Marvin Lewis could make most of his cuts now


The Bengals upgraded an already good roster this offseason.

And while that makes for a more stable entry to the season, it doesn’t translate into an extremely competitive camp at certain positions.

Though he has a month to get down to his final roster, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he could do most of the work right now.

“If I cut the football team right now, I could probably cut it to 56,” Lewis said, via Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Hopefully it’s more like 60 and those guys can start proving that next Thursday night.”

Every year, a few guys squeeze their way onto rosters based on their play in preseason games. The Bengals, who brought back almost their entire starting lineup, don’t have as much opportunity for that as others.

“In a lot of spots we do have competition and we’ve got some depth,” Lewis said. “Knock on wood that continues to be the opportunity we have to evaluate. We have some spots where we have that, but guys have to go prove it.”

The Bengals have also been largely fortunate with injuries, which is why Lewis is looking for tree byproducts to rap on, and if that holds up, picking his roster shouldn’t be complicated.

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  1. If they escape offseason and preseason injuries what I usually find, based on 3 decades of watching football is that they will start seeing injuries early in the regular season so it would be wise to leave your cuts as long as possible to avoid other teams, especially divisional rivals, signing them. I’m not an expert but I do love football.

  2. I don’t know about that Kevo. That secondary is pretty mediocre. I would agree that their front 4 is a force to be reckoned with.

  3. @mjzaky

    stillers got almost nothing from Pollyhairdo last year & their other 2ndary personnel were mediocre (at best) & they were the #1 D in the league …

  4. AFCN
    1Ravens…. champs until otherwise
    2Steelers… based on a healthy big ben

    3Bengals… too many predictions about the rise of the bengals stem from the demise of ravens and steelers… this particular blog being about retaining key personell from last years playoff team, reminds me how ill prepared they were for last seasons first game against a familiar foe, the ravens (the first game is better to gauge imo because the bengals had all summer to prep but lost terribly. the 2nd game vs ravens, the ravens rested)

    4 Brown… outside of the afcn, this defense will surprise a few teams

  5. I’ve been watching this roster for over 30 years. It looks to be the deepest I’ve seen for many years. The one position that lurks out there is Safety. They shore that up and I think they have the tools to take the AFC North. I’m hoping for a great year!

  6. The Bengals are really ready to make some serious noise. They have been through the rough times and are learning to win. Believing in Lewis is starting to reap it’s rewards. I wish them well.

  7. Does anyone know how Rex Burkhead has done so far and will he make the team? He outworked most of his teammates while at Nebraska at practice and in the weight room.

  8. @bengalguy… the numbers dont lie… how much better would u feel knowing the bengals won that first game vs losing it… last year says the bengals have one of the nfls longest tenured coaches who barely make the playoffs and are one and done… look at national predictions and read between the lines…

    Steelers… sleeper playoff team
    Ravens… retooled to repeat

  9. The Bengals are not vying for a playoff spot because of down years from Pitt and Bal, they’re vying because of great drafting over the years that is finally coming together and Pitt and Bal got old like every great team does. Bal is not retooled by no means but they should remain competitive, good luck to your team!

  10. @nflcinbengals.. i agree with u in part… they have drafted well… as well as the entire afcn and nfl…. which brings me to the next afcn variable…. coaching…


    Bengals may reach afccg once in next 6 years, if lucky.. .

  11. The Bengals will eventually win a playoff game, the key to life is patience so our time is coming, just like your team will suck one day if they don’t already, we’ll soon be laughing at you!

  12. So this is what winning feels like. Nice to see 1goodsport trolling. Getting a little nervous are you? I didn’t realize the first game of the season meant so much to you guys.

  13. @1goodsport

    First you say that the Ravens are champs until proven other wise and are going to win the division. The Steelers are going to get 2nd based on a healthy Ben. Then you say the Bengals might win because it is a down year. You make no sense, you are one of those people that makes predictions with excuses built in, so when you are wrong you can say you weren’t really wrong.

  14. gosh. I really would want to be playing for a job in cinci

    I think that is RIDICULOUS. look, most can put together a final 53 of their team, but there should be a good 4-5 spots where a guy is in some danger of losing his job. otherwise there is no competition on your team and I question the depth that is really there

  15. so are the chiefs and bengals finally read to break out from the bottom of the AFC.

    both appear to have a solid front office, have drafted well and retained the talent.

  16. If the Bengals make a deep playoff run this season it might speak to the benefit of letting a solid coach stick around for more than a few years if they don’t have immediate success but show the ability to win games and lead. Injuries and bad drafts can make it tough for any coach to be successful every season.

    On the other hand, if Lewis doesn’t win this season it’s probably time to see what Mike Zimmer can do.

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