Dontari Poe gives up barbecue on way to 15-20 pound weight loss


For a large man who enjoyed eating barbecue, Chiefs defensive tackle Dontari Poe seemed to have the best of both worlds by growing up in Memphis and moving to Kansas City for his professional career.

Poe wanted to be a smaller man for his second NFL season, though, and that meant it was time to ratchet up the willpower and resist the charms of the fine pitmasters in both towns. He succeeded at what he called “the hardest thing I’ve had to do since I’ve been here,” and dropped between 15 and 20 pounds off his frame.

“I eat a lot of eggs in the morning, eat a lot of protein, grilled chicken, grilled fish, stuff like that,” Poe said, via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star. “I’m trying to cut out the beef and the pork and stay away from the fried foods. And stay away from the barbecue.”

The weight loss appears to have paid off for Poe. Covitz called Poe “near-unblockable” in Chiefs practice and reports that he’s been staying on the field for all three downs because his added quickness allows him to rush the passer as well as hold up against the run. Mike Mayock of the NFL Network was at a recent Chiefs practice and echoed the rave review for Poe’s play.

Nothing really counts until there’s an opposing player in your way, but the prospect of a leaner and quicker Poe joining the Chiefs defense is yet another reason to think last year’s 2-14 record will look nothing like the Chiefs’ final mark this year.

That’s good news for Kansas City, as is the fact that there will be a little more barbecue available with one less person in the city eating it.

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  1. this man is a fool for cutting out read meat and pork. pork is red meat and red meat is the healthiest thing you can eat. it is a lie that saturated animal fat and cholesterol are unhealthy and it is very easy to prove. Look up the Weston A Price foundation and books written by mr Price. he is harming his career by cutting beef and pork from his diet. he is very smart for his dietary efforts but he has been taught wrong. And I hope hes not cooking any of these meat and eggs to well done like you are told. Well done meat and eggs is a carcinogen and your government telling you that undone meat and eggs causes sickness is part of population control efforts. well done animal fat is a carcinogen

  2. “BBQ is fine, it’s the BBQ sauce that does it to ya.”


    Actually its not at all ok. BBQ sauce plays a role but BBQ itself involves burned meat which contains multiple forms of carcinogens known as heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

  3. They are going to have to let him sleep at arrowhead on Saturday night cause it might be straight up torture for him to drive through the parking lot on Sundays during chiefs games. In all seriousness this is the show me state if you want to prove that your going to be a sack master or great dlineman show up on Sundays and please kill manning, rivers, and who ever the raiders run out there this yr. Signed chiefs fans.

  4. I recently had the chance to visit KC for the first time and I was in hog heaven there. Loved Oklahoma Joe’s and also LC’s for burnt ends. I admire Poe’s restraint. I do not have the same restrictions and can’t wait to try out the other places next month.

  5. Heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons be damned! I’m hitting Oklahoma Joe’s the Saturday before opening day!

  6. A guy who plays on the DL should be able to eat whatever he wants as long as he hits his macronutrient targets. Try portion control, bud.

    Considering how relevant it is to their careers, I think all college football players should be required to take a nutrition course.

  7. texan2905 says:
    Aug 1, 2013 5:53 PM
    Man bbq is like heaven especially brisket. But he is not smart for cutting out red meat its the highest source of protein.

    Wrong. Take it from someone who use to have a bodybuilder for a roommate. The cleanest form of protein you van get comes from boneless, skinless chicken breast, egg whites, and canned tuna. My roommate only ate red meat once or twice per week and built his diet around the chicken breasts etc. I don’t know of anyone that obsesses over protein like bodybuilders and they seem to disagree with you.

  8. That’s just wrong. I’m a BBQ guy and every time I go to KC I go somewhere new for BBQ and it is always good. Gates’ sausage is the best.

  9. This is very bad news for Peyton Manning;

    Remarkable how, even on a chiefs article, you still take shots at Peyton. It must be really unfortunate for you have Peyton Manning constantly on your mind. Manning’s release is far too quick for Poe to hit him. You guys should really be more concerned with Alex Smith.

  10. @ siknutty:

    I love Peyton Manning. I think he may be the best QB to ever play the game. I just love the Chiefs more. You donks fans have anointed your team champions way too soon, especially with Peyton’s cobbled together interior OL. Dontari will be up in his grille often with Lilja snapping the ball. He was regularly launched into the backfield when used as the emergency center last year in KC. Only Cowboys fans delusionally overrate their players more than the donks.

  11. trevor123698 says:
    “Actually its not at all ok. BBQ sauce plays a role but BBQ itself involves burned meat which contains multiple forms of carcinogens known as heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons”


    You sound like you’d be absolutely no fun whatsoever to hang out with.

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