3. Bill Belichick


  8. Edelman was a breakout player last year before he got hurt. It will take him some time to regain that form, and he might be a bit gun shy at first. He needs to learn how to avoid being hit. People need to remember that this kid played QB in college. He’s athletic enough to play these other positions ala Troy Brown, but he needs to know when to go for broke and when to just line up for the next play.

  9. Edelman has rare skills with the football in his hands, whether that is after catching a punt or a short pass. Belichick wants to attack all points on the field this year and Edelman will be running screens and slants to put pressure on the linebackers and corners. Both Edelman and Amendola should have excellent YAC this year and Brady likes to throw the short pass.

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