Bill Parcells indicates he’s not chatting with Jeff Ireland these days


Former Dolphins executive and 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Bill Parcells indicated Friday he isn’t speaking to Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland these days, Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reported.

According to the Herald, Parcells, who will be inducted into the Hall on Saturday, said Dolphins executive V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte is “the only one that I speak to from time to time, and not very often.”

Ireland, whom Parcells hired as G.M. after working with him in Dallas, assumed control of the Dolphins’ football operations when Parcells stepped away from the role in 2010.

During a Hall of Fame-related conference call in July, Parcells didn’t refer to Ireland by name when asked about the general manager’s spending in free agency.

“I think they’re trying to definitely improve the team, and I’m sure that everybody that’s involved is in agreement with the course of action that they’re taking, so hopefully it will work out for them,” Parcells said.

At the time, Parcells also indicated he still talked to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and said he had a “high regard” for him.

“I like him very much,” Parcells said of Ross in July. “I talk to him from time to time, and I certainly wish him well.”

Parcells also said in July that his departure from Miami wasn’t good for the organization.

“I thought I was doing the right thing to let these guys go and take it on their own, but retrospectively, I don’t think it was the right thing, because I just saw things happen that I know — and I’m not taking about the on-the-field stuff; I’m just talking about the political aspect — I saw things happen that I would have made every effort to try to avoid,” Parcells said.

Parcells didn’t mention any specific events he would have worked to keep the Dolphins from enduring, but the club’s failed pursuit of Jim Harbaugh after the 2010 season with Tony Sparano still under contract was widely regarded as an embarrassing chapter for the franchise.

24 responses to “Bill Parcells indicates he’s not chatting with Jeff Ireland these days

  1. Good. I’m glad Ireland is no longer taking advice from him. Parcells lucked out on a sensational year from Chad Pennington and a weak schedule back in ’08. After that season, that flawed team was exposed quickly.

    Say what you will about his management style and ungracious exit from the Dolphins, but if Saban had stuck around, I don’t think this team would have been mired in this funk of mediocrity.

  2. Well Ireland had seemingly a very suspect and unproductive way in managing and talking to players as seen on Hard Knocks, and his track record shows poor results in consistently identifying talent and what to do with it. I’m quite confident that the Dolphins aren’t going to make much of a splash with Ireland leading the way.

  3. Well, for a guy who didn’t get the job done here in Davie and quit early knowing that his contract was guaranteed, followed suit for every place he’s been as HC or VP, I guess he can second guess the guy HE put in charge here….NOT…

    Give us a break, Quitcells, move on and don’t bother us any longer. For a guy who’s seat was basically left empty at the table here, you sure have a lot of comments about something that you didn’t care about when you were here….just leave us alone to clean up the mess you left us here…

  4. Bill Parcells is waaaaaaaaaaay past his “sell by date” … who care’s what he has to say about anything !!!

  5. the SB championships that Dolphins have won since Bill left speak for themselves, they are clearly doing better with out him and they will win the division again and roll to another SB trophy, it is good he left they are better without him.

  6. Good, and good riddance. Ireland and Aponte should have been fired long ago, sweeping out the last of the garbage Parcells brought the franchise, but for the fact that they work for Ross—a guy with ZERO football acumen. 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, 7-9 = all that needs to be said.

  7. I think this is pretty well known behind the scenes that Ireland and especially Sparano resented Parcells by the end there. Maybe after Ireland fails again this year, Ross can bring Parcells back, and they can start all over again, lol.

  8. I fully admit to being biased here but parcels is a db of the highest caliber. Negotiating and accepting the hc job with the jets two days before the patriots 96 Super Bowl game, and then telling the players what he was doing. That’s beyond messed up. He is the ultimate me first guy. Screw the team I’m gonna take care of me. Not to mention the pissing match him and bobby Kraft got into over personnel running to and then running his mouth to the media. What an ass.

  9. I’m not saying Parcells would have won us to the Super Bowl, but he certainly wouldn’t have allowed Ireland to downgrade key positions (CB, RB, LB and LT) like he has, or allow him to hire a scrub head coach like Philbin. When Parcells left was when our team went into absolute free-fall. It won’t be easy for the next GM to fix it, either.

  10. Parcells is a punk who did nothing right with the Dolphins before figuring out how to quit and keep all his money. Some people call that theft. But hey, he did win a super bowl about 30 years ago right?

    Can’t believe they let people like Irvin, Sapp and Parcells anywhere NEAR the HOF.

  11. Its a known fact that dolphins and tuna are not a good match in all actuality the tuna should have been put on the shelf years ago

  12. Honestly…I see no reason for Bill to be in the H.O.F…he has done nothing that even equals the coaches that are there before him…all he has done is decline. This is purely a name recognition vote! No wonder he doesn’t want to talk to Ireland…because he decided to go away from 1989 and get into this era of football…What was that coaches name that won in Dallas after Jimmy? Lets induct him while we are at it…

  13. Let’s see… Parcells installs a barely literate line coach as his head coach. Sparano is back to coaching someone’s O-line. Nice guy – yes, great coach? – no. Failure as OC for the Jets to boot.

    Parcells insists on drafting Pat White while Ireland isn’t convinced.

    We’ll see if Ireland’s offseason acquisitions bear fruit. If so, he will have done more for the ‘Fins than Bill did. Period.

    Now, seriously, would you rather have Sparano or Harbaugh as your HC? Ireland was on the right side of that, too. Why is the position of HC sacrosanct? If a player under contract stinks, you’re looking for a better one. If a HC stinks, you have to keep him and not hurt his feelings?

  14. Harbaugh was never coming to Miami. Ross never had a shot at him, Jeff Fisher or Peyton Manning. Their agents new a dumb rich guy when they saw one and they all used Ross for leverage. Can’t blame Parcells for giving us an idiot owner!

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