Mario Williams could be at center of police academy controversy


Bills pass rusher Mario Williams was happy to have training camp start, given the distractions that plagued his offseason — from an effort to recover a $785,000 engagement ring to an ill-advised Instagram joke about Aaron Hernandez.  But the distractions may still continue.

According to WIVB-TV, Williams’ recent graduation from a law enforcement academy in Texas may have sparked an investigation regarding whether the academy cuts corners in handing out diplomas.

Williams recently graduated from Lone Star College in Houston.  A YouTube video posted by the school boasts that Williams “managed to graduate ahead of schedule” despite his “busy schedule.”

The certification, obtained in May 2013, gives Williams the ability to be a police officer anywhere in Texas.

Per the report, the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement has launched an investigation regarding “discrepancies” in the education process.  Specifically, a complaint was filed because an unnamed cadet progressed too quickly through the basic peace officer course, which requires 660 hours of training.

The Texas Commission of Law Enforcement won’t release the name of the cadet until the probe ends.  KTRK in Houston recently reported that the unnamed cadet is indeed Williams, and that operations at the academy have been suspended.

The college denies operations have been suspended; the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement insists they have.

Williams completed the six-month course in only four months.  Assuming 17 weeks and five work days per week, that would require an average of 7.76 hours per day, Monday through Friday, in order to get the full 660 hours in four months.

Either way, it’s unclear whether Williams’ training included driving an old-school Honda Civic.