Chad Johnson visits Lions camp as spectator

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Longtime NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson took in Lions practice on Friday, and fatherhood had more to do with it than the prospect of imminent employment, per multiple reports.

As it turns out, Johnson’s daughter is participating in the AAU Junior Olympics at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, which is a little more than 20 miles from Lions camp in Allen Park.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Johnson said he would welcome another NFL shot, but that he was “enjoying being a full-time dad right now. I’m in ridiculous shape. I’m sure the world knows that. I train like a mad man, but I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

When asked if he believed his 2012 domestic violence arrest was keeping teams from bringing him in, Johnson said, per the Free Press: “No. Probably not even that. I haven’t played competitive football in maybe almost two years? Or maybe a year. You take the Dolphins, but then not having the success in New England maybe — I don’t know. Who knows?

“Maybe the name, the stuff that comes with the name itself, and maybe people, ‘Is he worth a chance?’ Who knows? The distraction. I don’t know.”

Sums up the situation perfectly, doesn’t it?

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  1. I almost feel bad for the guy. He’s now paying for the checks that he cashed earlier in his career. While he is far from being a role-model, I do think that he has matured since leaving the Bengals. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have the athleticism and the confidence that he had in past years.

  2. This guy would be working on a contract extension looking to retire a Patriot coming off his back to back Pro Bowl seasons right now if he had the capacity to shut up and learn a playbook like a professional.

    Then again if he could do that he’d probably still be a Bengal.

  3. Check your cell phone Ocho, Chip Kelly may be calling soon. Just be careful, you taking his job would give Riley Cooper 2 reasons to want to fight you.

  4. See no one in the comments commended him on being a good father. But, the moment he gets in trouble for child support. No one wants to hear about him visiting his daughter in the Junior Olympics.

  5. I think he can still ball, he just can’t learn a complex playbook, and he got away with it for years as a Bengals, but that doesn’t work as much anymore. He really did try as a Patriot, he just didn’t get it.

  6. Looking over some NFL rosters. there is some teams that are scary thin at WR. I don’t understand why a NFL team needing a WR can’t even give Chad Johnson a ‘tryout”..Of the 175 WR’s that will make a 53 man roster this year or even the 300 WR’s in camps fighting for a spot. I’m sure Chad Johnson is better still that alot of them. Chip Kelly brings in a WR that hasn’t played football in years, but he wouldn’t give Johnson a tryout?..IMO I think any team that gives Chad Johnson a shot will get a good WR who is also motivated to prove the NFL wrong. Chad Johnson made ONE mistake..ONE! he has never been in any trouble before or since..

  7. Chad is evidence that NFL teams need to hire instructional designers. Considering the amount of money spent on player salaries … the cost of hiring a someone who understands adult learning theory would be a pittance and wise investment.

    There’s no such thing as a person who can’t learn math, and there’s no such thing as a guy who can’t learn an NFL playbook. The trick is understanding how people learn.

  8. For those who speculate the Eagles could use him: Yea, that’s right. That’s just what the Eagles need. Another distraction for a first-time Head NFL Coach teaching a new system, without a starting QB determined and a racial incident plaguing them!

  9. We don’t know what happened in N.E. because “The Patriot Way” prevents internal views but I find it hard to believe that he can’t learn a playbook. I don’t care jow you what you say, 10,000 yards and > 60 TDs doesn’t “just happen”.

  10. He should’ve taken the offer with Hue Jackson (carson palmer)and the Raiders in 2011. Instead he picked NE. Year later he was out of a job and so was Hue Jackson. NE didn’t know how to use him.

  11. Besides being kinda funny, is anyone else sick of the pft spell check. It turns perfectly understandable mis-spelled words into non-words.

    As for Ocho, he was selfish. If the play wasn’t designed for him, he didn’t really have too much bother for that play.

  12. They are young guys that just as or even more hungrier then the Chads or TO of the world. I think both could be productive in s limited role like Driver last year but who wants either as a mentor for a young player at the position. I think they both have changed but there past will not allow any team too add them to there future.

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