Philly mayor says fining Riley Cooper isn’t good enough


The Eagles may not be done with receiver Riley Cooper, but the man who runs the town where they play sounds like he is.

“As the Mayor of this City and an African-American man, I find the remarks made by Riley Cooper, repugnant, insensitive and ignorant, and all of us, regardless of race or nationality, should be offended by these comments,” Michael A. Nutter said in a release.  “I recognize that the private sector is very different than the public sector in terms of rules and procedures, but I would note that in our government, if an executive branch ‘at-will’ employee, somewhat similar to Mr. Cooper’s status with the Eagles, made such comments, I would insist on a suspension at a minimum and would seriously have to evaluate terminating such an individual from employment with the City.”

If that portion of the statement didn’t make Nutter’s position regarding the suitability of a fine clear, he had more on that point.

“In a year when we celebrated the great achievements of Jackie Robinson in the movie ’42’, it is truly saddening that racial epithets are still being hurled like baseballs, or by a football player, at the human dignity of African-Americans and others,” Nutter said.  “This incident is a disgrace, and cannot be excused by just paying a fine, as if it were a parking ticket.”

The challenge, Nutter believes, is finding a sanction that matches the transgression.

“Mr. Cooper has done something which he clearly knows was wrong and he has accepted personal responsibility, but the punishment should match the intense level of the offense,” Nutter said.  “It is ultimately up to the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL to determine whether what has been announced as a penalty is enough, but in my opinion it falls short of a serious recognition of just how offensive and hurtful these comments are to African-Americans and other people of good conscience who fight discrimination on many fronts — race, religion, gender, sexual preference, marriage equality, employment and many other areas.  Sports players are in fact, knowingly or unknowingly, role models for our youth who often imitate their behavior and actions.  It is my view that beyond any other punishment that could potentially result from this incident, Mr. Cooper must look deep in his heart to see how, beyond his personal public apology, he can repair the damage that he has caused to the Philadelphia community, and its relationship with the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL.”

We’re not sure how much damage has been done to the relationship between the Eagles and their city.  No one blames the Eagles for Cooper’s remark, and few (apart from Nutter) have argued that something more than a fine should be imposed.

Still, Nutter’s comments become yet another factor that could impact the willingness of Cooper’s teammates to welcome him back, whenever his self-imposed exit from the team ends.

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  1. So far blown out of proportion and spectrum of the real problems in the NFL, such a joke. Guys in the NFL have gotten away and/or been forgiven for far worse things. But because this is a black and white race issue the media and our society of people with hurt feelings will never let this go.

    Sorry Lesean McCoy and cry baby media members but if you aren’t man enough to accept an obvious very sincere apology from a guy that regrets what he did, no one will care who you lost respect for because no one will respect you for that

  2. Maybe this guy should worry about the people in his own ranks who made arguably racist comments today, specifically the great Charlie Rangel.

    But he wont, because racism is only bad if it comes from a white mouth.

  3. Though most would be relieved of duty, I’m sure the fine was a bit more substantial than a parking ticket Mr Mayor, just a bit.

  4. Obviously this is good that the Mayor reflects his point in the media. Maybe other discrepancies such as felony cases become equal to the magnitude of this subject.

    My view on this is consistent with each media attempt to leverage this story, while not absolving Riley’s personal responsibility with his actions. He’s going to have a long hard road in his personal and professional future (let’s not forget).

    This situation and the fallout speaks more about the condition and values of society more than anything else about it. In this culture we can see that image, appearance, and words are propped up as values over understanding, compassion, let alone racism and solving it. Because of that and our inability to intelligently, collectively cure societal problems, we can see double-standards play out like a carnival that invite media frenzies and attention, over legitimate concerns for humanity, such as financial/social inequalities that actually breed contempt at the foundation of our collective experience. Deteriorated education and the capitalist scheme, minus integrated educational programs perpetuate the cycle we continue to share together. Understanding human behaviors is largely ignored to the point that labels are used to stomp out and blame the symptom that individuals like Riley become. At the end of the day it just is what it is when it comes to Riley becoming ostracized– because he is not an elite talent… only when someone is talented the capitalist media/corporate culture find forgiveness. If you don’t have skills, there is less forgiveness, and will to understand.

  5. Commit felonies, kill dogs, spread STD’s we all good.

    Make a racist comment. you gotta go.

  6. If pandering were an Olympic sport you would only see politicians compete. Does Mayor Nutter rail on about other entertainers who use the word, or does he simply target white entertainers. If it’s the second, shouldn’t he be more concerned with his discriminatory nature than somebody elses? Glass houses and all that.

  7. BS. A government job is a job for life. It takes an act of congress to fire a government employee. So is the Philly mayor going to push to suspend or fire any government employee of his when they say a bad word? Be careful of what precedent you set. I do not condone Coopers words but he has apologized. Time to move on.

  8. Laying it on a bit thick, eh Mr Mayor?

    Yes what he said was stupid. Yes he potentially poisoned his relationships with teammates. Yes he painted a giant bullseye on himself on the field this season. And yes he deserves some sort of punishment a fine, or whatever else comes his way

    However, I’m not really sure he damaged the Philadelphia community in any meaningful way

    Also I don’t really feel Government officials have any room to lecture anyone on the value of being good citizens when so many of them are clearly not

  9. Sigh, the rhetoric is getting out of hand with this. If the mayor is willing to say the same about everyone-regardless of color who has ever uttered the word then go ahead. Otherwise, learn from it and move on with life.

  10. Ahhhh our great Mayor.

    I lived in Philadelphia all my life, and I can honestly say its time to nuke it. I don’t even care if me and my loved ones are in the city at the time of the nuking, we need to take one for America at this point. Nuke us before Detroit, no one here deserves to live. Just being honest.

  11. Hey Nutter go do your job and take care of your city rather than trying chime in on a pointless topic. Just trying to get your pointless two cents in before the news becomes irrelevant.

    He said the N word! GET OVER IT! People say it everyday somewhere in this country.

    You got that a-hole bieber spitting on fans and pissing in restaurant mop buckets and it gets less attention than this. WTF?! It’s a WORD. He didn’t commit a crime yet you want him to lose his job????

    what the hell is wrong with this country????

  12. Riley Cooper was wrong – completely wrong but we’re going down a slippery slope if you take his career away from him for words (not criminal action). People might laugh but in 30 years, maybe less, people will want other people jailed for words “hurtful” and if the technology is there for thoughts. Think it can’t happen? Think again!

  13. Cooper’s slurr was atrocious.
    I turned the radio from NFL network coverage of this topic to XM Standup Comedy channel, and right away a comedian is dropping the word Cooper used every few seconds, audience laughing. It was recorded from a club in Phily.
    I am at a loss.
    I expect there to be outrage on the sale level.

  14. According to this guy, anyone who has ever used a derragotory word should be suspended or fired.

    Chances are, he’s said some things he’s not proud of in his life in private conversations but I somehow doubt that he thinks he should be suspended or fired for them. This is getting ridiculous

  15. This is TOTALLY nuts now. “Intensity of offense?” My GOD. The guy said the N words when he was drunk. Get over it. Nutter is totally out of line. And let me tell you something else…the very first time I hear a black athlete say that word, I’ll demand equal outrage from Nutter and the rest of the race baiters.

  16. And mayors are supposed to be role models as well. So showing tolerance, and forgiveness would be good characteristics of role models. I don’t agree with what Cooper said as I think 99% of the country finds that attitude reprehensible. However, when things like this occur, instead of pointing fingers and shaming them it opens the door for conversation. I would think a public figure would find this as an opportunity to be a bigger person and forgive as opposed to acting like he is perfect and above everybody else. Mr.Nutter, you are the poster boy for racist black America. You are flaming the fire and dividing instead of mending. Of course people are offended. I am white, and I was offended. Most whites hate that word just as bad as blacks. As a public figure you should not want to punish, you should want to fix. It isn’t an eye-for-and-eye, because it wasn’t illegal. It was immoral and yes, ignorant. You are not above anyone to where you are unforgiving.

    If he were my mayor I’d be disappointed in the response. Of course, my ex mayor is in jail right now, so what do I know? Haha

  17. Why are people trying so hard to ruin Riley Cooper’s life? Did his word really ruin yours?

    He’s played side by side and befriended many black people during his playing days. He’s most likely not racist. Just leave it alone.

  18. So if Mayor Nutter has ever dropped a N bomb he should also take some time off too. Move on, your city is bursting with many, much larger problems than a FB player dropping one. 100% chance it’s heard it 6 times before lunch at camp.

  19. Oh no, here we go.
    Politician’s agenda 101 – Never let a controversy pass without full exploitation for political posturing.
    Freedom of speech is still a right here in the USA.
    Cooper misspoke, sincerely took possession of his faux pas, and sincerely was sorry, even despondent about it yet, it’s not good enough for the good mayor.
    Someone from the Eagles needs to discretely tell him “tuff s– and butt out”.

  20. Just more rhetoric…it happens, get over it. I bet Paula Deen is pretty happy with Riley for taking her out of this overblown spotlight.

  21. I would love to dig in the mayor’s past and see if he has done anything in his past that he has asked forgiveness god let it go.let Riley lay in his bed that he made and lets move on back to aaron hernandez and tim tebow for the love of god.

  22. He sounds like he is preparing to run for a higher office and needs HIS name in the media.

  23. Obviously the mayor is offended but how can he be a spokesman and claim all those other folks are?
    Nutter is acting like this is the crime of the century and that it’s wrong not to be offended by the rantings of some guy I never heard of in a concert atmosphere where offensive stuff happens all the time.
    If he had just been Joe Regular on the stage saying the same thing, nothing.
    But because he’s a *Gasp* football player, well, this would be like as if God said the N word.
    Just let it go, forget about it and move on and focus on ending the actions of racism instead.

  24. So what Kobe Bryant said to the ref didn’t get people really worked up, Nor did Tim Hardaway’s comments a few years back. When rappers say the same word (or call women Bs), as this unassuming football player used, that isn’t shocking or offensive.

    So using slurs away from your job is a fireable offense Mayor? How about curse words? It’s silly season. Is this linked to the Zimmerman verdict in some way?

  25. In my life, I have used that word, which I indeed regret. I now loathe it and it’s use. However, if I were to judge, it would be that Nutter is a racist and I would hope he pays closer attention in his church when forgiveness is the topic. With his attitude, progress will be slower than many would like.

  26. “Let he is who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    The last time I heard of someone using a racial insult in the news it was Trayvon Martin referring to George Zimmerman as a “cracker.” Anybody outraged???

    Riley Cooper absolutely said something idiotic but free speech applies to idiots too. But that won’t stop the hypocrites from thumping their chests and demanding “justice.” *rollseyes*

  27. So will the mayor call for the dismissal of African American football players that use the word too? Philly rappers that use it? No? Only a white guy that immediately took responsibility and is paying for it? Oh ok. Seems totally logical then. Why don’t you gather a posse and run him out of town while you’re at it?

  28. Nutter has not had one problem supporting Vick. However, he was “saddened and strongly disagrees” with the verdict in the Zimmerman case and now has strong words about Cooper.

    Both are white (ish).

    Might we say Nutter is a bit racist himself?

    Not even a word when Culliver went off. Amazing….

  29. Maybe Riley Cooper saw the Mayor at the concert and said he’d fight every Nutter in here..

    Yeah… nah….

    I doubt the mayor has Kenny Chesney on his ipod.

  30. I wonder if the mayor thinks the same way when an African American football player says the n word … That its “repugnant, insensitive and ignorant” .

    I play on a football team and I hear it from black to black ALL THE TIME ….. So maybe Riley got desensitized to the word hearing it all the time

  31. I’d also like to know his feelings on an certain Philadelphia Athlete that has actually committed crimes, and shouldn’t even be playing in the NFL.

    While what Cooper did was absolutely wrong and indefensible, Athletes that have done things much worse than using Bad Language and hate speech have been given second chances, Cooper deserves the same.

    And believe me, I hate the Eagles, but this is ridiculous.

  32. Where was this race baiting clown when flash mobs of blacks were attacking whites the last two summers?

    Black on white violence-covered up by the media every effing day.

  33. Does this mean Quinton Tarantino is up for the death penalty? I swear that guy sets up whole movie projects just so he can have people say it. But that’s OK because he has his liberal street cred so he can say whatever he wants.

    Kanye West probably said 10 more racist things while I typed this sentence.

  34. what a joke, I am sure that 90 percent of his people on his staff that work for the city say all kinds of things that maybe caught on someone’s cell phone. its incredible how crazy that a drunken comments are taken way overboard. you tell me that if you go to a bar fight that you wont get some colorful language. I think rehab is more of a thought process. but it amazes me how the racial card gets pushed around to make themselves look like they care. like they have to have one up everyone to show that they care. I guarantee that everyone has said something that maybe taken in the wrong light. this craziness of how offended everyone is really needs to stop. people have say offensive things everyday. did we call for fire Kobe for calling the ref “Gay”. or Roy Hibberts? where is the equal outrage. there is a lot of comments people say in anger or while intoxicated. I am not condoning their actions, but the level of outrage is almost comical. I mean if he come up to a press conference and made a statement like he did, it would be totally unacceptable. But I hear the language that a lot of people use in bars and at the gym and in the locker rooms. and if you add alcohol to a conversation the language usually exponentially gets more colorful.

  35. I really believe that Mr Cooper only said the word, because he is comfortable with it. I am sure he hears it everyday in the Eagle locker room. of course it is okay, because a non-white person said it. He hears it in the music that is blasted. He hears it in conversation.

    I do not condone what he said. But this is way out of control. I was in a low income neighborhood today. I heard the “N” word more then 10 times in about 5 hours.

    If you have never used this word, or any other derogatory word. Then you can cast a stone.

    Otherwise shut up.

  36. That settles it. I’m buying a Riley Cooper jersey, and wearing it while I pray he catches the game-winning td against the Redskins opening weekend. As a Giants fan who is sick of the Nutter/Sharpton/Jacksons of the world, NOTHING would be sweeter.

  37. It’s ok for black people to say it to other black people. Such a double standard. Racism is a one way street apparently . Mike Vick can kill innocent dogs and he can still make a living. But let Paula Deen,Michael Richards or Riley Cooper say the N word and the world comes to an end. Stop being offended by something that you call yourself. Ridiculous.

  38. My buddy has a neighbor who wears these old gym shorts, he gets drunk every night off of PBR and walks over talking about fishing and BBQ.

    We call him nutters because the shorts are so short when he sits you can see his….

  39. You shouldn’t be offended. You should rise above it and move past it. Cooper has definitely received his due punishment and has openly apologized. What more does everyone want?! Pretty sure MLK would urge all his brothers to rise above, not get so hung up and whining over a two syllable word that the spoke an has regretted. Your offense and outrage is changing no one. It’s only bringing more and more attention to the subject of racism, which in fact is no more prevalent than any other prejudice.

  40. Sit down Nutter, along with the people justifying caucasians using the N word in a derogatory sense simply because black people do. Personally I don’t think anymore punishments should be handed out but I understand if teammates don’t want to be associated with him. Anyone who claims not to say the word and all of a sudden spouts it in a fit of anger is probably …

  41. not to rain on the mayor’s parade, but he would be facing a lawsuit if he suspended or fired an employee for comments made outside of the job. in the private sector, you can fire an at-will employee for anything including making inappropriate statements outside of work. in the public sector, you can’t fire someone for that.

  42. Wanna talk about disgrace? Lets talk about approximately 15% of the population commuting over 80% of the gun crimes in America. Lets talk about the 93 percent of blacks being shot by….Black people. Lets talk about the number of black youth ages 16-21 in prison. Then we can truly talk about disgrace.

    But oh those racist white people and their mean words. What a pile of crap. Slavery was hundreds of years ago, and no black people currently living on earth were involved. Time to stop with the excuses and screams of racism anytime it fits an agenda.

    There’s only one race, HUMAN.

  43. Shut up Nutter! Worry about th increase in crime, the black on black violence and our horrible schools!!! Can’t wait for him to be gone!! Brian Dawkins was on 97.5 earlier and what he said was great…he said the word is disgusting no matter the color of the person who says it, the should have more respect for themselves and stop using the word too!! Brian Dawkins for mayor!!!!

  44. African-American as much as I’m English-American. As long as we address ourselves in such manner we will continue to have division.

  45. It’s too bad he’s not the mayor of Washington DC … I would love to hear his take on the Redskins.

  46. Didn’t they sign some document in Philadelphia a couple hundred years ago letting people have freedom of speech? Just because you don’t like what he said, doesn’t mean that he can’t say it.

  47. Daubs17:
    did ‘we’ accept MVick’s apologies, or was a stiffer penalty needed? careful buddy…. you’re putting dogs’ lives over peoples’ feelings…. lol

  48. so you ppl claim to be able to tell the mayor what he should be offended by? WoW! hes allowed to be offended. agree or disagree, but dont judge him for his feelings on issue…. move on.

  49. How do we fire back at all these race-baiters like Jackson, Sharpton, and now Nutter?

    I’m a half-breed Mexican, and could give a damn about race. You would think with a black president we’d have put this whole race nonsense away by now.

    …or does someone think they’re still entitled to something?

  50. I’m from Philly and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
    Some of you are to young to remember when the city was BOMBED by Mayor Goode. What did you say about that Nutter? Did you blame a bkack for bombing the blacks. Were you offended by Ramona?

  51. Coming from the guy who allows Jay-Z to have a concert and spew the same hateful word in his city. But, that brings in money to the city for this hypocrite mayor so it is ok, right?….

  52. terryleather says:
    Aug 2, 2013 6:13 PM
    Didn’t they sign some document in Philadelphia a couple hundred years ago letting people have freedom of speech? Just because you don’t like what he said, doesn’t mean that he can’t say it.
    He definitely has the freedom of speech, as do all of us. However, our employers also have the freedom to fire us if we say racist things. I don’t know why that is so hard for some to understand.

  53. Well said Jagwires, it’s way past time that people in this country stand up and do something about who’s doing the majority of the killing and raping and robberies. Say the N word and all of these wonderful upstanding citizens get offended…all I can say is WOW!! Where’s the priorities?

  54. What a great country we live in. Marion Barry can be videotaped with drugs and a prostitute in a hotel room and then get reelected as mayor in our nation’s capital, (wonder how that happened) but this player should be fired for saying a word that angers people.

  55. Nutter aka squidward has no business opening his trap. Lets see he would fire an employee who used a disparaging slur against African Americans. He DOES NOT fire employees who steal, get DUI’s, get arrested, slack at their job and PEOPLE DIED, or the many lazy city workers who treat people of the opposite color differently on a daily basis. Hey Nutter a dozen of your African American brothers will be shot this weekend just like every other weekend. Not a word to say and withhold public documents when the city is responsible for innocent people having a building dropped on their heads.
    You need to crawl back in the hole you’ve been in. Oh yea black people in Philly think your too white. NOW IM OFFENDED

  56. they just need to cut him. hes not good enough to keep this distraction hanging around the season. personally, i forgive cooper because he seems contrite and people make mistakes. im fine having a whole team full of racists on the eagles IF it helps us win the super bowl. but lets face it. cooper sucks and his replacements will provide the same production so why deal with the drama?

  57. I have to say that after seeing the ridiculous frenzy that someone saying something really hurtful and stupid like cooper did has caused i think they pretty much have to change the redskins’ name. How can they not after all this? I think it is ridiculous that the mayor of philadelphia is commenting on this story. Doesn’t he have better things to be doing? It is really easy for everyone to criticize and act like this kid is a horrible person but i am willing to bet that almost all of the people who are crucifying this guy in the media have done something way worse than saying a terrible word when they were drunk and angry. I will guarantee it. It is human nature to make mistakes, we all make them and all of us have done things we aren’t proud of. If we are living in a world where everyone’s mistakes are going to blown up on the big screen for the world to see and criticize we all are going to very uncomfortable at some point.

  58. What about all of the African American, Hispanic and Asian young adults who are constantly using that word? Is it not racist when they say it? Would Riley Cooper have been treated the same way if he were black? Of course not! No one would care if he wasn’t white.

    I am a teacher in N.Y. City, and I hear kids use the N word constantly. Their excuse is that they use it as a term of endearment, even after reminded about the conditions in which the word originated. Then you meet the kids parents and you hear how they talk, and you realize why the kids use the same language. Until parents are held accountable for their kid’s behavior, kids will continue to believe it is OK to use that word and other offensive words.

  59. Everyone with an opinion should be given 500 words here on PFT.

    I mean, we’ve heard from half the Eagles locker room, the mayor, most of the contributors to the site, and you even felt the need to post a (non) article about the fact that Tim Tebow hadn’t heard about it.

    Who’s next? Kim Kardassian? One of the Real Housewives? Uncle Si?

    We get it. He used a racial epithet he shouldn’t have. But isn’t there some real football news you could be providing in place of all these opinion pieces about a guy who is on a leave of absence?

    This is why people turn a blind eye to these types of indiscretions…because they get beaten to death by those who have a public forum and nothing better to do with it.

  60. Before I condem a man I would at a minimum investigate the intire circumstance leading up to and including the racist comment. Cooper cannot justifiably defend himself in any way because he is so wrong on the single racial comment he made. How he has handled himself in the aftermath speaks volumes as to his character accepting full responsibility without a hint of an excuse. Undoubtably this will cost him his NFL career, it is what it is. As a man he is probably handling his indiscretion better than most. So I’m ok with Cooper, hopefully this situation can help us figure out this mess.

  61. So let me get this right. The idiot gets drunk at a country music concert and says something aggressive and offensive that hears every other day in his own locker room by the guys who are now offended. Sounds pretty bad.

    So what is the Washington Redskins’ excuse? Is it nearly as good? So why is this idiot being crucified while the team is getting a pass based upon tradition…

  62. I so wonder if Nutter is going to call out Charlie Rangel for calling the Tea Party a bunch of “White Crackers” I wont hold my breath on that but its such a double standard in this country now that it makes me sick. Blacks can say it to Blacks but low to the White man if he says it in anyway. Granted it shouldn’t be used period by anyone. Get the race batters like Al and Jessie out of the way and the world would be a better place.

  63. What Cooper did was stupid and hurtful, no doubt, but this is ridiculous. Some players, ex-nfl and current ones, say they couldn’t play with or respect a guy like him. What?! So where was the same outrage and refusal to play with black players who murdered or abused a woman or drunk driving or abused/killed animals or don’t pay child support?! There was no outrage. They were supported by other black players. They had their backs. Why? It comes across that the only reason they supported them was BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK. However, the white guy? No way can he be forgiven! Racism has to be wiped out from all sides. If an action wrong, it should not be supported at all. Not ok for some and not others. Again, what Cooper said was wrong and hurtful, but this “outrage” is a joke at this point. I will be mad at the Eagles organization if they cut him or someone tries to purposely injure him. If someone does purposely injury him, they should be kick out of the NFL…or is intentional violence ok too as long as you are the right color? SMH.

  64. Throw him OUT of the building now!
    This fool should NOT be allowed on the field this season at all. Philly needs to stand up and get out in front of this one. KICK HIM OUT NOW.

  65. If the NFL kicked out all the players who did something wrong … there would be only a handful of black players playing in the NFL.
    It’s amazing the double standards we live by.

  66. didnt an entire apartment building in Philly just explode and people were killed?But this topic is what Phillys mayor wants to discuss.

  67. For the Love of God, this whole thing is wasting so much of our time. If anyone thinks this word is not used thousands of times a day your all fooling yourselves. I am not saying its right or what he said was right but don’t we have more important things to worry about? How about our economy, war, homeless folks, starving children, poverty etc etc. In my opinion Cooper was a Jackass for getting drunk and calling a security guard what he called him, but don’t ever forget, the media makes money on drawing our attention. Now we have politicians, DA’s etc chiming in, how about you do your jobs and lead this city and put criminals behind bars and make our city safe and prosperous and leave the discipline of Riley to the NFL. As one other reader stated, if you really wanted to call out every player, black, white etc on bad behavior or criminal acts we wouldn’t be watching football every fall we would be scratching our asses cause no one would be left. Sports is entertainment and a business and HUGE billion dollar industry and in some weird way this will only make more money for the NFL and the Media.

  68. “As the Mayor of this City and an African-American man” Mayor Michael Nutter wants the Eagles to consider firing Riley Cooper. Fair enough, until you consider that another Eagles player whose job seems now secure is Michael Vick. I know whose behavior is more heinous to ME. As an African-American man, does Mayor Nutter disagree? Does the race of the respective players weigh with him?

  69. Fist let me start of off with this I’m black. I can care less what Riley Cooper said. Im sick of these grand standing politicians. Sit your ass down. This whole thing makes sick. People trying to have this man use his livelihood over a word. Riley was brought up in a hip hop world not a civil rights movement world. Us as black use the word as free as any other word. Imagine yourself as a white man. How can you say the word and he can’t. Just like in the 60’s black people ask why I have to sit at the back of the bus. No one likes a double standard whote or black. Spend your time in office worrying about fixing social problems in your city not one man his free time. I hate wh

  70. Funny how the Mayor has time to comment on a football player when his city’s schools are a mess, his murder rate is sky high and his L&I department is being exposed for the useless department it really is.
    Shouldn’t he be concerned about lowering the murder rate of his citizens?

    Funny how he didn’t have time to comment on McCoys recent troubles.

    I guess the mayor doesn’t value women as voters or human beings either.

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