Cardinals have big plans for Patrick Peterson on offense


Cardinals cornerback and punt returner Patrick Peterson has shown that he’s a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. So new Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has a good idea: Get the ball into Peterson’s hands more often.

Peterson played a little bit of offense in his first two NFL seasons, running the ball three times and catching four passes. But this year, Arizona plans to give Peterson a more substantial role offensively.

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer told the team’s website that there’s a “pretty big package” of plays for Peterson on offense. In today’s practice that included not only Peterson catching a deep ball from Palmer, but also Peterson throwing a pass to Larry Fitzgerald. Palmer believes Peterson could be a very good offensive player.

Cornerback will remain Peterson’s primary job, and returning punts will probably still be Peterson’s second priority. But don’t be surprised if Peterson is getting a lot of work on his third priority, helping out the Cardinals’ offense.

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  1. This kids a beast, why not? he reminds me of a modern day prime time. If he played anywhere others than Arizona he would be touted as the best corner in the league.

  2. I love Pat as a player, but I hate this so much. He is one of the best young cornerbacks (if not THE best young cornerback) in the league. Keeping him as the primary returner is one thing, since he is such a gamechanger on ST. But, now exposing him to more potential hits on offense? Please don’t run this kid into the ground, AZ. I want to see a long career out of him playing at a high level.

  3. Patrick Peterson is going to be the best corner in the league, if he’s not already. He’s one of the best return guys. He’s going to do well on offense, too. All this guy does is play good football. And he doesn’t get in trouble, either.

  4. According to NFL stats;

    4 receptions for 10 yards TOTAL
    3 rushing attempts for 13 yards

    Cornerback better be his primary job.

  5. Honey badger will take on some of the punt return duties which will free Peterson up for some offensive plays. He is one of the top playmakers in the league. With Arians play calling, this just might work out.

  6. He’s a beast-monster, to be exact. Don’t drink the kool aid boys, cause the circus is in town. Btw, this rollercoaster is flabbergasted, 2.0-style.

    And you can hash tag, that.

  7. Maybe one or two trick plays. I remember when Sapp and Refridgerator Perry ran a couple of offensive plays. Hey, it was fun. Peterson is a highlight reel in the making, if he can squeeze some offensive plays in more power to him.

  8. AndersCules says:
    Aug 2, 2013 9:15 PM
    Makes sense. Palmer has always loved throwing to defensive backs.

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  9. When the Broncos first traded for Champ Bailey they announced they would use him on offense, in the first game he played 3 snaps (I believe) on offense including carrying the ball once, he took a huge hit on that run and never saw another snap on O.

    Peterson is very good at playing corner, why risk him taking extra hits, and really just wear and tear (aside from his return duties) when it’s really not necessary?

  10. Some time somewhere his high school and college coaches decided this guy wasn’t a natural enough route runner or pass catcher to put at WR. That probably hasn’t changed.

    Unlike Devin Hester, this guy actually can play the defensive back position. Let him master his craft there, it’s worth the investment to have one great cornerback.

  11. Should be fu to watch as an NFC North fan, but I’d be a little nervous if my favorite teams #1 CB was being worked into the offense for a couple reasons. Reasons including injury and questions like what’s wrong with the offensive players… if he was a borderline nickel or dime CB, this would be a much safer move.

  12. Bruce Arians is getting a bit big for his britches. Lets see how that braggart matches up with the defending NFC champ.,

    I’d be so embarrassed if I was a cardinals fan, and that loser was going to be my team’s hc

  13. He’ll instantly get defensive coverage just by stepping into the huddle. He doesn’t have to touch the ball for this to be a worthwhile game plan.

  14. Peterson has Percy Harvin type speed and can actually run routes. Why not play him where you get the most bang for your buck?

  15. <>

    I witnessed this first hand last year, kid’s not effective on offense. I hope they don’t bother. However, he will look sharp snatching many a pick 6 from the likes of the overrated Kaepernick, Wilson, and Bradford.

  16. The kid is a tremendous player but, slow down on the best corner talk or the prime time comparison (not even close to prime)
    Crabtree eats this guy up. Check stats

  17. I think Honey Badger and newly acquired Javier Arenis will be bringing kickoffs and punts back for the Cardinals this year. There has been talk of some packages with both Peterson and Honey Badger back at the same time…that could be fun to watch.

  18. Remember when the Giants had Jason Sehorn return punts and he blew out his knee?

    What is the point of this? Arizona actually has good WRs. This is not needed.

  19. 84smooninlambeaunevergetsold says:
    Aug 2, 2013 9:25 PM
    Our AP, beat up on your PP.

    Ha, you beat me to it. Great quote for those that know it, was the first thing I thought of when i saw the headline.

    As for PP, I guess Id prefer to have a shut down guy than try to force him onto offence but if they think they see something then more power to them. Cant turn out much worse than Hester did for the bears.

  20. There was a time when Terrance McGee was a “shut down” corner and SICK return man, ask him how that worked out for his career

  21. uh, now everyone knows…I always thought palmer was a “smart” guy until now. & I always wanted to go to USC…now figuring the real minds I would have met woulda been in Compton…white frat boys a lil to “jovial” for me.

  22. Who was the last defensive player to make an impact on offense? Considering offensive players are valued higher than defensive players, there’s probably a reason why he plays defense.

  23. There is nothing wrong with having one of your better athletes be a playmaker. The Cardinals don’t have a ton of speed on offense, and he will help open that up. They also drafted the Badger who is an exceptional punt returner as well, so PP doesn’t always have to be on triple duty. I doubt we see Peterson getting the ball more than 1-2 times a game (if that) – so I don’t know why people are worried about him be “exposed” to injury more.

  24. Devin Hester comparison’s are ridiculous, since Hester is a substandard WR, and could never play CB. He never offered much over being a KR… period…

    Old Time Cardinal fans remember that they once had a DB that they converted to a WR, and became one of the best in franchise history. Roy Green.

    PP isn’t going to convert to anything, but Deion Sanders was a pretty good asset on offense when Dallas gave him the football.

  25. Bears fans are likely reminded of two things here: 1. The old saying that “if he could catch he’d be a wide receiver”. And 2. The failed Devin Hester experiment. Good luck, Az fans.

  26. publius12 says:
    Aug 2, 2013 9:32 PM

    I love Pat as a player, but I hate this so much. He is one of the best young cornerbacks (if not THE best young cornerback) in the league. Keeping him as the primary returner is one thing, since he is such a gamechanger on ST. But, now exposing him to more potential hits on offense? Please don’t run this kid into the ground, AZ. I want to see a long career out of him playing at a high level.

    No doubt. Peterson is one of the better Cornerback’s in the league today, reminds me of a smarter Primetime. Using him on Punt Returns is a give-in, he is just that unbelievably talented with the ball in his hands, but using him on Offense too? How is he going to continue at the high level of play at his normal position if he is winded from running a play on Offense? He might be Superman, but this additional work might just be his kryptonite.

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