Colts’ Dwayne Allen raves about his offseason yoga routine

Getty Images

Colts tight end Dwayne Allen is expected to have a big role in the offense this season, and he says yoga will keep him healthy through the wear and tear of 16 games.

Allen said he did yoga almost every day, all offseason long, and he feels the difference in his flexibility.

“Man, a ton of yoga,” Allen said. “I had probably over 100 classes of yoga and it’s helped out a ton. I feel more fluid in my routes, getting in and out of my stance. It’s definitely helped calm me down a little bit.”

Allen, a 2012 third-round pick who caught 45 passes as a rookie, did a lot of his yoga in extremely hot conditions. He said more players are starting to realize can prepare them for sweating through August practices.

“It’s something that’s getting around the league,” Allen said. “A lot of the guys hear about it initially, they hear hot yoga, ‘Woo too hot for me,’ and then they understand that it’s something that’s going to help their game.”

If Allen has a big year, more players may follow his lead and use yoga as the way to stay in shape.