Eric Weddle unmoved by Pro Bowl changes


For whatever reason, Chargers safety Eric Weddle’s never gotten the recognition which his play indicates it deserves.

Though he’s been voted to the All-Pro team three times, he’s only been to one Pro Bowl, so yesterday’s changes to the all-star game didn’t exactly move him.

I’m not going to make it, so I don’t really care,” Weddle said, via Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego. “I care about being the best. For the fans who vote me, I appreciate them. But it’s not really high on my priority list. Hopefully, it’s good for all the fans and stuff, but highly likely I’m not going to be there.

“I know where I stand in the league. I don’t need that to validate where I am. I just want to win.”

Some people appreciate him, as he was voted No. 48 in PFT’s ranking of the top 100 players in the league, and the top safety in our poll.

Weddle’s struggled to get his ticket to Hawaii more often for several reasons, including his geographic location, playing for a middling team and the presence of “name” safeties such as Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu in his conference.

20 responses to “Eric Weddle unmoved by Pro Bowl changes

  1. “Ccjcsr: Really dude? Overrated??? I love when cowgirl and seachicken fans open there mouths!! It shows on a consistent how your fan bases are football illiterate”

    Serious irony here …

  2. Weddle is SERIOUSLY overrated.

    If you think he’s actually UNDERRATED, then you watch too much ESPN and not enough football games.

  3. Imagine how much better he’ll be if they finally develop a half-decent pass-rush.

    That’s half the reason why guys like Palummalmalu and Ed Reed have done so well in their respective careers. They’ve been on two teams with some of the best defensive lines in the league.

    Too bad, for SD, that they lost Ingram going into his second year.

  4. Overrated by who, joetoronto? Look, we get it, you’re a Raiders fan. A Raiders fan that has a whole lot of time on his hands.

  5. Smart man. I’m as diehard of a fan as it gets and think a majority of fans don’t have the knowledge and or willingness to choose who really deserves the ProBowl. If they want it to be a legit reflection of who is a great player, they need to stop letting fans vote at all. Same with HOF and most writers.

  6. Joetoronto’s football analysis is the only thing worse than his posts. He can spot a loser though. He watches 53 of them in silver and black every week.

  7. The new format is still a total joke. The Pro Bowl is not something I will ever watch because none of the players involved will be playing anywhere near full steam. Too much chance of injury for very little return. Add in things like not being able to blitz and the game is just a black hole of suck.

    Unfortunately the root problems with this game are not related to who is on which team, but that is has less value in most ways to the players than a preseason game.

  8. I’d guess the only players that care about the Pro Bowl are the ones who use it for contract negotiations leverage.

  9. joetoronto says:Aug 1, 2013 12:27 PM

    Weddle is SERIOUSLY overrated.

    If you think he’s actually UNDERRATED, then you watch too much ESPN and not enough football games.


    Says the CFL Fan who thinks the Raiders are still a viable franchise

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