ProFootballTalk: Can RGIII stay healthy

With the Redskins season reliant on the health of RGIII, head coach Mike Shanahan might have to cut back on his QB’s use in the running game.  Plus, how big of an impact will bringing back all but one starter have on the team’s success?

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  1. Its not that he needs to cutback on designed run plays with RGIII, but that Griffin needs to be more careful on passing plays. When he got hurt it was on a designed pass that he left the pocket on and didn’t protect his leg. Then in the playoffs he reinjured and tore the ACL on a pass play. Its up to RGIII wether or not he gets hurt again, the coaches can only do so much.

  2. Russell has it right. If he keeps on a read option, there really aren’t free hitters running around. It’s all a matter of getting down or out before those big hits come. Not cutting back towards the middle for more yards. If he did this last year who knows how far the Skins could have gotten in the playoffs.

  3. With all the Skins invested in RGlll, Shanny should have never exposed this kid to this style of offense. It’s not a question of if he gets hurt playing like that, It’s how soon and how bad.

    The skins are going to suck for a long time if they lose this kid!!

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