A.J. Green likely out for preseason opener

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The Bengals signed wide receiver Jheranie Boyd on Thursday, a move needed to shore up their receiving corps in the face of injuries.

A.J. Green bruised his knee in practice last week and has not returned to the field, an injury that both the Bengals website and Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer both report is likely to keep him out of the team’s pair of joint practices with the Falcons in Atlanta next week before the two teams make their preseason debuts next Thursday.

The Bengals are also likely to be without Andrew Hawkins, who injured his ankle during Thursday’s practice when he dove to catch a pass from Andy Dalton. Coach Marvin Lewis said he wasn’t sure how long Hawkins would be out, but that he knows receivers “shouldn’t dive for the ball” during practice for just that reason. Geoff Hobson of the Bengals website reports Hawkins is expected to be off the field for no more than two weeks.

Marvin Jones also has an undisclosed injury that’s kept him out of practice this week, leaving the Bengals thinner than they might like heading into the preseason opener. There’s no fear at this point that the injuries will impact the team come the start of the regular season and the Boyd signing is a signal that the Bengals won’t be risking otherwise by pushing any receivers back into action before they’re sure all is well.

12 responses to “A.J. Green likely out for preseason opener

  1. This head coach wouldn’t have had him playing anyway. The Bengals don’t need him playing against guys, who will be selling insurance in a few weeks, trying to go all ESPN on him in their effort to make a roster..

  2. I’m not too worried about anyone being injured right now, although I’m disappointed Hawkins would be so careless in practice even though I can appreciate the effort.

    On the bright side of this, we may get to see Cobi Hamilton take some first teams reps (With however few there may be).

  3. Not a good sign that we have guys getting injured and missing time already. Marvin Jones missed most of last year with an injury. Not good that he’s already injured again. We need A.J. and Andrew badly. Don’t rush these guys.

  4. Where’s Joetoronto and his wisdom… telling us how AJ Green sucks and every WR on the Raiders is better than him?

  5. deathonwings410 says: Aug 2, 2013 9:22 AM

    They already know what he cam do anyway. The other guys…
    Exactly. God, I hate the preseason. Just four more games for our star players and promising rookies to tear their ACL’s. Except these don’t even matter.

    If a player tears his ACL on the way to a regular season win for his team, whatever, that really sucks for the guy, but it’s football and he got hurt playing his heart out and pushing his team towards a Super Bowl. If a guy tears his ACL in the preseason he’s essential just flushed millions of dollars and a big chunk of his career down the toilet in a game that could not matter less. And for rookies fighting for a roster spot, great job man, you played your heart out to impress your coach and now your career is over.

  6. rest up and give the other guys some snaps, cobi hamilton, sanu, and jones could use it.

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