Brian Waters a possibility for Cowboys

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The Cowboys drafted center Travis Frederick in the first round in April, but that might not be the only tweak they wind up making to their offensive line before the start of the regular season.

Bryan Broaddus of the Cowboys website backs up a report from his colleague Jeff Sullivan that there’s a “real chance” the Cowboys sign veteran guard Brian Waters. Waters did not play at all last season after turning in a strong 2011 season with the Patriots. The six-time Pro Bowler was under contract in New England last season, but never reported to the team and the Patriots released him early in the offseason.

Waters said that he wanted to play for a team closer to his home in Texas, which would seem to work in the Cowboys’ favor. Broaddus writes that health issues at guard have led the team to look into the possibility of bringing Waters aboard. Starters Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau have been hampered by injuries, Bernadeau is on the PUP list, and backup Kevin Kowalski is out for a few weeks with a bruised knee.

If Waters does come aboard, he’d be a good bet to supplant one of those starters. And if he’s fit enough to bring his play back up to its previous level, the Cowboys offense would be better for it.

15 responses to “Brian Waters a possibility for Cowboys

  1. He’d be the best linesman on the team if he hasn’t gotten too far out of shape. He quit on both the Patriots and the Chiefs, so one might also question his motivation at this point.

  2. If he does sign, I hope it works out… but it looks like we’re going to be putting together another makeshift line this season. Thanks, Jerrah.

  3. The O line will never be consistent until they have the same guys in play after play. I was hoping a lot of that would happen before the regular season starts but the construction continues…

  4. there is a concern about him. He got a little odd at the end of his time in KC, and it showed up again in NE. can you count on him at this point? I don’t know. however if he comes in motivated, he would be the best thing to happen to dallas’ young lineman

    people quickly forget waters was actually originally CUT by the cowboys as a tight end before KC brought him aboard.

  5. I was pretty bummed that he never returned to the Pats last season, he was their best linemen the year before. He clearly won’t be the same player but I’d still roll the dice on him.

  6. Dude is/was a great O-lineman that was overshadowed by HOFers Willie Roaf and Will Shields.

    He’d automatically be the best lineman on that team, by quite a bit.

  7. He’s always expressed interest in playing in TX. I agree with the above though, he got a bit weird on us in KC, then made the Pats suffer through a long stint of the unknown. How do you count on him now?

  8. If anything, it would be nice to have some veteran insurance that isn’t named Nate Livings or Mackenzy Bernardeau. Some of the worst FA signings I’ve seen. Jerry wouldn’t have spent his money better signed Carl Nicks and throwing a draft pick in the fire. At least you would have 1 good guard and a draft pick with potential versus two washed up guards that might not even start this year. Heck, they might even get beat out by 2 undrafted free agents if the Cowboys put Costa and Leary at Guard.

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