Negative predictions motivate Rex Ryan


Jets coach Rex Ryan knows most people don’t think his team is going to be very good this season. And he’s eager to prove most people wrong.

Asked if the media’s negative predictions for the season motivate him, Ryan acknowledged that he hears what people say and wants to make those people eat their words.

“You know what? If you’re a competitor how does that thing not get you? How does that not motivate you? It’s almost like, ‘Ok, well we’re going to show you.’ Of course, that’s your human nature,” Ryan said, in comments distributed by the team. “You’re going to get a group of 53 and how many coaches in the entire organization and saddle you with those types of things and not rally, if you will, behind it because we don’t believe those are true. It’s going to be proven out, it’ll be proven out when the season comes rolling around. We feel we will be much better than that.

Asked if he takes those predictions personally, Ryan said, “Of course. Absolutely. Everybody does. The entire organization.”

Ryan said that ultimately, predictions don’t matter because soon enough, the Jets will have a record to stand on.

“The one thing about the regular season you can’t hide from the fact that you are what you are and nobody runs from it,” Ryan said.

A rough year hasn’t diminished Ryan’s confidence.