Jordan Gross: Panthers or retirement next year


Thursday was an unexpectedly poignant day for Panthers left tackle Jordan Gross.

One of his closest friends, guard Geoff Hangartner, was cut this morning. Then he had to confront his own professional mortality, admitting he’ll retire if the Panthers don’t want him back next season.

Gross restructured his deal this offseason, effectively taking a pay cut and turning it into a one-year deal.

And he said when the time comes for that deal to void five days after the start of the 2014 league year, he has a decision to make.

“If I wanted to move somewhere else, this last offseason was my opportunity to do that – if I would have put up a big fuss and got myself out of this organization,” Gross said, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “A year later is another year less appealing to go somewhere else. I’m not worried about the team having leverage on me if I say I’m only playing here. . . . I’m only going to play here.”

The 33-year-old Gross may have declined a bit, but is still more than an adequate starter. How he plays this season with determine whether they want their 2003 first-rounder back again.

3 responses to “Jordan Gross: Panthers or retirement next year

  1. He’s been declining for at least 3 years. We should have drafted his replacement, but for idiotic incompetence in the front office, dating back to Jake Delhomme and Dan Morgan.

    The ripple effect was to field a team where the defense needed triage. It has also kept Cam on the field without any playmakers. (outside of 34 yr old Smith)

  2. I agree Gross can still play. I don’t think he’s good enough to be a left tackle anymore, but since we haven’t drafted one in so long, he’s going to stay there. If he can cut down on the holding penalties, he’ll be fine.

    He is a stand-up guy though. He realizes he’s declining and agreed to the restructuring. A classy move in a world where there are so many pro athletes that play the game only for the absolute maximum dollar amount possible and pitch a hissy fit every time some other player signs a bigger contract. I hope he can raise up and have a great year for us.

  3. The Panthers are in a bad, bad spot in that they are in relatively poor shape cap wise going forward (though Gettleman has done a good job in that area). The core players who have won with the Panthers are old or injury prone (Smith, Kalil, Gross, Beason, D. Williams, Stewart) and outside of Cam and Luke, lack a lot of young promising guys who can step up and fill the soon to be voids. As things stand, Cam will be running for his life with no one to throw to in 2 years.

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