Hakeem Nicks says he’ll be ready to go in “another day or two”

Getty Images

Giants coach Tom Coughlin admitted to being frustrated by not having wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, but that he understands that it is better for both Nicks and the Giants to let the wideout stay on the sideline until there’s less risk of aggravating his groin injury.

According to Nicks, Coughlin shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. Nicks said he didn’t think his injury was serious and that he wouldn’t be sitting out if it weren’t the second day of August, but that going through an injury-ravaged 2012 season has made him realize that he has to “protect myself from myself” when it comes to trying to play through pain.

“I wouldn’t even categorize it as an injury,” Nicks said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “It’s just being smart coming off of the problems I had last year with the knee and the foot. I just don’t want it to be ongoing. I’ll be out there as soon as they let me; I think in another day or two.”

With unrestricted free agency looming at the end of the season and no sign that the Giants plan to head that off at the pass with a long-term contract, Nicks has another reason to avoid unnecessary health risks in training camp. He also has all the motivation in the world to put up a huge season, which the Giants would surely trade for a couple of practice days in early August.