Brandon Marshall says Alshon Jeffery was “softer” last year

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When it came to the passing game of the Chicago Bears in 2012, it was pretty much Brandon Marshall and everyone else.

Marshall had 1,508 receiving yards for the Bears last season. Earl Bennett and Alshon Jeffery had less than 400 each,

Jeffery was selected by the Bears in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft and Chicago hoped he’d be able to provide a complementary threat to Marshall. As a rookie, that threat never really materialized. Jeffery caught just 24 passes for 367 yards and three touchdowns in his rookie campaign and missed six games because of injury,

Jeffery spent the offseason training with Marshall in Florida. According to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, Marshall believes Jeffery is better suited to handle the workload this season.

“He was softer last year, much softer,” Marshall said. “Now he’s strong. He’s a beast.”

Jeffery flashed his potential at times last season but also would disappear all too often. Per Pompei, Jeffery snatched a pass from Jay Cutler out of the sky for a touchdown on a pass that seemed to be out of reach. Marshall saw it as just one example of the receiver Jeffery can become.

“That play in the end zone really speaks for his offseason,” Marshall said. “It was a really explosive offseason.”

The Bears could really use another receiver to step up and become a second option for Cutler in the passing game. It would not only give Cutler another target but help relieve some of the pressure off Marshall as well. If Marshall’s correct, Jeffery may be just the guy to take the job,

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  1. Can’t tell you how excited I am that we have a WIDEOUT THREAT FINALLY! Marshall, Jeffery and Bennett! So excited for what the Bears could do this year! Glad to see Marshall is being the mentor here and raising the young pup under his wing, he has so much to offer the 2nd Year player and I am glad he is going out of his way to help him improve. Very stand-up of him!

  2. has he learned to stop pushing off yet?

    Yea, I still remember that game. Back to back PI.

  3. Would be nice to see Alshon develop into a burner slot-reciever in the mode of Brandon Marshall. Bringing more consistency will be key for the offense as a whole. If Jay can maintain an effeciency of 90 or higher with at least 100 yards on the ground, the Bears may compete to stay out of the cellar in the North this season.
    .. But the defense is transitioning so expectations shouldn’t warrant more than a .500 year.
    Love Jimi.

  4. The race for the north title will be between Chicago and Minnesota this season. I dont see green bay being more than 8-8. Cutler has a lot of weapons and now he has the O-line to give him time. IT’S ON

  5. Da Bears offense, when fine tuned, will be difficult to stop. The question marks and injuries on defense lead me to believe they are going to have to put up a lot of points. Jeffery will be a big part of that this year.

  6. He was also injured frequently.
    Cutler only had Marshall, Jeffery, and Earl Bennett all healthy and starting for the last two games of the season.
    And Cutler, during that game, was finally able to distribute the ball around to all 3.

  7. Definitely looking forward to Alshon and M. Bennett this year.

    Three receivers/TE’s at or above 6’3 should be fun to watch.

  8. IT’S ON!! this season its Chicago’s turn 13-3 first round bye. Trestman will make a BIG splash in lake Michigan and the whole North will feel it.

  9. Beyond the O line comming together and offering consistent protection… Alshon will be the key cog that can make this offense either very efficient and dangerous or middle of the road.

    If he can earn the respect of Defensive Coaches early in the season with solid play the options this offense will have are enormous. Having to Roll Coverage to Marshall already, and with Jeffry stepping up Martellus Bennett and Forte can really be set up to gash defenses. Earl Bennett also isn’t one to sleep on if he’s healthy. Made some tremendous big plays with runs after catches when this team made the run to the nfc championship game.

    Lot of promise and talent on the roster, but also a lot has to go right for it to show up. Here’s to hoping things fall together the right way.

  10. We are at least a year away from contending. I hope I am wrong .. but I am not looking for big things this year. We have a new offense, and a new defense.

    They already said that it takes a long time to learn the offense.

    I think our defense is going to struggle this year.

    I bet our offense scores 7-10 more points a game this year, but the defense gives up 10-14 more a game.

    New schemes take a while to master.
    Here is to hoping I am wrong! Go Bears!

  11. @black and blued I vision
    Yeah I remember those OPI calls and that one was border line. I also remember the noncall on blatant defensive PI late in that same game. Jeffrey is a young player who needs to improve in order to be a factor. If you lose you should have done more to win so don’t confuse this with the Bears deserved to win that game nonsense, but its kinda similar to saying I remember how the Pack’s secondary gave up that TD to Golden Tate. In that its just an incendiary comment or an ignorant comment.

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