Bornstein leaving NFLN in 2014

When the Big Lead reported in June that Steve Bornstein is on his way out, the league denied it.

Apparently, the answer hinged on the definition of the term “way.”  Or maybe “out.”  Or perhaps “is.”

Less than two months later, James Andrew Miller of the New York Times reports that Bornstein will exit when his contract expires in early 2014.

Bornstein, who is best known for joining ESPN early in its existence and later becoming its president, will be replaced by Brian Rolapp, the COO of NFL Media since January 2011.

In fiscal year 2010, Bornstein made $12.2 million, more than Commissioner Roger Goodell.  In the next fiscal year, Bornstein made less than half that amount.

That’s still $5.7 million, a year after making $12.2 million.  So wherever Bornstein goes next, chances are he’ll be fine.