Goodell deposition moved to next Friday


Commissioner Roger Goodell will still be questioned under oath in the Super Bowl seating lawsuit, per prior court order.  But it won’t happen as scheduled on Friday, August 2.

A spokesperson for lawyer Michael Avenatti advises PFT that the deposition has been moved to Friday, August 9.  The deposition will take place in the New York City offices of Haynes and Boone.

The postponement makes sense.  Hall of Fame weekend gets rolling on Friday, and Goodell undoubtedly will be making appearances and attending functions in and around Canton, Ohio.

For an incident that happened nearly 30 months ago, when hundreds of fans showed up for Super Bowl XLV in North Texas and learned their tickets wouldn’t get them seats, a seven-day wait to question Goodell is meaningless.

The NFL hopes that Super Bowl seating lawsuits will end up being meaningless, too.

4 responses to “Goodell deposition moved to next Friday

  1. The league should just cover the ticket cost, travel expenses for the Dallas Super Bowl and then give them tickets and cover travel expenses for a future Super Bowl.

  2. it’s alriht Goodell! Just push all those regular people who paid a large percentage of their annual earnings to get a seat at the game… for all those yuppies and media folk who brought their kids along who don’t give a crap about football. Way to bring the game to the fans! you’re the man!

  3. I can see it now : Goodell and Jerrah sitting there, both pointing fingers at one another saying “It’s all his fault, your honor, I wanna sue him!”

  4. And this epitomizes American society. I didn’t get something, so I want my money back AND more. Doesn’t matter how much you paid for the tickets – didn’t the NFL already reimburse ticket price and travel expenses?

    You really can’t blame the plaintiffs though, the blood-sucking lawyers are the only ones that really win in a mess like this. Thousands of billable hours. Ridiculous and disgusting.

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