New Jaguars merchandise is selling briskly in Jacksonville

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The Jaguars overhauled their uniforms in 2013, with a new logo and new uniforms and, as a result, new merchandise.

The new merchandise is moving in Jacksonville.

As soon as we get something in, it sells out,” Jeff Fingland, manager of the Sports Mania store at the St. Johns Town Center, told Drew Dixon of the Florida Times-Union.  “We put it [merchandise alerts] out on Twitter and traffic picks up immediately for everything that we are able to get in.”

The gear probably will sell even more quickly this weekend, since it’ll be a two-day, back-to-school sales tax holiday throughout Florida.

“There has been a lot of demand,” Jaguars spokesman Dan Edwards told the Times-Union.  “Even going back just the last few months, we’ve all had to exercise patience as the merchandise has been kind of slow to get to market.  That’s because of the logo change and uniform change this spring.”

It’s understandable that the demand is up, and it will be sustainable primarily if the Jaguars can improve their on-field product.  Many assume they won’t be much better than they were in 2012, which is usually one of the ingredients for an unexpected turnaround.

That’s not to say they’ll be a playoff team in 2013.  But there’s a decent chance they’ll be closer to the playoffs than to 2-14.

51 responses to “New Jaguars merchandise is selling briskly in Jacksonville

  1. I would like to know who is buying this merchandise. They can’t even fill their stadium. Maybe it’s a lot for them but I doubt it’s selling comparable to other teams.

  2. “Many assume they won’t be much better than they were in 2012, which is usually one of the ingredients for an unexpected turnaround.”

    Kinda the definition of “unexpected turnaround” isn’t it? Are yo trying to suggest that people thinking the jags are bad will cause them not to be? Or something? Lol

  3. Briskly is code word for one sales transaction every 7 hours at the team store.

  4. Jags have a good thing going in Jax. The turnover in ownership, management, and coaching has been positive. Just a matter of time until the team jells. Caldwell and Bradley are impressive.

  5. That helmet is attrociously bad. Whoever designed that should be fired immediately

  6. How are Gabbert and Henne looking in camp? I know I don’t speak for everyone but I am more curious about the quarterback situation than how many hats they are selling.

  7. Mwitt stadium is a college bowl seats 85000 plus without tarps! Haven’t had a blackout in several years! More than a lot of teams can say! Get ur facts straight loser

  8. Hmmm, so Jags fans with buy the jerseys of their players, BUT, they wont go to watch the players that WEAR those same jerseys on the football field … doesn’t that speak volumes ???

  9. People that keep talking about the Jags having blackouts and cant fill the stadium are clueless idiots. I know you can only go by what you hear on espn etc but do some research of your own before posting such stupid crap. There are 2 other teams here in the state of FL that are having a way harder time selling tickets than the Jags.

  10. Packfan ur stadium seats like 25000 and is one of the oldest teams in the league! That’s the misconception of the the league! Maybe u should check SD, MIA, TB, BUF ect all have blackouts yearly! Not the jags! Do some more research

  11. The only reason I’ll go to Jags game is to watch The Red Zone on one of their big screens. That way I can keep up with what my team is doing.

  12. Mwitt5148, packfaninpackland…you two are SO original with your post concerning lack of attendance. What don’t the both of you come up from your Mommies basement and get your facts straight.

    NO BLACKOUTS IN 3 YEARS !! 16th in league attendance last year. If your going to bash a team, know what your saying beforehand.

  13. thegreatgabbert says:
    Aug 2, 2013 6:32 PM
    Jags have a good thing going in Jax. The turnover in ownership, management, and coaching has been positive. Just a matter of time until the team jells. Caldwell and Bradley are impressive.

    Let me guess… you bought a Chad Henne jersey?

  14. Jags management has already guaranteed no blackouts in 2013. So that’s no blackouts in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

    Can you say that miami, tampa bay, san diego, cincy, oakland, buffalo?

    Let me answer for you…, you can’t.

  15. The truth is that Jaguars fans are becoming more supportive than they have in years. There are several reasons for this. First, even though the team has been bad, there is reason for optimism with the new regime. Second, the second generation of fans are coming of age, and buying tickets and merchandise. The fact is that Jacksonville fans should be commended, not criticized for a job well done. Winning will bring in the band wagon fans, but the core of fans are increasing to a level of some larger market cities.

  16. What on earth would make ANYONE think that they’ll be closer to the playoffs than 2-14 again?

    2-14 may be the high end of the spectrum for this team. Of course the faiders will give them a run for their money.

  17. mwitt5148 says:
    Aug 2, 2013 6:15 PM
    I would like to know who is buying this merchandise. They can’t even fill their stadium. Maybe it’s a lot for them but I doubt it’s selling comparable to other teams.

    Another sheep who doesn’t live or know anything about Jax and continue to make idiotic and wrong statements yet again. Stadium is full, but you know whose stadium isn’t…… Tampa (blacked out every single home game 2 years straight), Miami, Buffalo, Cincy, Oakland, San Diego, Carolina, St Loius, Detroit. Nice try though junior.

  18. maybe they’ll make enough money to buy a new tarp to cover the empty seats in the second deck

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the sell outs included the four huge tarped off areas on the second level.

  20. Guys, get your tarp and 2-14 jokes in this year.

    Next year, we will have another year of drafting from Dave Caldwell, new scoreboards, new swimming pools and no tarps.

    Pretty soon will have to get used to hearing “dang, I wish Shad Khan was my owner”.

  21. Riley played college football nearby. Was roommates with Tebow, I believe. Who was also a roommate, briefly, of some guy named Hernandez. It all makes sense if you look deeper.

  22. Its really amazing how people just watch ESPN and think they are an expert.

    Jags 2-14 last year no blackouts
    Imagine if they were 14-2

  23. I’m a Jag fan and season ticket holder and I haven’t bought one piece of new merchandise nor have a seen a lot around the city. What kinda propaganda and trickery is this?

  24. Easy with the proclamations jag fans. You’re starting to sound like raider fan. Why don’t you wait until your team shows some sign of life before projecting they’re on the way up?

  25. FYI, the Jags haven’t had a blackout in years… You might want to check your facts….

  26. To: section112 etal;

    Boy, you Jags fans are soooooooo sensitive aren’t you ???

    I realize you “think” you can just make up facts, but you can’t. facts are just that .. FACTS !

    Fact: Jags covered nearly 10,000 seats in 2005 to reduce “capacity” to 67,000 seats.

    Fact: Then toss in 3,000 tickets per game used as promotions i.e. “give-aways” as well as new the league rule as of 2011 that teams can reduce the blackout number another 15% and you are down to 50,937 they have to sell.

    Sorry, but in no way, shape, or matter is 51,000 sold seats in a nearly 77,000 seat stadium a “sell out” by any stretch.

    Not to mention $20.00 tickets, plus this little “gem” I found on the Jags web site:

    Fans can buy a certificate for up to four tickets the day before the game and then redeem it for unused tickets, some in prime locations, even an hour before kickoff. NICE !!!!!

    So, I hate to confuse you with, you know, ACTUAL F-A-C-T-S but you have no sellouts. NONE. ZIP. ZERO. NADA.

    Coversely, in the smallest market in the NFL, the Packers have sold out EVERY seat for EVERY game for OVER 60 years – FACT ! BTW Jagsfan2028 you’re about as accurate as section112 – FACT -Lambeau seats is over 80,000 and we have actual “fans” on a waiting list that is over 70,000 names long and each and every one of them would buy at least 2 if not 4 season (not individual game) tickets if/when given the chance, so, you see, THAT is what actual fans do !!!! Although, maybe by the year 2028 the Jags will have “actually” sold out an NFL game !!!

    But I think you should use your comment of “NO BLACKOUTS IN 3 YEARS !! ” as your team slogan !!! … Beats 3-13 … again ???

  27. @packfanin…..sensitive, well, yeah….There is a certain arrogance that you display when you post on this thread…Of course Packer fans can brag. You have a 60 year plus history. That, coupled with nothing much else to do. Jacksonville has world class golf, beaches and a strong military presence that makes it a bit more transient. It’s ok, we still get 60,000+ fans to the games even with a bad team. Tarps will not be an issue next year. So make your little comparisons, and keep waiting for seats. Oh, and you do a little research…We were NOT one of the teams that did the 85% rule last year, nor will we again this year. But see, that is why we can tend to be a little sensitive….the falsehoods spread by the sports media, that is believed by the masses.

  28. To the Jaguar fans that are on here posting how great the jags have done in tickets sales, will you please stop lying to yourselves and others?!?!

    The fact is we are near the bottom in ticket revenue EVERY YEAR and are struggling to sale tickets this year. Yes the team promised no blackouts in 2013 because between them and the local Brewing Company (sponsor) they will make sure the tickets are distributed… they have been doing the last few years. I’m a Jag fan, but I’m not stupid or sensitive like these Country bumpkins! There is an issue in Jacksonville with ticket/local revenue and the LEAGUE knows it!

  29. heh, Packers fan who claimed Jags fans are sensitive wrote a novel as a response. That’s gold. Blackout or not bud there are 12 others teams with worse attendance in 2o12 you could have attacked, but you keep slamming on the Jags. It’s the cliche thang.

  30. @rillest-the brewery you mentioned helped with tickets a couple of times in 2011…they helped at least 3 other teams that year…That was two years ago, and has no relevance to this new front office. But don’t let details prevent you from calling us stupid, country bumpkins.

  31. Facts are: Consistently near the bottom in ticket and local revenue (even without blacking outs games) AND we are having trouble selling tickets this year. But keep your head in the sand if you want. Im trying to make people aware of the since of urgency. Maybe the country bumpkins will buy less lift kits and guns and get a skybox!

  32. therillest is Vic Ketchman, It’s all starting to make sense now. I was wondering why all the sudden Packers fans were interested in the Jaguars PFT articles. Vic we know there’s a ton of room for improvement. Thanks for your concern. Go Steelers!

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