King Dunlap back to practice with starters


Yes, in fact, everything is relative.

According to Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego, Chargers left tackle King Dunlap is back on the practice field with the starters today, after missing two days with a hip problem.

And that is perceived as good news in Chargers camp, believe it or not.

Dunlap started 12 games for the Eagles last year, but is probably best suited as a backup. Longtime Steelers tackle Max Starks was signed this offseason, and worked with the ones in Dunlap’s absence. But he apparently hasn’t looked like a viable option to start.

That probably says more about Starks than Dunlap at the moment, which is bad news for Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers.

13 responses to “King Dunlap back to practice with starters

  1. People are selling Dunlap short. He is a good pass-protector, but terrible as a run-blocker and a penalty machine.

    He is massive upgrade from what the Bolts were fielding last year at LT.

  2. ccjcsr says: Aug 1, 2013 1:33 PM

    Phillip Rivers is Overrated!



    Get a new line waistoid!

    Where was he on PFT’s Top 100?

    Have you watched any football the last three years or read a thing about the Chargers.

    Oh, I forgot, you’re a Cowboys fan=can’t read or comprehend.

  3. @johnthehillboy sorry to break this to you pal but no even people in San Diego don’t pay that much attention to the chargers! Otherwise they wouldn’t struggle to sell tickets every single year

  4. The Chargers have a new GM, Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Right tack, Left Tackle Guard, Playbook. Run for your life Rivers this is going to be a rough season 🙂

  5. Mike McCoy:

    “We’re going to move guys around,” he said. “We’ve got to find out who the best five guys are and that’s our goal; to figure out who those guys are going to be, move guys around, play guys right and left, bounce them around, maybe move a center to a guard. Just do things because it’s a long year as we all know and the bad part of the game is that guys get dinged here and there so guys have got to be able to step up and we’re going to figure out who those guys are. We’re going to build depth on the football team so we’re going to move guys continuously throughout training camp.”

    At least he has the foresight to know that making it through a season without an injury is a pipe dream and he has a contingency plan in place. Looks like we won’t truly know who the starting five will be until Week 3 of the preseason.

  6. why thumbs down the charger comment? its true, SD cares very little about the chargers, they will not be getting 700 mil in public money for a stadium, and will be GONE within 5 years. its just the way it is.

    its GREAT WEATHER year around here. and you can’t sell out a game when your team has a winning record? something seriously wrong there.

  7. The Chargers wouldnt be in this mess if GM Tom ‘Terrific’ Telesco addressed the LT position in the draft. He could have picked up a few Left Tackles who are currently way better than Dunlop or Starks. But, he never even slected a LT in 7 ful rounds! D+ draft grade, Tom T!

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