Austin Collie lands job with the Niners


The 49ers had a slew of veteran receivers in for workouts on Friday as they tried to find some help for a receiving corps that’s been thinned out by injury and Austin Collie was the last man standing in a group that also included Lavelle Hawkins and Laurent Robinson.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that it’s a “done deal” between the Niners and the former Colts receiver. Collie, who was working out for the Niners for a second time, is coming back from a ruptured patellar tendon that ended his 2012 season after just one game, although that’s just part of the medical baggage that he brings with him to San Francisco.

Collie also has a long history of concussions that threatened to halt his career in its tracks even before his knee blew up last season. Before the injuries got in the way, Collie had turned into a frequent and productive target for the Colts, catching 172 passes and 16 touchdowns between the 2009-2011 season. With no Michael Crabtree and questions about the health of several other wideouts, that kind of production would be welcome on the 49ers offense.

They only have a chance of getting it if Collie can remain healthy, of course, and there’s no way to know that until Collie gets on the field.

UPDATE 6:20 p.m. ET: Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that Hawkins will also be signing with the Niners.

45 responses to “Austin Collie lands job with the Niners

  1. 3 things

    1. Good pick up by the Niners

    2. Does this mean we can start calling AJ Jenkins a “bust” now?

    and 3. Hope he stays healthy against that secondary in Seattle.

  2. Well he better hope that he does not get popped again. If he does the lights may never come back on again. Either way he wins because if that happens he can just join a concussion lawsuit and blame the league like everybody else.

  3. Collie has better than average hands, but unfortunately is a walking concussion machine. Hope he stays healthy.

  4. Love the signing, but worried for his health, honestly.

    And I LOVED Lavelle Hawkins back when he was DeSean’s #2 in Berkeley. Hope he can be a solid possession receiver here on the other side of the Bay.

  5. The 49ers just spat in the NFL/NFLPA’s face regarding player safety. Signing a consent form to allow yourself to play after constantly getting concussions goes against everything the League is “trying” to do. With that said, wish him the best this year.

  6. Hahah – what’s with the 9ers getting so desperate and signing all these washed up players of years ago. Nhamdi, Collie, etc.. I thought they had a Super Bowl-worthy roster already? These guys are just bums

  7. I suspect the Seahawk safeties just privately started their own pool on how many plays/hits before he’s answering the NFL’s concussion questionnaire. This is like driving down the 101 without a seatbelt and your eyes closed. You’ll crash; but, you’ll crash in a blaze of glory…

  8. (a) Yes, Jenkins is a unquestionable bust. There is zero evidence to the contrary and it is only mounting.

    BTW **mark it** Jenkins will get cut by the end of pre-season as well.

    (b) They’re good stop-gap signings IF they can get Williams healthy and later Manningham.

  9. Why are people comparing their teams to others before the season has started?
    Pointless waste of time

  10. I honestly don’t understand why we haven’t given Brandon Lloyd a shot. But Collie is a good player if healthy. Can it be regular season already??

  11. Great signing by the Niners! Austin Collie has some of the best hands in the game. Yes I know all about his injury issues, but he played the whole 2011 season without an injury. If you have doubts about his ability to contribute just look back at the 2009 AFC Championship game where Peyton hit Collie for five passes in a row the last pass for a touchdown right before half time and the Colts never looked back. Collie will do the same for SF.

  12. When the niners spread the field collie could offer relief in the slot and could still some solid years left if he stays healthy. I like the cheap pick up and aj is looking rough and I may have to say one of balke few bust but time will tell. Excited to see some preseason games and hopefully no one else gets hurt

  13. His concussion issues are so overplayed. Everyone brings them up because they remember him laying face down on the turf back in 2010, but then fail to mention that he played 16 games in 2011 without any issue and only missed 2012 because he tore a ligament in his knee.

    Great signing by the 49ers. If he can play a full season, he will be great on that team.

  14. total desperate move by the 9ers…
    Collie’s 1 hit from eating thru a straw for the rest of his life, dont like the team but i hope the player can stay healthy for his own sake

  15. 6 days until we get to see what he’s made of against Denver…

    And there’s a little know FA out there named Brandon Lloyd…..just sayin.

  16. Right now there aren’t even enough healthy WRs to get through a full day of training camp. Jenkins is out with a hammy and Patton has a jammed finger. That’s why these receivers were signed.

  17. From 2003-2005 Brandon Lloyd has these guys throwing to him too:

    2003 – Jeff Garcia
    2004 – Tim Rattay
    2005 – Alex Smith/Tim Rattay

    How awesome was that!

  18. Great pickup. As a Seahawk fan, I don’t want him to do well for that team, but I’ve always been a fan of Collie’s and hope he can stay healthy.

  19. Colts fan here,

    Austin collie will get knocked out an concussed on first hit. Mark my words, good ball player but his head is a soft as charmin ultra u wipe ur but with.

  20. As a diehard Colts fan. It was heartbreaking seeing this dude get concussion after concussion. I was at the game against Jacksonville in 2010 where he came back after being out for 4-5 games.

    He revived a struggling Colts offense and completely dominated that game. Noone could stop him. He was absolutely deadly in the slot. Then boom Manning goes to him in the seem and he collides with the safety over the middle. Lucas Oil Stadium was absolutely dead quiet. They put him on IR the next game and hasn’t been the same since.

    Good Luck Austin, Colts fans can only shake there heads at what could’ve been with this guy. He was a Wes Welker clone.

  21. sfsugator’s comment above does NOT represent >90% of Colts fans opinion of Collie.
    Collie had some bad games a few years ago and took some head shots. Running all your routes between the numbers will increase those hits well above the average.
    He recovered and switched to a new Xenith helmet. He took a several more good licks before blowing out his KNEE in his first game back.
    This Colts fan and MANY others wish him continued success in SF except for their home game on Sept. 22, 2013 4:25 PM ET.

  22. I heard that Collie got another concussion while getting fitted for his Niner helmet-and still went ahead of AJ Jenkins on their depth chart.

  23. I agree that Collie is a fine receiver when healthy. He has been an asset and liability in Fantasy Football for me in the past, depending on the concussion issue. Of course, I heard this concussion issue may be overplayed in that Collie says he doesn’t remember having any concussions.

  24. Yeah, Collie had 16 TDs in 3 seasons… with Peyton Manning throwing him the ball. The sheriff makes Jacob Tamme look like Kellen Winslow. Somehow Kaepernick doesn’t strike me as having the same effect…

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