Kelce: We were drunk, Cooper can get “out of control”


If you’re keeping score at home, embattled Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper now has another named supporter, along with the growing legion of named and  unnamed detractors.

Eagles center Jason Kelce, who was with Cooper at the Kenny Chesney concert which started Cooper’s parade of shame, said he didn’t think his teammate was a bigot.

“Riley was my friend before the fact and he’s still my friend and teammate going forward,” Kelce said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Anybody that really knows him knows he’s not a racist, . . . but sometimes he can get a little bit out of control. We were both pretty intoxicated on the day.”

While being drunk is one of the traditional excuses for dumb behavior — and Kelce admitted a hazy memory of the events of the night — it’s also not an insurance policy against stupidity.

It’s rare that a drunk invents words he’s never said before on the spot, and Cooper’s assertion he had never uttered the word in question still rings hollow a day later.

Kelce should be commended for standing by his friend, though he was smart enough to say he was “embarrassed” to be associated with the incident

And by saying Cooper can get “out of control” and immediately linking it to alcohol, Kelce also invited speculation to another possibility for the “outside assistance” the team is seeking for him.

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  1. “Embattled”
    “Parade of Shame”

    Tell us what you really want us to think about Riley Cooper.

  2. drunk(or sober for that matter) white guy says something he probably shouldn’t have and suddenly this happens…

    completely sober black guy consistently spews out the same word on a daily and it’s business as usual…

    nothing wrong, right?

  3. Im a black guy.

    This was blown out of proportion. If i was Mike Vick i would say:

    “I forgive him. Look, we all say some things we regret at some point in life. Coop had one of those moments, unfortunately it was on camera and broadcast to the nation. Honeslty, Coop comes to work everyday, works hard, and shows me respect. Thats all i care about. What he does on his own time or what he says on his own time isnt my business. Again we ALL have put our foot in our mouth at somepoint and i refuse to crucify him because he was filmed and broadcast. ..HEY RILEY! ITS ALL GOOD BRO. SHAKE IT OFF, WE GOT PRACTICE TOMORROW” ..

    and then i would shake his hand or give him dap.

    and THAT my friends is how you end the CYCLE #beabiggerperson

  4. AND he was drunk??? I’m sorry but if you can’t forgive him for making a DRUNK mistake then you’re a hypocrite and need to get over yourself. I’m more offend by all these guys making my race look bad by getting arrested, have 10kids by 9 women, saying stupid immature things etc.

  5. nfl4days says:
    Aug 1, 2013 5:31 PM
    AND he was drunk??? I’m sorry but if you can’t forgive him for making a DRUNK mistake then you’re a hypocrite and need to get over yourself. I’m more offend by all these guys making my race look bad by getting arrested, have 10kids by 9 women, saying stupid immature things etc.

    “i’m more offend”

    i’m offended by that

  6. Guys are driving drunk, killing people, beating up women, and their teammates welcome them back with open arms. Use the wrong word when you’re drunk and all of a sudden you’re the worst person in the world.

  7. over/under on number of times this word is used in NFL locker rooms over the course of a given season = 1 million

  8. 1- alcohol is the worst drug out there!
    2- to say alcohol is NO excuse is ridiculous! It is 100% part of it! From all accounts, he is no “racist” so, being a slobbering drunk, he a had a horrible lapse in judgement.
    3- all should be forgiven, he should quit drinking and join AA….. Look @ Mel Gibson and his Anti-Semitic comments years ago, drunks say and do dumb$4IT
    Move on,

  9. Part of the problem is that us white people act like we’ve never said it before and sweep race issues under the carpet like try don’t exist and then feign indignation to an outrageous degree while sanctimoniously trumpeting are own (half-true) racial sensitivities

    Dude had said it before and will say it again, but I’m guessing he’s not an evil monster

    “Shocked and appalled” are words better saved for stuff like the death of hundreds of kids in Chicago to gun violence, not someone being drunkenly racist at a Kenny chesney show

  10. Wow apparently you all love forgiving drunk mistakes. Fun fact, 38% of all violent crime involves someone under the influence. Hey, they were just drunk, we should forgive them right?

  11. coach was shocked and appalled come on lets admit it this is just towing the company line and acting like ( ive never heard any such thing is bull)

  12. Frankly, I hear that word uttered by many people of many races from time to time. Most of the time, they were using it as an extra abrasive curse word with race a complete non issue in their use of the word. While it is among the most offensive words in the English language, it surprises me to even hear people so concerned about this issue, based on how many times you hear it if you have first row tickets behind an NFL bench.

  13. On one fateful day, Riley Cooper was caught on camera using an offensive word towards a group of people. This word was entirely uncalled for and Riley was immediately apologetic for the lapse in judgement.

    But if you can stop and think about all the good things that Riley has done for the community, and how many countless positive interactions Riley has had with African Americans throughout the entirety of his life, he should not be defined by letting 1 very bad word slip out of his mouth on one occasion. Riley is not perfect, but the positive contributions he makes to this world heavily outweigh the negative effect that this 1-word has had leaving his mouth.

  14. It was hilarious watching Vick respond to questions about this guy, saying things like “we’ve all been in bad situations before” I feel like Vick had to be thinking “WOW you all forgave me for killing dogs, all this white boy did was say the N word…”

  15. Another thing…. if a black athlete was caught on camera saying the “N” word, would they be suspended or fined?

    Because of that double standard I can see why the league decided not to punish Riley after the Eagles had already fined him.

  16. drunk(or sober for that matter) white guy says something he probably shouldn’t have and suddenly this happens…

    completely sober black guy consistently spews out the same word on a daily and it’s business as usual…

    nothing wrong, right?
    Thats right, that because historically whites have always used that word for hatred and bigotry, thats why it sounds bad when white people say it. Just like black should not use C word , but whites can call each other the C word and its all good. Same as white and black power. Historically white power usually meant white supremacy followed by lynching, burning and racism, but when black say black power, historically is was to give the black community motivation since they were under-represented in society especially in sports ounce apon a time, i dont recall blacks lynching whites. That why there is a double standard. Both race can be racist, but the ones with power historically have done the most damage.

  17. Seems a majority of Americans love to hold grudges on people when they have true apologetics. What more do you all want? He said it, he’s sorry and it seems sincere. What is your problem? It seems so many are riding this thing just to make themselves look good as the saint. Prejudice is prejudice. Black, White, Fat, Dumb, Woman, Man, etc. This is just convenient because everyone is on board. Racism is about as prevalent as all other types of prejudice. Americans or all people for that matter have become so quick to become offensive without truly finding perspective, context and facts. I guess since your favorite media outlet says so, you have full right to hate the target. Grow up America. We have become the teenager of the world.

  18. @officialmiamidolphinsspokesperson

    You, Sir….. Have said it perfectly. And if I may add, if there IS an issue with his attitude, it will come back to him eventually.

  19. What ever happened to sticks and stones!?!? We teach our children to blow off stupidity like this yet we never practice what we preach!!! When did America get so sensitive??? Cooper is and idiot this is way out of control.

  20. There is an opportunity here. Maybe Kenny Chesney can do another concert, with Meek Mill, hosted by Kevin Hart, featuring a two-round exhibition between Riley Cooper and Bernard Hopkins. The live and pay-per-view gates can fund programs to help with the gun violence in Philly.

  21. I don’t understand why my comments are being censored. I said nothing derogatory
    just trying to keep it real. So I will repost:

    Look, I’m a black guy, and this really has been blown waaay out of proportion.

    I personally don’t and have never used that word when referring to my friends. The word itself is racist, and NO ONE SHOULD USE IT. Period. Attaching an “A” after the word, to me, doesn’t change the meaning of the word. It is still offensive.

    It just seems very hypocritical that we as black people get so butt hurt over the word yet it is used constantly in our circles all the time. It is not a term of endearment, it’s a racist term used to hold us back!! I say we lead by example and stop using the word.

  22. dhragonn says: Aug 1, 2013 5:35 PM

    To the contrary, I’ve used more words I’ve never used drunk than any other state of mind I’ve been in.
    “beautiful”, “love”, and “fantastic” immediately spring to mind as words I’ve used drunk at least 100 times more than I have sober.

  23. officialmiamidolphinsspokesperson,

    You’ve posted that “all is forgiven” comment now on two stories and received rave support. Nice job and all but, how do we know you’re actually black? And second, I assure you in the manner and venom in which Cooper’s remarks were delivered, you are in the minority in your let’s move on sentiment.

    Also, for all you folks out there crying, “double standard”, the backlash against Cooper is as much HOW he said as what he said.

  24. Being drunk is a poor excuse because everybody knows when you’re drunk the truth comes out!

    It’s one thing to use a deragatory statement but to insinuate that you want to fight just takes it to a whole ‘nother spectrum of racism.

  25. Do you not know the historical context of the N word? There’s a reason why it’s not okay for white people to use it and more acceptable for black people to use it. Whites used it as a derogatory term to refer to blacks; blacks have now turned it on its head and use it amongst themselves as a term of endearment, if you will. It was an ugly term when used by white people and remains so because of this historical fact.

  26. Its ok for blacks to call each other the N word but when someone of another race says it, the world stops and they condemn that person as if they killed someone …..get over it and stop using it yourselves if you don’t want to hear it anymore or are offended!

  27. He’s got a right to voice his opinions and nobody besides the guys who cut his checks should have a thing to say about it. He has a right to be a racist, but let’s not pretend that he’s only racist when he’s drunk.

  28. Being drunk is not an excuse, but it helps me understand the situation better.

    Drunk = Stupid

    over/under 100 million people who said something pathetic when they were drunk.

  29. Cooper has been in the eagles locker room for a while now so if he were a bad teammate in the form of racism, I think it would have been discovered before now.

    Chalk it up as caught up in the moment and using poor judgement. Move on.

  30. I think it was kerry Collins who got his jaw broken by his own teammate, in a bar, DRINKING, for using that exact same word. There may be some truth to the saying alchohol makes you say & do stupid stuff.

  31. Sorry….being stupid just caused the biggest distraction for your team. Nice job teammate!

  32. dryzzt23 says:

    I can’t respect McCoy (or any other “offended” black player until he gives Cooper the second chance that he deserves. If a black player said “cracker” then you can bet that all he’d have to do is apologize, in fact he wouldn’t even have to b/c liberals would do it for him. No fine, no suspension, no witchhunt, so stigma, just “yo, I made a mistake”.

    Spoken well. And just because the sight choice not to censor this post because the word “cracker” is in it just goes to show you the double standard that is going on here. This sight would do well to not report on this non-story and let it die; but then they wouldn’t get all of these hits on their sight, now would they.

  33. I bet you every single one of his “anonymous teammates” that are pissed at him has used a derogatory term for a Mexican or some other race at some point in their lives it just wasn’t on tape.

  34. This is stupid! Does this mean everyone will freak out the next time Chris Rock refers to a white person as a cracker? I doubt it. If you are offended, sorry, but get over it.

  35. It was hilarious watching Vick respond to questions about this guy, saying things like “we’ve all been in bad situations before” I feel like Vick had to be thinking “WOW you all forgave me for killing dogs, all this white boy did was say the N word…

    You’re an idiot! Vick was “forgiven” after 2.5 years in jail, hundreds of thousands of lost $$$, and his story was talked about for years. If Cooper wasn’t a scrub (23 receptions! Really?) This would be a bigger story. I can’t wait til Vick throws one of his many picks this season and you see 5-6 guys running to “block” Cooper. lol

  36. Can we get a Patriots updated blotter report or something ?

    This story is old and pathetic. Surely someone from NE has been arrested yesterday or today.

    Can we get an update on the progress of the statue for the raven obstructor of justice? You guys didn’t have the balls to do what the pats did….ssshh cowards.

  37. “Cooper’s assertion he had never uttered the word in question still rings hollow a day later”

    So now he’s a racist and a liar?

    Apparently omniscience comes as a side order with white guilt.

  38. I just don’t see how it is that big of a deal… He apologized, most of his teammates don’t care or have already forgiven him, and he wasn’t (as far as I can tell) known for being racist or unfair towards any of his teammates. It isn’t the end of the world like the media is making it out to be.

  39. I’m black and I’m not upset he used the word. Until we stop using the word I’m not gonna get offended by someone else using the word. I have to demand from myself what I demand from someone else.

  40. Wow apparently you all love forgiving drunk mistakes. Fun fact, 38% of all violent crime involves someone under the influence. Hey, they were just drunk, we should forgive them right?


    and that’s how prohibition started years ago…

  41. Alcohol brings out someones true colors, and makes them violent, but its safer than marijuana according to this country & the NFL…

  42. 700 black men killed in Chicago recently and didn’t make the national news… Trayvon Martin front page news non-stop, Riley Cooper same thing… There is no $$$ for the media in the Chicago stories. This is what is wrong with America.

  43. What we really want to know is how many Baltimore Raven’s have been arrested since Ray Lewis was arrested for double homicide and obstruction of justice as he went on to play 15 more years in Baltimore?

  44. Face the facts: Philly has a divided locker room no matter what is said by the talking heads. Fans are going to rip him at every stadium including at home. Philly needs to cut ties and try to trade this guy right away (as if any team would want him). I think teams would want the Tebow circus before this tool.

  45. A few things:

    a) most people didn’t participate in sports beyond high school.
    b) most people are faux “outraged” by “offensive” words because they didn’t become adults in a diverse setting
    c) most people are making what I grew up loving, sports, into a f’in soap opera
    d) stop dramatizing every damn thing.

    Life is hard. Life is not fair. There are plenty of times when people will not like you for whatever reason. You don’t get a trophy for participation in real life.

    I’m white, I’ve used the word. Some of you will tell me how awful I am. The people that know me, know that sometimes it’s negative term and sometimes it’s a term of endearment. I, literally, don’t know a single person that’s owned a slave (which is when this term was used as a racist and incredible derogatory term).

    Black, white, brown, high yella, low brown sugar: everyone should get off their soap box and deal with the fact that there is a significant difference between ignorant and non-ignorant regardless of race.

    I live by one simple reality: Ignorance is not racist. Ignorance doesn’t care about your skin color or social stature, it doesn’t care what kind of family you grew up in.

    I’m off my soap box. We just all need to stop the drama and stop being upset that someone wasn’t “fair” or careful of my feelings.

    In the end: words don’t make the man, action does…..end of story.

  46. If Jeremy Maclin hadn’t of been lost for the season due to injury, Cooper would have already been cut from the team. If the Eagles find a suitable replacement for Maclin, Cooper still may get cut. The Eagles have enough problems competing this year without having this kind of distraction.

  47. SO Eagles fans can forgive and love a convicted felon who abused animals, but not a guy who utters a bad word in a drunken moment. Makes sense. People act like the words of a single person is a statement from the nation. Take it for what it is… a word that really only means what you make it mean. IGNORE IT would be best course of action.

  48. People need to listen to Dr. Edwards’, from Cal Berkeley, comments on this subject. If everyone involved would mature/grow up, we could get better as a society.

    And this notion that alcohol brings out the true colors of a human being is bull dung. Maybe three or four drinks can loosen you up, but being drunk makes you stupid. It makes you do things that you would never do sober. That does not sound like the definition of true colors to me.

  49. Riley Cooper would have been cut yesterday if Jeremy Maclin had not gotten hurt. He really is not that good anyway so they should just get rid of him.

  50. The thing that trips me out about offensive slurs in perceived racism, is all the “others” who want to feel they have a vote in judgement of the process afterwards. If your not the target victim you have no right to judge how those who have been insulted should feel.

    One of the standing arguments is, they say it about each other amongst themselves and in front of us, I.E. rap lyrics. Personally I don’t condone it from anyone but common sense folks! Just because you hear ignorance doesn’t mean it’s OK to repeat it.

    My problem with the Cooper situation is the timeline coupled with the context in which he used it. That was out of anger in a heated moment. It flowed too smoothly to be a mistake. And miss me with the alcohol excuse.

    Those who choose to forgive him cool, I don’t have a problem with that. But don’t say I forgive but wont forget. That’s not forgiveness. To forgive is to be completely done with it.

    Those that choose not to forgive, so be it also. To each his own.

    Personally I don’t believe Cooper. I’m sure he and his friends went over the confrontation the next day. Where was the remorse at that moment? Why does it take being caught to show it? When did he apologize to the security officer he directed it at? Has he even done that with him?

  51. He was drunk? That explains why he was at a Kenny Chesney concert. Nothing good can ever come from putting alcohol and Chesney together. Let this be a lesson to you younger folks.

  52. I don’t believe those entries that claim they are black are all true people of color. Not one bit. And the fact that some entries view the use of the N word as a “double standard” based on its use by black folks exemplifies a lack of caring of how it was used in this case.

    Should he be forgiven? Yes. Was it something that we should have a reaction to, the answer to that is yes also. Stop justifying the use of the N word regardless of its context. Just because some blacks use it, does not mean that white people should feel they are left out of something special. Just work to eliminate it from our lexicon.

  53. I’m not surprised that Riley Cooper ended up in the news dor doing something stupid. I know several people that work in bars in the Philly area and apparently he is always a problem. He gets hammered and belligerent…….can’t hold his liquor. He has been thrown out of Xfinity Live many times. I’m not making excuses for him, but if he’s really sorry you want see that behavior around town anymore. As an Eagles fan I would think the organization would have been aware this is been going on. having said that I think they should cut him.

  54. People who say the truth comes out when your drunk are sooo very wrong. Your brain is fudged up. For instance, people think they can drive when their drunk. Ever tried to take the car keys from a drunk. Oh I’m fine, they say, I can drive. REALLY

  55. If he was high on weed he probably wouldve been saying something more like “hey man just let me go chop it up with those dudes over the fence”

    I guarantee if everyone was high instead of drunk youd be reading alot less bad stories.

  56. Talk about an overblown story. Unless Riley has actually performed a racist act towards a black person (and he’s in a profession with 50 or more percent black people) than ev1 should calm down and treat this as a one-time mistake of horrible decision-making. It seems like Riley has caught more heat in the past few days than guys like Dante Stallworth or even Rae Carruth ever did.

  57. Still crying? Gosh, like the N-word is so offensive. Back in the day, yeah, not now. It used to be demeaning for those who were good people.
    Now these idiots think it bothers them and commit the majority of crimes and then they whine about that word.
    Keep on being a pawn. Geez

  58. Remember if you forgave Vick, you have to forgive Cooper.

    You don’t want to be phony now do you?

  59. the Eagles should care more about winning a game in this new system they are running… this guy already apologized for his out of line behavior… let him concentrate on getting open before his QB gets smacked in the facemask by a blitzing LB…

  60. Well I guess this should take some of the attention off Paula Deen. I hope Cooper isn’t depending on income from any
    endorsements because that boat has probably sailed.

  61. Black or white, whom ever is saying it, the word should not be used.

    Sad how when we think so much progress has been made in this country and regards to race relation the divide is still there.

  62. You people can make the excuses for him all you want, or dismiss it all you want. But no self respecting person would want to be in the same locker room with that SCUM. I have lost what little respect I still had for Michael Vick. I intend to write a letter to EVERY player of color on that team explaining why they should never speak to this individual. He is lower than dirt.

  63. What Cooper said was wrong, I think everyone knows that. However, in my opinion, he wasn’t saying he wanted to attack black people, he was using the n-bomb as a substitute for the word people. I’ve have had a couple of black roommates who directed the word towards me, referring me to as such. I’m not black, but living with them, I saw the word can be used as a means of substituting other words, similar to the F cuss word.

    If a black person would have said what Cooper said, that’s exactly how it would’ve been interpreted. I’m not excusing his use of the word. I hate that word. Still wrong. And he deserves to be suspended, I think, to send a message to rest of the league, including black players to keep it in the locker room and away from cameras.

    In fact, I think at the moment it came out, Cooper was not sorry he said it but sorry he got caught. As the story unfolded, unraveled, exploded, and just a general media storm, with his teammates, coaches, family, and the NFL learning of it and the vehement reaction by all, I truly felt by the time he apologized, Cooper was being contrite. It’s no fun to lose respect and be shunned. To live with this for the rest of your life, far worse than what happened to Te’o, is a heavier burden. I hope he learned his lesson, though, I really do.

  64. First of all good thing I don’t have a cooking empire. That being said we shouldn’t ever use the word but that needs to go for everyone. I just crack up when it’s used by some groups like a regular word and others can’t think it. Word needs to go for everyone for it to disappear.

  65. Perhaps if black people didnt use the same term 24/7 those who criticize Cooper wouldnt be the double standard, hypocritical, living in denial, reverse racists they are.

    If black people are offended by this, they shouldnt use the term constantly and if white people are offended by it, theyre ignorant to reality.

    Black guy says it, you’re my brotha. White guy says it, lets ruin his life, destroy his career and feel like we did the right thing.


  66. I’m tired of people behaving badly and using alcohol as an excuse. Take responsibility for the things that you say admit you were wrong apologize and keep it moving. We all say and do stupid things at some point in our lives.

  67. Has anybody every been to Philly. He was just trying to gain acceptance from the local fan base

  68. At the end of the day, bigotry is bigotry, so however you want to justify it, go ahead. You are who you are and you say what you say. He’s only sorry b/c it was recorded and distributed through social media, and his lucrative professional career is hanging in the balance.

  69. I think it was more about doing damage then being a racist. Cooper was fighting with a guy and wanted to do as much damage as possible. So whats the best way for a white guy to do that to a black guy? Exactly. We have all been in fights and said something we truly didnt mean. And dont tell me when your drunk or mad your real self comes out because that’s a lie. How many times have said I wish you dropped dead or go to hell or I will kill you or I want a divorce in a fight or argument? I doubt very few people have actually meant those things.

    So save me the self righteousness because 99% of the people who are throwing stones at Cooper live in glass houses.

  70. I could equally say that things you say in moments of anger actually have hints of truth in how you feel. About that person and about yourself. Even the ugly things that are meant to hurt someone.

    In fact, the more hurtful you try to be, the more it reflects on your own feelings if inferiority. Those security guards had power over him. To level the playing field, Cooper pulled out the n-word. If they were gay he might have called them a gay slur. But you would never pull that out if you felt that it didn’t level the playing field in some way.

    The fact that Cooper thought that he was insulting them ultimately means he feels that being an “n-word” is a state of inferiority. And that’s why he’s not off the hook with his teammates and Blacks around the NFL.

  71. Also, he pulled the “hurt that guy” slider all the way to MAX by pulling out the n-word. If he needed that to even the playing field, even as an NFL player who makes millions, he must have felt really small and probably needs to seek the help of a psychologist (as opposed to sensitivity training).

  72. If Chuckie Rangel can use the term “white crackers” in an interview and it is a non-story then this is a non-story.

    No surprise that the site that constantly tries to influence the Redskins name change would harp on this endlessly.

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