Titans working on their defensive signaling


The Titans are taking an old-school approach to defensive communication in training camp.

The club is signaling in plays to the defense without using the in-helmet communication device, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

According to the AP, Titans coach Mike Munchak noted that the club needs to be ready for the “no-huddle and people trying to take advantage of that and trying to frustrate you and trying to get you not lined up right.”

Per the wire service, the defense is working on quickly getting the call from the sidelines, with all defenders responsible for knowing the signals.

When offenses play with more pace, more efficiency is demanded on both sides of the ball. The defense, of course, has very much to lose if it’s not quite set when the ball is snapped. Training camp is the time for teams to pound away at fundamentals and prepare for the various challenges that will arise when the season begins, and offenses looking to assert their tempo on the game is something for which all defenses must ready.