Arians wants his coaches to have family time

Getty Images

When training camps are in full swing and the football seems to run around the clock, it’s easy to forget the people in the business generally have families back home.

But Cardinals coach Bruce Arians reminded his assistants he wants them to take time, and not be the kind of coaches who brag about sleeping in the office so they can watch more film.

We’re not that style of staff,” Arians said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “We get our work done, we go home. I told every guy, ‘if you miss one of your children’s events, shame on you.’

“I had to do that as a younger coach and I refuse to make my coaches do that. Before you know it, your kid’s in whiskers. And they’re gone.There’s plenty of time to come back and do your work, but don’t cheat your family.”

Arians also wants his staff to get some rest, so they’re sharper when they’re at work.

“Every school teacher in America, if they are staying up until 2 a.m. to get their lesson plans done, they’re going to do a really bad job of teaching it the next day,” he said.

Now we just have to see if the Cards staff follows orders. The NFL is populated by Type A personalities, conditioned to work around the clock because that’s what they’ve always done and that’s what they think their competitors are doing.