Riley Cooper’s NFL career may not last much longer


The Sports Bad Behavior Double Standard, which gives good players a second chance and makes an example out of scrubs, has its limits.  We saw it in June with Aaron Hernandez.  And we’re seeing it in August, potentially, with Hernandez’s college teammate, Riley Cooper.

The disconnect regarding Cooper was obvious from the outset of the controversy.  Owner Jeffrey Lurie said the Eagles were “shocked and appalled” by Cooper’s use of the worst possible racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert — so shocked and appalled that the Eagles imposed an undisclosed fine on Cooper.

That’s not how it works in non-sports industries.  In Cooper’s case, it may not be the last move the team makes.

The buzzword of the 2013 offseason became “distraction.”  Gay NFL players stay closeted in part because they don’t want to create a distraction for the team.  And no team was interested in trading with the Jets for Tim Tebow and only one wanted to sign him because, thanks to a legion of fans who demand to see him play, Tebow is a distraction.

Riley Cooper, in less than 48 hours, has become a major distraction for the Eagles.

The distraction doesn’t simply come from the outside, with reporters asking everyone in the locker room for their opinion about Cooper — just as reporters will ask everyone in the locker room for their opinion the first NFL player who declares himself to be openly gay.  The distraction as to Cooper also comes from within, and it seems to be getting worse, not better.

Ashley Fox of paints a compelling picture regarding the inevitability of Cooper’s exit from the Eagles.  On last night’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Tim McManus of 97.5 The Fanatic said that the team may still dump Cooper.  Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly explained separately in the show that, if receiver Jeremy Maclin hadn’t torn an ACL over the weekend, Cooper already would be gone.

The Eagles initially erred on the side of keeping Cooper because it’s always better to give your own player the second chance he may find elsewhere — as the Eagles learned the hard way 23 years ago when they gave up on a wideout who’ll be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday night.

In Cooper’s case, the Eagles likely are realizing that’s not a concern.  If the only locker room he’s known ends up rejecting him, no other locker room will accept him.

Maybe, in the end, that’s why the Eagles are trying to find a way to move forward.  Maybe Lurie, G.M. Howie Roseman, and coach Chip Kelly realize that cutting Cooper won’t pave the way for a second chance with another team.  It’ll grease the skids for his permanent exit from the NFL.

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  1. They should let him go simply for how many times he repeats the word “extremely”. That other word? Only when the double standard is removed.

  2. So racial slurs against other people besides blacks are somehow less offensive? Like maybe the term Redskin?

  3. Remember the good old days when players could go out, drink, get in a fight and make an ass of themselves and those who read about it either chuckled or didn’t care?? Well I do and I sure miss them.

  4. We really need to put this in perspective, to use Riley’s name with Keith’s is really unfair, words don’t kill, Vick killed DOGS, did McCoy have issues with his black team mate killing dogs NO, because of color, I’m sick and tired of the race card being used when convenient, don’t get me wrong I would never use the N word, I raise my children to respect everyone and treat everyone the same, idiots come in all colors, but words are words they hurt but don’t kill, Vick KILLED DOGS

  5. There are consequences for what we say good or bad. Part of me feels bad for the kid but the environment especially within the locker room is going to be harder for him as a player on the team.

  6. Players beat their spouses, dont pay child support, get DUIs, and break all kinds of laws and really nothing happens that threatens their career. Not downplaying the situation but wow way to make a huge deal over a bad drunk decision.

  7. Is what he said wrong? Yes

    Should he get flak? Yes

    Did he break any laws? Not that I know of.

    Then why are people who break the law still on teams when a guy who said the wrong thing going to get cut?

    There is absolutely no excuse for saying what he said, and the fact that other players in the league say it is no reason to justify it, but they are all paid professionals. If something like this affects their job, then they aren’t doing it right.

    And anyone who thinks only white people can be racist is ignorant.

  8. This article and most of the medias coverage is hyperbole. Bottom line– The NFL is about talent. If the Eagles can use Cooper’s talents he’ll stay. If they can’t he’ll be gone. Murderers and other criminal offenders who have talent have played and still play in the NFL.

  9. I think if Cooper had a prior rap sheet, where he was abusive or had a DUI, he would be gone.

    The man made a mistake and apologized prefusely, yet people still want to give him crap about it. What more do you want from him?

    Give it a rest. He got fined and is undergoing sensitivity treatment. I’m sure guys like Dungy may have a few words with him as well.

  10. First off, Riley Cooper’s an idiot for what he did. Nobody’s disputing that. But for his NFL career to be over?? Are you effing kidding me??

    Don’t even bother to tell me that not ONE black player, in the Eagles or elsewhere in the NFL, has NEVER used the N-word. And don’t tell me that it’s OK for blacks to use that word. The word has always been a derogatory term towards blacks. and it’s either ironic or ignorant that blacks use that word on each other.

    If you don’t like any non-black using the N word, then blacks need to quit using it. Don’t scream equality, then use that word yourself and then get outraged when non-blacks use it. Grow up.

  11. No one will care in a week. The Hall of Fame game couldn’t come any sooner. I am kind of surprised Goodell didn’t suspend him though. He missed an opportunity to show his “power” against a defenseless target. That is why the NCAA penalized Penn State hard…because they were defenseless in a social (media) issue.

  12. Such an over reaction. Every white and black person has said something derrogatory to or about someone in their life. Usually in the heat of the moment. It may not be who they are as a person, but when tempers flare, bad things may come out of your mouth that may not reflect you as a person. Its terrible that only those who have been caught on camera (or who have admitted it publicly aka paula dean) be treated like ruthless animals.

    I ask anyone who is critical of Cooper (especially after a seemingly sincere and remourseful apology) have you EVER used a deragotory word in your life? If so, then be just as critical on yourself. The difference shouldnt be if you get caught on camera or not.

  13. Wow, you would think this guys killed someone. I submit to you if this was a black guy calling a white guy racial slurs, this would have been over with already or never got this attention. Are you telling me a guys career can be completely over because of name -calling? What happened to sticks and stones? Quite frankly I think this is getting out of control.

  14. When you have Mike Vick on the roster, it’ll be hard not to justify giving Cooper a second chance. If they don’t, he’ll have a job at Fox News tomorrow.

  15. Don’t you love that you can kill a pedestrian while drunk (paging Donte Stallworth), beat women and shoot guns in and around strip clubs but say something horrible and the league has no place for you. Dallas didn’t cut a player who killed his friend drunk driving and failed multiple drug tests.

  16. That’s fine, keep that woman hitting mccoy and dog fighting vick. That’s always good for the team. I just love all of the people (both black and white) who just throw riley under the bus even though most have used this word or other racial slurs in private with their closest friends or when their intoxicated. If you want to make that word have no power, don’t let it offend you. If you shrug it off, it will lose its power. Anyone who won’t forgive Riley, I hope someday in your worst moment there’s somebody with a camera who puts its up for everyone to see, and that’s how you are judged for the rest of your life too. This country is so hypocritical.

  17. “The Eagles initially erred on the side of keeping Cooper because it’s always better to give your own player the second chance he may find elsewhere — as the Eagles learned the hard way 23 years ago when they gave up on a wideout who’ll be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday night.”

    Tell me you didn’t just compare Riley Cooper with Chris Carter.

    You also say, “The distraction doesn’t simply come from the outside…” riiiight….but the split is about 98%-2% and if the mad dog media, always searching for anything controversial, would leave this alone the Eagles would move on without looking back.

  18. gotta feel for the guy. whats sad is many more nfl players have said and done much more horrible things and they’re aren’t facing this much backlash. except hernandez. may he rot in hell

  19. As a African American man , I hope they don’t cut him because he definitely won’t get another job. I saw his apology and I accept it because like most black people I was offended when I saw the video. It’s time to move on .

  20. so if they cut him,

    does he get his fine refunded??
    The league already said they can’t punish him twice after the team’s actions.

    this action should have been completed from the get go.
    If the owner, coach, and GM all feel that this is such an atrocity, how can they justify keeping him on the roster.
    Instead of cutting him from the get go, the team evaluated their own needs and simply levied a fine.

    So, the team sacrificed their own morality because of need.
    I tell you one thing, if someone scorns me in such an egregious manner, i cut ties asap, even if the move might cost me in the beginning.
    there is no way i contradict my own standards because of potential negative impact.

    That being said, steroid abusers, wife beaters, DUI / manslaughter convictees and drug dealers all still have jobs in the NFL..

    wheres the disconnect.

  21. I am by no means defending what Cooper said but really? Out of the NFL? So what we’re saying here is maybe it would have been better if he drove drunk and killed someone so the team could have embraced him like Brent Jones or Donte Stallworth(less)…?

  22. As long as they treat everyone equal and blacklist every player who ever uses a racial slur of any kind.

  23. I’m a black guy that find what he said very offensive. I also find people defense of him saying its not that bad because “rappers” use it equally as offensive.

    That said, I hope that he continues to play. We can’t be a society that cast people off for one mistake. We have to be more forgiving of people’s mistake because tomorrow it may be our mistake and us asking for another opportunity. None of us are beyond terrible mistakes.

  24. If they had never opted to sign Vick, then they would have no issue with double standard. They could have cut him Wenesday. However, other fans would be upset that Vick was given a second chance for a crime that was so bad it required a lengthy Jail time. This is why he is still in the team.

  25. Maybe I’m off base, but I recently watched a move. Django unchained. Talk about double standards.

    I recall liberal use of the very same offensive word, with little or no outrage. I believe it was critically acclaimed. Different story line and produced by Hollywood liberals so I guess that gets a free pass. Same word, different reactions.

    Am I the only one confused?

  26. It’s funny that aside from using the slur, he also suggests that the only black people there were likely security guards.

    No wonder his apology wasn’t bought by many of his teammates. It sounded like something his lawyer wrote. No explanation on why his first instinct was to blurt out n*****.

  27. I think the point is the Eagles should cut him and let another team give him the second chance.
    If he is attractive to another team he will get a shot just like M. Vick and others who commit a crime. If Aaron Hernandez is found innocent you don’t think he would be signed by a team.

    Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper and Tim Tebow, all these guys are trouble.

  28. If NFL teams waived every player that said something stupid or was otherwise a racist, the waiver wire would melt down into a puddle of molten magma.

  29. Stupid move on his part, but career over! If his teammate Mike Vick and guys like Pac man jones and Leonard Little can continue to play then there is no reason he cant play too. Much worse people are allowed to play in sports!

  30. Bad mistake at a bad time. He was already competing for his job in a system that might not emphasize the “Big WR” as much near the goal line and instead go with 2 TE’s. The team had already brought in Arrelious Benn to compete with him and to a lesser degree Ifeanyi Momah.

    If it wasn’t for the Maclin injury he’d be 100%.

  31. and that’s another angle to view it as.

    Riley cooper will definitely have a lawsuit against the NFL if released.

    If the Washington team can have a derogatory, racial slur as their team name with no repercussions , now then can the league punish Cooper.

    THAT’s why Goodell has done nothing.
    THAT’s why the team has to be one who enforces the penalty..

    it’s all adding up now.

  32. Josh Brent roams an NFL sideline after killing a teammate while drinking and driving but Cooper should be ostracized from the NFL?

    The NFL has offered second chances to many convicted criminals who have done worse so Cooper should get his second chance too.

  33. Many of you don’t understand how jobs work. It doesn’t matter that he did not break any laws. It does not matter what Vick or anyone else did. It doesn’t matter that he spoke ONE word and it might ruin his career. He’s done, and that’s just how it is. He has destroyed his standing in the locker room and now is dealing with the consequences. No one is taking his job, he took it himself.

  34. Ashley Fox is a hack. She is the one who said there is No Way Baltimore goes into Denver and wins in the playoffs. Making a prediction is one thing. But the way she did it unprofessional. More like a fan than a writer, which is a cardinal sin in impartial sports reporting.

  35. hey Mike – btw, Buddy Ryan released Carter for his own good because of personal problems he was having. It wasn’t because “they gave up on him”….

  36. Once again something blown way out of proportion. Heat of the moment people, it’s not like I had a black friend use a racial slur at me when we’ve gotten into it. People say things they ultimately don’t mean at times, so people need to get over it. As far as LeSean McCoy is concerned he needs to grow up and stop acting like he’s never said anything remotely bad when he looks like a prime suspect

  37. There is a double standard here, so let’s address it. African American people use the N word all the time…in music, speaking to each other walking down the street, etc. I don’t support using the word at all, and I hope one day racism could be eliminated….but if the culture is to change, then african americans need to respect themselves and stop using it in an “endearing” way. Don’t give me the “if we’re black, we can use it” argument.

    Let’s reverse the situation. If an african american called a white guy a cracker, everybody would laugh it off and it wouldn’t even merit a story.

    Oh how society loves to use the race card for convenience. Such B.S!

  38. Why is everyone acting like they have never ever said a racial slur or something they regret when drunk?

  39. Imagine losing your job because you said a word while on your own time? Apologize and move on, he didn’t break any laws and he’ll have to face the music as the season goes on. I don’t condone using the word but I also don’t see why someone should lose their job when technically, he did nothing wrong here.

  40. Jay Z made a fortune using the n word and then used that fortune to catapult himself into sports agency. No double standards here.

  41. The US has become a place of zero tolerance for almost any mistake. Since we’re all human beings it makes it inevitable most people will do something stupid and pay far larger consequences than that mistake merits.

    Whether its a racial slur or something else, every single human on the planet has said something rash when they were pissed off that they later regretted and would not do under normal conditions.

    I was in high school in Rhode Island when they started bussing students in Boston to give African American students an opportunity for better education. So many people were screaming the N-word and every other epithet imaginable at the numerous protests. What Cooper did pales by comparison. Paul Deen lost her job because of using the N-word 30 years ago and many of those protesting the Boston bussing were guilty of far worse.

    Not that he should suffer the fine of possibly be suspended a game or two, but he shouldn’t lose his job over this. The zero tolerance max punishment thing has to go away.

    And if I was him I’d be awful worried every time I went up for a catch and there were African American defenders coming at me. He has to know they’ll be putting extra juice into the shots they take against him.

  42. Wow, who would of thought giving more attention to a drunken use of a word, inappropriate or not, than OJ’s trial would be a distraction?

  43. A lot of people are missing the point. This isn’t about Riley Cooper facing a penalty or a ban. It’s about Cooper becoming a major distraction, because he’s angered his teammates, and being released by his employer.

    He’ll then become a free agent, and NFL teams will be hard pressed to bring a guy who’s been tagged a racist (whether that’s fair or not) into a locker room.

  44. It would be interesting for one of these “that’s not the person I am” guys to take accountability for their words.

    What if Cooper hired a guy to give him 10 lashes in front of all his teammates? Or even film it and post it to youtube for the world to see.

    Would that show that he’s genuinely sorry? I’d like to think so. And would the offended parties in his locker room or elsewhere forgive him after that?

  45. People are looking at this too simplistically. If his career ends, it won’t end because of the “n-word.” If it ends , it will end because he has personally alienated his teammates and many of his fans in a very personal way AND because he isn’t perceived as having the talent level to compensate for all of the trouble those things bring.

    Retired QB Kerry Collins used the n-word in a drunken state – against a TEAMMATE – but yet played in the NFL for fourteen years afterwards. He dealt with the issues that caused him to do that. But he also was perceived as having enough talent and enough importance to the team to make all the mess worth trying to work it out. Eventually, he put it behind him.

    But, whether or not it has anything to do with race, if any of us create an environment where our bosses perceive we bring more trouble and internal/external strife – ticking off both our co-workers and our customers – than we make up for in value, we’ll have our careers endangered as well. It is not about a word and, in that sense, not about race either. It’s a cost-benefit calculation.

  46. The hypocrisy is amazing, the same immature idiots that are offended by this are the same ones that bob their heads to Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and all of the other ignorant rappers that utter the same racial slur repeatedly throughout their songs, disrespect women, violence, and advocate selling drugs. I’m African American and find Riley Cooper’s comment stupid, however I won’t pretend that there is not a bigger issue out there that are affecting young African Americans. I’d like to see the same media coverage and outrage from the African American community when one your boys or favorite rapper says the same thing, LeSean McCoy “can’t respect a guy like Riley Cooper” but listens to G-Unit & 50 Cent, if you have time look up the lyrics to some of G-Unit & 50 Cent’s songs and tell me what the bigger issue is.

  47. Whatever happens now is too late. Eagles already showed there true colors. This was an easy call. Cut him. But they kept him because they needed a wr. This franchise is becoming a disappointment.

  48. We can talk about the consistent inconsistencies of human behavior and morality but that doesn’t remove or erase a real constant of right and wrong. This guy is a clear racist in his heart. Is that any different from someone else who is but hasn’t been caught verbalizing it? No. Not really. The question is will his presence cause friction and distraction to a locker room? I’d say “absolutely”. That is why you get rid of him not because the NFL is in the business of legislating morality.

  49. I think everyone is missing the point. It isn’t that Cooper is being cut for dropping an N-Bomb. The fact that his teammates have such a big problem with it is why he is looking at being cut.

    He created a divide in the locker room. Black players are understandably upset with him. You don’t get a free pass just because you were drunk. Even if your inhibitions have been lowered by drinking, you don’t toss out a “n****r” for the first time in your life. The white players understandably don’t want to associate with him because, fair or not, if you stand up and defend the guy you’ll be deemed a racist as well.

    He spent an entire day of practice all alone. No one wanted anything to do with him, and he stood on the sidelines watching. That is a locker room cancer. And when you are trying to turn around from 4-12, you need the entire unit on board. With Kelly being a first year coach, with no NFL experience to give him clout, he can’t afford not to do something or he will lose control of the team at the first sign of adversity.

    I can’t imagine another team taking such a big risk on a marginal player, either. Sucks that he’s looking at the end of the road over a stupid decision, but there are repercussions for your actions even if you think no one is watching.

  50. Some people are missing the point. Is saying the N word worse than killing dogs or domestic assault? heck no. The problem is going to be how his teammates react to his use of the word. If all his teammates brush it off, and he has the talent, he stays. If enough have issues, he has to go, talent having no play in the decision. If someone misses a block on purpose to give him a lesson, and he gets hurt, the team opens themselves up to a lawsuit. Best to cut and run from a locker room issue.

  51. It was racist what he said and he took his punishment already. I highly doubt ashley fox is accurate. This is just another media hype taken way overboard cause they have nothing else to do.

    If it was a black player on wshh or bet sayin im gonna beatv this cracker in here..would it be a big deal? We all know cooper isn’t racist..he s a drunk hillbilly who did something dumb and now I’m sure the eagles can get rid of all the pass playd up the middle for cooper.

  52. I agree with all of the comments below from a moral standpoint..he should not be cut, but i think everyone is losing sight of one important detail…a team cannot win if there is a huge distraction..Chip Kelly is a new coach and needs to get his players to buy into his system…How can you do that with this it comes down to this..If his talent and productivity exceeds the productivity lost due to this major distraction he has caused then you keep him…Otherwise you have to cut him just for the sake of the team..Lets not forget people..THIS IS A BUSINESS

  53. What happened to the concept of the punishment fitting the crime. This is how far the PC police have come, when they and they alone can determine a person’s career for the utterance of a single word.

    Redemption is huge in America, ask Bill Clinton, ask Ray Lewis, ask Stallworth. But only if the offense doesn’t involve the N word.

  54. If the Eagles find another receiver to replace Maclin or one of their own reserve receivers steps up to the role, Cooper is as good as gone. The Eagles will have enough trouble competing this year without this kind of distraction.

  55. Good grief, get a grip on reality, will you? What Cooper did was idiotic, stupid and yes, racist. Should the behavior be tolerated? Of course not.

    But the NFL isn’t exactly a league known for requiring its members to be pure as the wind-driven snow. What’s even more laughable about this is that Michael Vick happens to be on the same roster as Cooper; that’s right, the same Vick that lied to the commissioner’s face, and went to prison for breaking the law.

    Like it or not, Cooper didn’t break any law, he just made himself look like an idiot, which unfortunately isn’t all that uncommon among young athletes who are out partying.

    I’ll add this: If the Eagles, the NFL, or any other team is going to fine Cooper for using the ‘N’ word, then they’d better be ready to fine ANY player who uses that word. If the word is truly offensive, then there is no excuse for any person of any color to use it. My guess is that if Cooper was a black man, we’d never heard anything about this.

    Either fine every player who uses this word, or don’t fine any of them. But justifying the fine against Cooper on his race is, well….racist.

  56. Here is the problem with half the idiots that defend Copper. If you were to use a racial slur at work your would most likely and should be fired. Unless you worked in an area that excepted this ignorant behavior. Now put your self in the public spotlight, get drunk, and get caught on video looking like a blatant racist..what should happen? What does Vick have to do with it? He went to jail and damn near lost his career. To compare the two is asinine! Which have the people that post on here are!

  57. It’s a terrible word but good God the PC crap has gotten absolutely insane. He was being a drunk dumbass and was probably just looking for the most appalling word possible to offend. MOVE ON.

  58. Way overblown.
    The word has no place in conversation, but it gets used. By many people. Often.
    Just like derogatory terms for white people get used. Often.
    And terms for just about every other version of human on the planet.
    The PC police in this country are out of control.

  59. Tim Tebow threw balls to Cooper and Hernandez at UF. Coincidence?

    Not only does the man throw ducks, he throws racism and murder.

    Urban Meyer must answer for this.

  60. Its kind of unfortunate for Cooper that he said the wrong thing at the wrong time. These days everyone has a cellphone with a camera. Anything you say in a public setting can and often will end up on YouTube….especially if you’re a public figure.

  61. I am a black man who is usually sensitive to racial slurs. But in this instant, I just don’t care.. His usage of the word sounded like when we use it to address ignorant people in a confrontation. Things said in a confrontation (or when drunk) should be taken with a grain of salt. He probably hears that word 10 times a day so if it slips, who cares! He obviously doesn’t have a problem with blacks. I’d imagine he probably has more black friends despite his country roots. Please people give it a rest! The awkwardness he will endure this year in the locker room is punishment enough in my opinion.

  62. Let me get this straight. Josh Brent gets stinking drunk and KILLS someone – a teammate and “best friend” no less – but somehow he’s STILL on the Cowboys roster. Michael Vick tortures and kills dogs, AND runs an interstate gambling enterprise – the latter of which alone should have gotten him banned – but he deserves a “second chance” and is allowed back into the NFL. But Riley Cooper says an offensive word – which harmed absolutely no one other than himself and his own reputation – and they want to bounce him over it? REALLY? I must be living in the Twilight Zone. Political Correctness is going to kill this country. Sad to watch.

  63. This reminds me of the outrage when Isiah Thomas was degrading Larry Bird and saying if he was black he would just be another player. Thomas was never heard from again. Did I Misremember the way that went down?-never mind

  64. mulehead70 says:
    Aug 2, 2013 9:22 AM
    First off, Riley Cooper’s an idiot for what he did. Nobody’s disputing that. But for his NFL career to be over?? Are you effing kidding me??

    Don’t even bother to tell me that not ONE black player, in the Eagles or elsewhere in the NFL, has NEVER used the N-word. And don’t tell me that it’s OK for blacks to use that word. The word has always been a derogatory term towards blacks. and it’s either ironic or ignorant that blacks use that word on each other.

    -=-=-=- =- =-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=
    actually, it was a common term about 150 years ago. It only got ugly around the mid 1900s. Read some of the clasics….like Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn….you’ll see how it was used in context.

  65. I think this is a case of its not what you say but how you say it. It was morsel his threatening way of saying the statement that has a lot if people up in arms. I personally take this like this with a grain of salt. The n word has lost its sting, play a online game for a night and you hear people in general saying it all the time. The guy made a stupid mistake and should not lose his job over it, if he just sucks then he should be cut but that’s a story for another day.

  66. I think the reason his career might be over is that he’s a borderline player that did something wrong – not a star. If Riley Cooper did what Mike Vick did – he’d be history – no question. Mike Vick got a second chance because he was a star.

    I’m guessing by the comments here – that most of the readers of pft are white. Just a hunch.

  67. There’s an element out there that doesn’t get this. And judging by the number of “thumbs up” to certain comments, it’s the majority.

    So let me help you with this: If you’re not African-American you don’t get to call someone black the N-Word in ANGER. You get it? He wasn’t joking with a teammate and slipped the word in (which would be the definition of double standard) he was MAD at the black security guard and ripped a slur off. And further, this is not a political issue, it’s business. Coaches need to win and they can’t win if 2/3 of their workforce are offended by the presence of one player.

    So, if Riley can’t mend the fences in Philly—where guys know him—what coach is going to risk losing his team by bringing a stranger in who ripped that off? Get over it guys. This is going to play out in the workplace not the media.

  68. *shrug*

    He’s a professional football player. Part of the job detail is entering a world where privacy no longer applies. Sometimes team ownership and the public will be fair – sometimes, they’ll be what some people would consider irrational. Comes with the position; no whining from Cooper or his apologists allowed.

  69. If you have ever spent a good amount of time in a NFL locker room. It is a space of brotherhood through good and bad. Most Coaches will keep position players side by side, some will mix it up. Where does he belong? To some I bet he might as well be wearing a white hood rather than a helmet. No tears from him standing in the center of the room before practice is going to fix this, plain and simple. He broke an sake rid bond. And no chair or space in that room will ever be welcomed.

  70. Nothing brings the bigots out, like when defending a guy who screws up related to race. They come out of the woodworks. calling for death to political correctness, reminding us that blacks use it, calling for a return to the “good ole days”, chanting “we want our country back”. You name it.

    You seem to have forgotten that Cooper himself, admits what he said was wrong. Well, is he just lying to keep his job or do you believe him?

  71. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. I’m just glad that I, along with everyone else on this board, am perfect and have never made a mistake ever.

  72. Unfortunate this video surfaced… I’m sure it’s tough to forget that anything you say as an nfl player could make its way to the media and it gets blown out of proportion.

  73. nceaglesfan says:
    Aug 2, 2013 9:35 AM
    Maybe I’m off base, but I recently watched a move. Django unchained. Talk about double standards.

    I recall liberal use of the very same offensive word, with little or no outrage. I believe it was critically acclaimed. Different story line and produced by Hollywood liberals so I guess that gets a free pass. Same word, different reactions.

    Am I the only one confused?
    Nope, you’re not the only one confused—based on these comments—most are. But the truth is, most established black Hollywood Directors (notably Spike Lee) were offended by the movie. And the movie was an artistic expression, not some drunk athlete ripping one off in visceral anger.

  74. you are looking at it the wrong way if 52 dogs were Vicks coworkers he wouldn’t survive, everyone in that locker room has their own view, just as we share our views on this message board. Even if you remove the slur and replace it with Black you still get “I will jump over this rail and fight every black person in here” What happens next will be decided by the players. The locker room trumps all without it there is no team and the coaches the owner will not sacrifice the team its not what the media thinks or what fans think his fate lies in the players hands. I for one think he’s an okay dude that went of the rail. I know he wish he could press reset and let his world be normal

  75. ridiculous, if they fine players for everytime this is said in practice, in the locker room or in a game, 75% of the league would be broke before week 2. this should have been an in house issue but of course the media has to blow it up for ratings and ruin another persons life for thier own benefits.

    also, if i was an interviewer talking with mccoy, the first thing i would ask him is how many times a day does or has he said this word and how many racial slurs has he said about other races in the past…..lets see how comfortable he is then.

  76. smackingfools says:
    Aug 2, 2013 9:41 AM
    It’s called ‘freedom of speech’ black people don’t mind if Latino’s use the word. Or Mexicans. Move on.
    Nobody has denied his right to speech or the consequences thereof. Say what you want to, but be prepared for the aftermath.

    NOTE: if you don’t understand the 1st amendment, don’t try to make Constitutional arguments.

  77. Its what he said, and HOW he said it. To me, the tone of it sounded real and hateful., and I’m not a man of color.

    Yes, people blurt out stupid things every day, and we’re all guilty of it. However, this guy plays a game where most of his teammates, not to mention his competitors, are men of color. That makes what he said all the more ignorant, not to mention more of a physical risk to him as a player.

  78. Am I the only one who remembers Kerry Collins getting caught using this word early in his career? He went on to have a very long career after that.

  79. A drunk guy said something stupid wow … lets destroy his life?

    This from a SPORT that features rapist, murderers, dog killers, wife beaters, drug abusers, executives that get drunk and smash their cars into cop cars and my favorite, coaches that drive drunk, get undressed and go to a drive through to order coffee. That’s not to mention vehicular homicide and triple murders.

    Double standard?

    What a joke. A good junk of the guys in the NFL should not have even graduated from high school let alone gotten into college. Some of the best college programs and coaches have been destroyed because of cheating, lying or even pedophilia.

    Now all of a sudden, we are going to hold this one, poor guy to a higher standard?


  80. The same day this story came out, there was also a story about an NBA player who kicked a homeless man for no reason. There has been no mention of that incident in the news and there will be no backlash against Terrence Jones, yet we want to end Cooper’s career for 1 stupid drunken comment.

  81. “The worst possible slur?” Who decided that? Good grief, get over it. Cooper got drunk and very stupidly got into a heated argument with a black security guard. In an effort to hurt the guy verbally he used a word that he thought would be most offensive (a term, BTW, that he hears every day in the locker room). Nice? No. Worth all the heat it’s generated? No.

  82. I am a 60+ white southerner and I can tell you that I have never used that word. I agree with the black players. His use of the word, the situation in which he used it and the anger with which he used it shows his true feelings. He has no future in the NFL. If I was a black person, I would never trust him again. It is one thing to use it in a joking manner, but not the way he used it.

  83. They guy said something really stupid and he apologized. Does his career need to end because of it? A little drastic, no? So the guy is an idiot. There are tons of those people out there. So are you going to fire anyone that makes a stupid comment like that?

  84. i think a lot of people are missing the point…when you make a pointedly racist comment (it doesn’t matter that he was drunk; that cannot be used as an excuse) and you share a locker room with men who you have expressed prejudice towards, you poison the locker room. if your sole reason for keeping this guy is because you THINK you’re going to get more wins (sorry eagles fans, its highly unlikely you’re winning the super bowl this year) then as an organization, that says a lot about your attitude towards your employees (including the players) and your fans. i expect him to be cut but he’ll probably return in a season or two to another team

  85. For those of you who want him off the team—he said something inappropriate and stupid while drinking. That happens on a daily basis—everywhere.

    No one is perfect. These players on the Eagles are a joke that are turning there back on him. So we’re suppose to assume they’re all saints and have never said anything stupid? We all have—get over it. The PC world is not a realistic world.

  86. Riley Cooper is in a lose lose situation. Let him play who cares, he had to wait for a position due to an injury to a starter he isn’t that good, I am positive he will be an easy target for other teams…keep Riley, our other WRs are sure to shine. OR you can Cut him, he’ll either never work again or have a hard time persuading acceptance from other locker rooms.

  87. “That’s not how it works in non-sports industries.”

    Correct. In non-sports industries companies generally don’t care what their employees do on their private time. This is only news because of the axe being ground…

  88. I kinda wish he went over the fence and actually got into a fight. Then we’d have something to talk about.

  89. Leave him on the Eagles. His behavior will end up being self-policing. With 90% of the NFL’s defenses comprised of black athletes (and 99% of the DBs) Riley will end up being carried off the field during the pre-season. Hell, he might not make it out of practice unless they put a red shirt on him. There are already bountys out on him from other black players on opposing teams. Meanwhile, it’s good to see Gooddell keep his mouth shut about racial insensitivity given the Washington “Redskins” and KC “Chiefs” still use demeaning names.

  90. I’ve read a lot of news articles bashing the NSA for their spying on US citizens.

    The greatest threat to our freedom isn’t the NSA. It’s some dude with a cell-phone who sends video’s to Gawker.

  91. Its not that they would be releasing him because of using the N-word. That punishment has been handed down. His subsequent release would be because you can’t have a white guy dropping N-bombs on a team where 90% of your workforce is black. Especially when said workforce is expected to throw to, block for, and run behind said wide receiver.

    It comes to a point where, is this issue going to hurt the team? If it is, thats a performance issue…just like having a tailback who can’t block. And if that degradation in performance is enough, then you have to let him go. Not because of what he did. But because of the reaction as a whole of the team to what he did.

  92. There’s no double standard here. I’m actually surprised that people can’t remember that Mike Vick was kicked off the Atlanta Falcons for leading a dog-fighting ring. He lost all of his money. He served 2 years in federal prison. He became the leading advocate against dog-fighting in the US. He paid his debt to society.

    The Eagles picked up Vick AFTER all of this happened. And Vick has been a model citizen ever since.

    So now you’re saying that the Eagles can’t cut a player for behavior outside of the field because Vick is on the team? Are you kidding me?

    Oh, and let’s discuss the term that Riley Cooper used: That word is a derogatory term that was instituted to label an entire race of people as some subhuman species that was put on earth to serve another race of people. There’s no moral equivalence to this derogatory word in modern Western culture. This word is the spoke in the wheel of institutionalized racism. And he used it in a way that was not just in an offensive way, but also a threatening one.

    So he can’t get let go because of that? Because Vick is on the team? So Larry Johnson, who used gay slurs, shouldn’t have been released? C’mon people! Let’s think!

  93. if it is because he is not a good receiver – that is fine. – if it is because of not politically correct that that is egregiously WRONG! There is a long list of worse things to say to or call someone.

  94. I understand completely when players say that are disappointed but they forgive him. For guys like Lesean McCoy, can we put him on a lie detector and make him swear he never said a negative term regarding another race. If he passes then he can act high and mighty. Bunch of hypocrites.

  95. Kelly was hard pressed in his TV interview to support Cooper and all but alluded to the team may not be able to get over it. Once he said that you kind of knew the owners and coaches had talked and it wasn’t good for Cooper.

    I think Cooper was sincere in his apology but I wonder how much pressure he can take. I got to believe certain team members may start to raise concern and not let this go. He has a big target on his back, for how long that is the question.

  96. I find it interesting how folks get all politically correct. Everyone is racist to a point. Many of you have had your moments I am sure. The guy screwed up. Plan and simple. Why should his career be over?

  97. This would be a non-issue … if George Zimmerman hadn’t been acquitted. Riley Cooper is paying the price for a lot of butthurt in the black community.

  98. Ask yourself this: If come Monday morning, there was a video of you drunk, in public, saying the same thing, would you have to move your cubicle? Or would someone be helping you clean out your desk?

    Usually embarrassing your employer or doing something that forces them to look like they condone it by keeping you results in a loss of employment.

    If you want to give him a pass–fine. But, I doubt we’d get that benefit.

  99. Cooper is no longer part of the TEAM as it were. That’s the problem. Everyone has to come together and with him there it won’t happen. You have a handful of guys who do not want him on the TEAM, they will win out in the end.

  100. What I love about McCoy the most is he can’t forgive Riley for saying what he said, but maybe if he was beating on a woman while saying it, he could relate to that and that would be ok lol

  101. @gibbsskins Vick paid for his crimes by serving time in prison. and words not only hurt they can be deadly many people have taken their own lives and have killed others because of words (Bullying ) Hateful words cut deep and they can leave scars that last for life. So stop minimizing the impact of words.

  102. People keep saying that he said a dumb thing and a simple mistake.

    You know that he threatened someone while calling that person a N-word?

    Please don’t compare what he said to what Victor Cruz said. Cruz was wrong to say what he said, but he did not personally threaten anybody.

    And by the way, It seem like you guys are using the same disingenuous talking points over and over.

    Mike Vick, Jesse Jackson, Lil Wayne, Al Sharpton, Jay Z, Rap music, NFL Locker Rooms, blah blah blah.

    Please don’t act he just said a bad word. He used the bad word in conjunction with a THREAT.

  103. The fact that people get sensitive and offended about stuff like this is hilarious. Welcome to the land of the free to be an overly sensitive person.

    Here’s a tissue for your weak self.


    A Strong Person

  104. Using Redskin would be a problem too if 90% of the team were Native Americans. But they aren’t. You can’t have players creating a hostile environment on the team. The goal is to get the SB and any lack of cohesion hurts that.

  105. We all agree what Cooper said was wrong. But, I think we all agree a man should not hit a woman, yet players get arrested for this often & it might get 1 or 2 mentions on this website. The media seems to think domestic violence as well as other crimes are less harmful than this racist word. Mentioning Hernandez & Cooper in the same statement for doing bad things this summer is insane. Say the N or be a suspect in a murder investigation & you judged on the same level, REALLY??

  106. He’s an idiot for using the word. And he definitely used it in a hateful way, drunk or not. That said, if he gets cut, it won’t be about his use of the word, per se, but rather the divisions it apparently is causing among his teammates. Remember, this is a team w/ a first-year head coach in Chip Kelly. An anonymous player from the Andy Reid era has been quoted saying Cooper would’ve been punished w/ a lot more than a fine were Reid still the coach. That is not the right way to start a new era, especially not when the comment is in regard to a marginal at best talent.

  107. By my count, as of this posting, we’re up to 137 comments in about 90 minutes. Somehow I don’t see this Riley Cooper thing going away anytime soon. Whether you agree with the media focus on this or not. In the end, Cooper will probably have wished he got arrested for DUI instead. And that’s insane.

  108. If it’s true that he really is not that kind of person and he was just drunk and said something stupid they should forgive and move on. All of us have been drunk and said something stupid.

    Now, if there is any history of this and he’s just a textbook racist, then he must go.

  109. Keep Cooper on the team and deduct a portion of each game check and donate it to an African American charity. That we he keeps his job and helps out charities that can help other people less fortunate.

  110. @mossyroad: Many of you don’t understand how jobs work. It doesn’t matter that he did not break any laws. It does not matter what Vick or anyone else did. It doesn’t matter that he spoke ONE word and it might ruin his career. He’s done, and that’s just how it is.

    Yeah maybe at McDonalds or whatever factory you work in but in corporate if you are OFF the clock and NOT on company time they can’t do ANYTHING to you. What kind of jarred HR do you have?

  111. Would it be more offensive to use you the “n” word or make disparaging remarks about your mother? The remark was not even directed toward the teammates that seem determined to hold a grudge. Strange since black people always talk about tolerance.

  112. Anybody other than the guy he presumably was yelling this to has no right to get this worked up over it. I’d be shocked if there’s a single player in the NFL who hasn’t made a racist comment at some point in their life. I’ve seen a lot of people who get drunk and angry who say something, not because it reflects their values, but because it’s the most hurtful thing they can think of.

    Next practice, tie him up to a goalpost and let any player offended punt a ball at him. Then be done with it.

  113. frankfordyellowjackets says:Aug 2, 2013 9:53 AM

    Yet Ray Lewis will be in the HOF.

    Exactly. If you can play at a high enough level, you can get away with a lot (Ray Lewis, Leonard Little, etc…). Unfortunately for Riley he’s a very marginal and easily replaceable player, so his days are number.

  114. I am black and I forgive Riley Cooper (and Paula Deen for that matter) while at the same time not believing that they’ve “never said the word before” or that this isn’t some reflection of a character flaw in them. It is what it is and it’s out in the open now. But making a mistake – even using the dreaded “n-word” – shouldn’t place a person beyond forgiveness or redemption.

    I also hate the “n-word” no matter who says it. I don’t say it. I don’t listen to music or other entertainment where the word is paraded around. I think that the world would be a much better place if no one ever used it. But, because of history, the ugly word is perceived to be much uglier when a person who is not black uses it against a person who is. Especially if it’s done in an angry manner. So while I share people’s frustration that the word is used so often and so cavalierly in hip-hop, I hope you understand that the word takes on an even harsher perception when used in that context.

  115. It seems like you have to watch your back all the time these days because it seems like there is always someone waiting to and/or wishing to jump on you when you do anything. Then they make it into something to such a degree which it isn’t warranted.

  116. Stories like this highlight why racism is alive and well. Most of the white posters on this board just don’t get it.

    First of all its not just a word. Its a powerful word with a long painful history behind it, and just because some people of color say it amongst themselves or use it in songs, doesn’t make it ok for others to say it. There are other terms in our society which are similar. For instance if your around a group of women they may call each other bitches as a term of endearment. That doesn’t make it ok for men to call them bitches. Same principle involved here.

    Cracker and/or Redskin aren’t similar to the N word its not even close. There isnt 400 years of slavery and mistreatment of a race behind either one of those terms so lets stop the false equivalency and acting like those words are on par with the N word. It is a bit unfair that Cooper may lose his job because of one mistake? Maybe. In life there are consequences for everything we do. Cooper got caught and now he has to deal the results of his actions.

  117. Yea..just cut him. He wasn’t a major part of the offense for a reason. Nobody will touch him when he’s cut and there are two reasons for that now.

  118. 1. Riley Cooper was selling “woof tickets”. 2. A rookie Head Coach has his locker room divided by a bigot that got drunk & said the one word all Caucasians know not to utter around “Black” people, regardless if we personally use it as a term of endearment & have made it powerless amongst ourselves. 3. Michael Vick did not kill pitbulls, he ran a pitbull fighting ring which has been done for over 100 years in this country, the business had mangled pitbulls put to death. 4. Ray Lewis never murdered either guy. Did someone in his entourage? I guess. 5. A Native American chose the name “Redskins”, is the term “HAIL TO THE REDSKINS” a slur? 6. Weren’t many of you the same hypocrites calling for ESPN to fire Rob Parker for his comments about RG3 & his lack of remorse after his suspension?

  119. This won’t go away in two weeks, so anybody saying so is outta their minds. Should he be cut? No, although if a White guy at my job had gotten caught on video saying that word he likely would have been.

    Yes, we live in a very fake PC world, and by fake I mean that management doesn’t care, they only want to APPEAR that they do to appease detractors. He did own it, which is good. He didn’t hide because he couldn’t, but he will have a hard timie getting on with another team now than he would have before this came out if he was a free agent all of a sudden. With 60+ percent of the league being Black players and coaches they are not going to even like him being in the same room with him, and another team knowing this is not going to want a) the distraction and b) the division of a lockerroom that he would likely bring.

  120. yes his career may be over because he said the n word. of course of if he beat his wife, pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter, constructs justice in a double homicide, tests positive for drugs…….his career resumes (as long as he finds God and He redeems him). See how crazy the PC police are?

  121. I don’t think Cooper should be kicked off the team. You’ve got players that have hit/slapped/kicked their pregnant girlfriend & they’re STILL on the team & that’s worse. Turn the lights off in the locker room & whoop his ass case closed & tell the media it’s been handled. I’m black & you can’t tell me that a black player has never called a white player honky or cracker? What are they gonna do then? Curb the use of the N-word even if its black on black……

  122. Seriously, give the guy a break. It’s a horrible word that should never be said, but when you have every black rap star saying it in every song they perform, I think it’s time to give it a rest.

  123. I guess McCoys carreer will follow his into the dumpser, over his repeated transgressions against women. There is no way the NFL or any team would down play horrid acts against women. Oh thats right.. I forgot…that is League policy.

  124. This kid does not deserve to lose his job. He deserves a second chance. Prejudice is not a biological disposition, he learned it and he can unlearn it. Through forgivesness, honest discussions and experience. Instead of canning him hence creating a bitter broken man and sending the message to bigots to stay hidden. How about the eagles stipulate in his contract that he volunteer his time to work with disabled veterans of color and mentor kids of color who dream of playing pro football. Instead of creating a pariah, they have the opportunity to help this young man evolve into an advocate of unity and understanding.

  125. The Eagles took way more heat and had way more press coverage present when they signed Vick, all these players that are acting so sensitive over this are the same players that use that word everyday, wrong is wrong! You can’t turn around and say its ok for u to use that word but its not ok for me to say it cause when I say it it has a different meaning, that’s crazy n hypocritical.

  126. Everyone has the right to be as bigoted and racist as they want to per the laws of our country. However, per other rights of the owner of a company (read: Football Team) if your express of your rights hurts my bottom line (ie: Losing Football Games, Lack of Production, Offended People showing lack of support, Fractured locker room) then I have the right…as owner…to let you go. Has nothing to do with right/wrong or whatver amendment. You are hurting my profits and my business and seeing as though you are an expendable resource on this team, there is no reason to keep you on board.

    Some of you are making this way more than what it is. If you are hurting an organization more than you are helping it…then you gotta go. If this was Jordy Nelson it might be totally different…but this is Riley freaking Cooper. Really…..most non-Iggles fans prolly don’t even know who Riley freaking Cooper is.

  127. kinggw says:
    Aug 2, 2013 10:53 AM
    Stories like this highlight why racism is alive and well. Most of the white posters on this board just don’t get it.

    First of all its not just a word. Its a powerful word with a long painful history behind it

    The word is only powerful if you want it to be. It is only a word. The person speaking it does not give it power, the listener does.

    “Sticks and Stones May Brake My Bones……..”

  128. > Cracker and/or Redskin aren’t similar to the N word its not even close. There isnt 400 years of slavery and mistreatment of a race behind either one of those terms

    I’m with you on cracker but absolutely not on redskin. We exterminated entire cultures that lived in this country for thousands of years and you claim that word doesn’t have power behind it? You could argue that white people did far more harm to the indians than they did to blacks.

    It may not affect as many people as the N-word does, but that’s because we (white people) killed most of the people who would’ve been offended in the 19th century.

    And now there are so few of them that they have no power whatsoever–just compare it blacks, where someone uses the N-word in public and is forced to apologize immediately. Meanwhile, we have a professional sports team named after an anti-native American racial slur and not only will it never change, but people are actually proud of it.

    That word, and other slurs against natives, absolutely has a centuries-long history of oppression behind it.

  129. I’ve never understood why various ethnic/racial/geographical groups think they should be free of being offended by words. News flash! People are offended all the time by all sorts of things said and done by others without a federal case being made of it. If the Eagles players who can’t seem to get over this would stop using the word among themselves, and if they’d encourage black comedians and rappers to do the same, maybe there would be at least a slight reduction in use of the word by others.

  130. I think the term ‘African American’ should be regarded just as offensive as the N word. If you were born here, you are AMERICAN, plain and simple, just like all of us born here. If I were black, that label would totally offend me.

  131. lol @ It’s the Eagles players fault that Riley Cooper used a racial slur. What’s sad is…this is the way that people think.

  132. Michael Vick is a convicted felon and a dog killer and he is their starting QB but saying the N word gets your life ruined and banned from the league potentially? Who are the geniuses who think this is right? Same team too. Kill dogs, go to jail, come back and play. Get drunk say the N word and you’re banned. Wow.

  133. Funny how forgiveness is only reserved for certain types of people.

    If the term ‘cornball brother’ is offensive enough to start a social media/internet campaign to get someone fired, then someone else going into a public venue, getting drunk, and then using the worst slur word possible while threatening bodily harm to people that are not close to him or posing any threat SIMPLY based on their color should get the same treatment.

    Amazingly the following line shocks me the most:

    ‘it’s always better to give your own player the second chance he may find elsewhere’

    So this means you feel Mike Vick should have stayed in Atlanta???? Pac Man Jones should still be in Tennessee or Dallas???? Do tell 🙂

  134. I propose that all fantasy-footballers who take umbrage with the way this scenario is unfolding use your final draft pick to select cooper. Not because he’s a great guy, frankly he sounds like your typical chump jock/frat boy who never grew up or learned how to fellow. Rather, because the intense hypocrisy of this situation should not be tolerated. it would be an interesting way for thoughtful people to express our disgust in a public forum. NFLers routinely engage in truly despicable and dangerous/destructive behavior with minimal consequence. For this guy to potentially lose his job when so many have done far worse and never had to, not even for a second) question the status of their employment is bizarre.

  135. Bottom line: if you can commit an illegal act and still play for the team, if you can commit an illegal act and be convicted and sent to prison and still play for the team, then you can do something that is not illegal and still play for the team.

    If it was drugs or alcohol or some other personal issue, they’d send him to counseling and carry on. This should be no different.

    I hate the word, hate that he used it, think it was a disgusting moment, but as others have pointed out, if much worse, much more illegal, and much more damaging things can be forgiven and moved on from, this can too. Anything less is an unacceptable double standard.

    It would be one thing if he was defiant about it, but he’s been completely contrite. So no matter how many times this site repeats some variation of “worst possible racial slur ever in the history of the world”, life goes on.

  136. For those of you who continue to hassle the guy for his stupid mistake do you think he’s ever gotten any crap about being a white wide receiver?

  137. OH MY GOD WHAT HAS THIS COUNTRY COME TO!? Yes, it was stupid and offensive, but when ONE WORD, said while drunk, can ruin your career….smh

  138. I’m a black man and I think there is some serious overkill going on here! The problem for Cooper, though, is the NFL is forced to do PR damage control. Whether or not what he said at concert is who he really is…who knows? But no one should be condemned for some drunken stupidity. As for black NFL players, you need to be worried more about the trashy rap lyrics you play in front of your lockers that degrade black women and blacks in general. Don’t be hypocrites!

  139. Ray Lewis was at the very least involved in murder and he`s a hero , Cooper gets drunk and says a bunch of ridiculous crap and people want to kick him out of the game ?

  140. cue the zimmerman supporters who say blacks say the word all the time and theres no hoopla over it, well look how cooper said it, with rage and hate, theres a big difference in this country, blacks never had whites as slaves and never came up with a negative word to describe them, i advise some of u to watch the movie ROOTS

  141. Guaranteed Cooper will still be a member of the Eagles the whole season. Sorry media, you guys will only have another couple days to run with this before everyone forgets about this story. You guys are bored like always and want to destroy this guy’s career. He made a mistake, apologized, got in trouble and will pay the price. That’s it.

    Players run people over dead with their automobiles and go back to playing football a week later. But that’s not really a big deal,…because some white guy called some black guys the N word…OMG BREAKING NEWS!!!

    Where are the stories about black guys who call white people racial slurs? What is that, there are none? Ever? I’m offended!!

  142. After reading the comments on this thread and seeing how easily some people equate DOGS to AFRICAN AMERICANS I can see how George Zimmerman and others get away with murdering African Americans.

    Clearly in some peoples opinions African Americans have less rights than DOGS!!!

  143. The media has made too much of this. I think most NFL fans don’t care. If this story comes out after the season starts, it wouldn’t matter. He doesn’t have a chance now.

  144. I think it is painfully obvious that the consensus on this board is that Cooper screwed up. Can’t change that and he.. more than anyone else.. knows it.

    However… the irony here is that the people that are the most offended by the word… use it the most to refer to one another… and before you go there.. it’s not always in the same “joking” context. So stop.

    I’m not even close to condoning the use.. just pointing out the irony.

    Racism is a travisty… let’s let it die. Racism isn’t tied to a word.. it’s tied to an action.’

    Move on America.

  145. I hate what this topic brings up because lets be honest if he wasn’t a borderline player this would not be a big deal. If he was Wes Welker people would be diappointed but give him a second chance because of his talent. This guy does not have the caveat of having a great resume behind him. If he caught 100 balls he could change his name to the word he said and print it on his jersey and it would not “split” the locker room.

    And somebody tell me what Teabow do to get involved in this and AH situation? What has that guy ever done except try and try and help people? Just don’t get it.

    If they cut him they cut him then just do it, but let’s not kid ourselves everything in football is based on green not white or black.

    Oh football players you are known watch what you say cameras are everywhere.

  146. If you really think what he said is worse than Cruz and Roddy, then you need some help. And I think McCoy can be an idiot, but people keep saying he beat a woman and that did not happen. Although he did make her get off a bus and left her for a while.

  147. Couple things…

    1) I think people have an incorrect definition of double standard on this site…

    2) If you dont get the different between a black person saying it as slang, and anyone else saying it in a derogatory manner, you’re either a child or just have the brain of one.

  148. People aren’t happy unless they are unhappy. Cooper made a mistake and it was dumb.
    However, I didn’t hear Chicken Little screaming that the sky was falling. Get over it and move. You holier-than-though hypocrites should quit taking the drug called PC.

  149. I can’t believe people are justifying this guy’s calculated racial slur!!! What would be the reason for even saying it? Yes, I’m sure others are guilty for saying it; however, there’s a time and a place. I’d have no problem if he said it in the confines of his home (where only he and his family heard it)but this idiot said it in public. That’s a big difference

  150. Another life hic up that the talking heads will use to make themselves look favorable in the arena of political correctness! No doubt he screwed up, apparently he does not handle his alcohol very well. Should he be ostracized from his occupation for it, hell no! Should he be cut because he sucks? Hell yes!




    WHAT A FLIPPING JOKE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  152. Isn’t it sad how the NFL players can forgive and support their brethren for spousal abuse, infidelity, vehicular homicide, injuring another person in a bar fight etc. but but Cooper is demonized and may lose his job over this. Are you kidding me?
    We certianly can’t rely on bloodsucking media to give this story the perspective it needs.

    Judge not lest ye be judged.

  153. He is mediocre at best….no sense in risking the harmony of the locker room for a less than average player. Ditch this circus clown for bringing the circus to town. The less distraction, the better chances of this team getting back to normal.

  154. It’s encouraging to see how many on this site realize how blown out of proportion this race stuff really is in our country.

    There are WAAAAY too many “news” outlets with nothing important to write about.

  155. “…by Cooper’s use of the worst possible racial slur…”

    It must be. Some of us aren’t offended by anything said to us or about us. Hell, I’m not even sure I know what the words that are supposed to be disparaging to my race mean.

    And @gopblows, son, don’t fool yourself into thinking your life is instantly better or transformed based on who’s in what office, when. Only you can make your situation better. And when more people in this country grasp that responsibility.

  156. The real double standard being applied here is talked about in the Cary Williams article.

    What a ridiculous charade.

  157. Ok to those who want to compare the use of the team name Redskins to that of the “N” word!

    This from New College Edition The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language:

    Redskin – Informal, a North American Indian.

    “N” word – Vulgar, A Negro or member of any dark skinned people. An offensive term used derogatorily…

    As I see it I see no mention of the use of Redskin being offensive nor derogatory.

    As an African American I find it offensive when we use the “N” word as it shows a lack of self respect, in the case of Cooper he could of chosen any number of other references to show his anger but he chose that word. It tells me it’s not the only time he’s used the word and is very comfortable spewing it as he did, it’s also quite evident there weren’t many African Americans around when he chose to go on his rampage…i’d truly like to see him have that moment while at practice or a large crowd of African Americans and see what occurs…justice will be served because if he last and is on the Eagles roster i’m pretty sure there will be some 15 yd penalties for late hits, unsportsmanlike conduct etc., he will forever be remembered for this rant and will pay dearly.

  158. vwbrown 19 – a sharp tongue has killed fewer people than a sharp blade – it could get the wielder killed but “sticks an stones…” man use your HEAD! It’s going to be every kind of wrong when a guy gets asked ” what’re you in for?” and the response is ” I called someone a name and hurt his feelings”.
    Man – Gene Roddenberry could not write anything this far out!

  159. i just counted 127 N bombs in DeSean’s new album

    why is this accepted??


    only racist white folk use that comparison..
    but it will help disappear a little faster once all races put it in the books.

  160. Dog Killers, Rapists, Murderers (allegedly), Wife/Girlfriend beaters, Dui’s (multiple in many cases) drug arrests, PED’s etc etc etc, the list goes on and on and many of these offenders get 2nd, 3rd chances and they’re talking about Cooper loosing his job for using the “n” word. How many black players in the NFL, MLB, NBA do you think routinely call white guys “cracker”? I bet it’s a lot, why is there never any talk of them loosing their job? While I don’t condone the use of the “n” word in any context this pc bs is getting way out of hand, IMHO.

  161. He was not a sure thing to make the roster even before the incident, but he was probably always about 90% likely to do so. And with Maclin down, maybe a little bit more so.

    Still, the team has Arrelius Benn, who is somewhat similar, and the raw prospect Momah who is another big X receiver type. They can also think about using the TE Ertz as an X receiver. So it wouldn’t be a huge loss there.

    Cooper has been a good special teams player, but that wouldn’t be in and of itself enough reason to keep him.

    So if the distraction proves to be too big, he’s not a great loss; however, that could create another distraction as a backlash reaction.

  162. And yet 2 black players who :

    1) Told 6 non black women to go kill themselves
    2) Told a Hispanic (sorry white-hispanic, whatever that is) man that he’d be dead within a year.

    are not held accountable by the league or their teams or teammates for their comments.

    I didn’t see Roddy White or Victor Cruz apologizing to every white or hispanic player in the league. They also tweeted their comments to the world deliberatly not surreptiously videotaped while drunk at a concert.

    The only apology was from their PR staff after they realized that the comments might cost them money down the line. There were no fines, no quotes from teammates saying they don’t respect them or that they were appalled by their behavior.

    So why do 2 players of color get passes for advocating murder of people of different races yet a Caucasian man get endlessly blasted over a drunken comment that is not as bad as advocating that people die?

  163. whatever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me….

    I guess it is time for the redskins ,brave, blackhawks
    etc need to change their names

  164. Who says there are no magic words. You say the wrong one and POOF! your career has disappeared.

  165. Ok what he said was reprehensible but if people can forgive ray Lewis for murder, donte stallworth and leonard Little for vehicular homicide, Michael Vick for dog killing, Ben Rothlisburger for rape and the many other assaults on women by other NFL players but just can’t get past this then society as a whole has no moral values and should just shut up.

  166. The “everybody does it” defense is inaccurate and inappropriate. If you believe professional, Middle Class/Upper Middle Class black or white people use these slurs consistently, I pity you.

    Also, according the self-identification in these posts, Pft has the highest number of black readers in its history. What? You think because of the anonymity of the internet people are claiming to be black to advance their position? I find that hard to believe… I mean, that’s exactly what’s happening.

    Can’t wait for football to start.

  167. mike vick – faught and killed dogs

    donte stalworth – vehicular manslaughter

    riley cooper – said awful things that probably weren’t meant to be taken seriously.

    the thing to realize here is that the NFL is not going to keep Cooper from playing. the stigma surrounding what he said is what’s going to keep him from getting on with other teams. he probably would have had a nice 8 year career carving out a niche as a reliable slot guy.

  168. This is so typical. What an overreaction. Kerry Collins called his own teammate ( Muhsin Muhammad) the N word and he played for another 10 years in the league.

    Is anybody really that surprised that a dumb white kid from Florida casually threw the N word around? He is a moron and his teammates may never forgive him (as is their right), but it doesn’t mean he should never be allowed to play football again.

    This country has such a double standard. Guys like Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth can drive drunk and kill people and they will always be forgiven. Even if they are moderately talented, they get second and third chances. Now some guy says the N word and he’s banned for life? Ridiculous.

    I’m not defending Cooper. He’ll probably be cut by the Eagles and deservedly so. He used a word that I would never utter under any circumstances. He needs counseling in order to understand why that word is so hurtful. I’m just saying that everybody deserves a second chance in America. It’s what he does with that second chance that will tell us his true character.

  169. Gotta love all the ignorant people that bring the Redskins name up during this. Their name, as they use it, has NOTHING to do with racism. The word Redskin was a name that NATIVE AMERICANS CAME UP WITH THEMSELVES. It’s use as a slur depends on the intentions of a person. In the case of the Washington Redskins, it is most definitely NOT used as a slur, but rather as a tribute to those qualities of Native Americans that were deemed admirable.

    Now the word that Riley Cooper used is a completely different story.

  170. he may want to quit anyway. 90% of the league is black. he is going to be the target of some vicious shots this season if he plays.

  171. peytonsneck18 says:
    Aug 2, 2013 11:24 AM
    theres a big difference in this country, blacks never had whites as slaves and never came up with a negative word to describe them, i advise some of u to watch the movie ROOTS.
    And no one who was ever a slave is alive today. And slavery no longer exists in this country. And you don’t have to watch Roots to learn about it, read a book. The book will tell you that several sea faring countries such as Portugal, Holland, Spain, etc. participated in the “trade” and were aided by local African tribal leaders.

    Yes, Africans helped sell other Africans into slavery. It was a terrible thing and many different factions were culpable. But it ended almost a 150 years. It’s over. And it’s not coming back! I get tired of hearing about it. It’s impossible to evoke any memories of those times today, when no one is left who lived them and pretty much everyone who had, died well over 50 years ago.

    What’s my point? Lets stick to what this is all about. A single, documented incident of bad behavior. He got drunk, got rowdy and said a bad thing. Okay, how many of us have never done that? He’s getting spanked for it. No one was physically harmed. Can we move on?

  172. Seriously…are we still talking about this? Move on already. We all have emotions. We all have feelings. And we all have the potential to get hurt by words, regardless of the words that are aimed at us. Everyone understands that he said something stupid. But to make this a race versus race thing is more offensive than what he said, because HE said it and no one else. He’s been fined, which is outrageous enough in a freedom of speech nation. There is no need for him to lose his job, because every day he stays he will be reminded of how stupid his actions were. And any player who advocates for him to lose his job, only has the right to do so if that player doesn’t associate with the “N” word himself (through music, in speech, etc.)

    Bottom line: Move on.

  173. It’s horrible thing he said but how can people think that fining him or firing him from his job is right either? Where are things going? Right now we can punish a guy for saying something we all know is the wrong thing to say but where does it end and who makes the decision? Free speech is guaranteed by our constitution it protects all speech. So what he says is offensive, wrong, horrible but it’s not a crime. Can you be fired based on ethnicity? Religion? Sex? No. Then you shouldn’t be fired for what you say either especially when on your own time. That’s not to say what he said isn’t horrible it is. People do not get there rights because they are white, black, gay, straight.. We get them because we are individuals, therefore individual is the biggest minority. So what’s next? Do players get fired for calling someone fat? If it hurts one persons feelings or is demeaning to one person is that not just as bad? Or do you need to offend a certain amount of people’s feelings? 50 people minimum? You may say my argument is crazy but look at we’re we are today!!! Seeing one persons rights get stomped only hurts all of us because then we are one step closer to getting are rights violated. Make no mistake about this situation it’s turning on a direct attack on freedom of speech. This is a very easy thing to get mad about because it is such a horrible thing but to see a mans life be ruined and a team so easily can punish him for a non crime is concerning. Right now we all hate what he said so we want to be against him but eventually someone will say something we don’t find repulsive, next maybe they’ll tell you your religion is bad because it promotes hate or some find it offensive. There are those that say this about tebow. We all should hate what he said but also hate to see a mans constitutional rights be destroyed to make those offended feel better. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I hate what he said but the apology has to be good enough or you have the right to hate him but nobody has the right punish someone for freedom of speech and if you think so then be judged as you judge.

  174. jollyjoker2 says:
    Aug 2, 2013 9:33 AM
    “He gets worse treatment than the killers they employ on the new England squad.”
    If you are making a reference to the AH case I am sure you are aware that NE cut him within hours of his arrest. I will grant you NE employed Stallworth after he had served his punishment in jail. They had declined to renewed his contract in 2008 before the manslaughter occurred in February of 2009 and Stallworth was suspended by the NFL. Stallworth is currently in Redskins camp so I would think that club would be mentioned in your comment also. To say he(Cooper) is being treated worse is just plain ignorant.
    All that being said I agree that this entire issue is a social media made monster and a huge case of hypocrisy by millions of people.

  175. Riley did a bad thing. But not THAT bad. But hey, if it is THAT BAD, then it should apply to all regardless of color. So if he is cut loose, I’ll be watching to see that EVERY player who uses that term gets the same treatment. That’s what equality and non-discrimination is!

  176. Florio,

    I like you and your site, A LOT! I visit everyday, but I have to say that I think you might want to read Jason Whitlock’s article on this subject. You are contributing to the crucifixion of someone that isn’t free of guilt YES, but are you, is the media?
    Haven’t all people said something inappropriate like this? (be truthful to yourself)

    Its a word, a word given more relevance and power according to how we react when it is uttered.

    He is a young kid, ignorant, and intoxicated, but to compare him to an accused murderer (Hernandez), that is fallacious. Hopefully he has learned a powerful lesson, let the next few months and years teach him and everyone else something, a little tolerance is good for the soul.

  177. just remember this then NFL, everytime the N word is used by “ANY” player then they should be tossed out of the league.

    Also just to be clear the word is used approx 14,000 times a day on twitter, and almost all players have a twitter account. I guess maybe Marcus Vick should be the first person to stop using the word..

  178. Would this be as big of an issue if he said, “Polack” instead? What about “Redskin”?

  179. @ ravenmomma

    I think the term ‘African American’ should be regarded just as offensive as the N word. If you were born here, you are AMERICAN, plain and simple, just like all of us born here. If I were black, that label would totally offend me.
    I agree. They don’t call White people White Americans, or Polish Americans, or Russian Americans. Nope. They are just White, the same way that I am just Black. I was born here, so were my parents, my grandparents, and my great grandparents, one of which was full blooded Indian. We are all Americans. We are all staying. Nobody is going back to where their ancestors came from. We have to learn to live together deal with each other better. We are all Americans. If an ethnic group doesn’t want anyone outside of their group to say a certain word then the other groups must respect it, whether they like it or agree or not. I don’t like anyone using it, and those around me must respect that, too.

  180. I feel really bad for Riley Cooper. He said a bad work and it’s going to ruin his life. Apparently, this is how it’s supposed to work when you live in a progressive, tolerant society.

  181. I feel really bad for Riley Cooper. He said a bad word and it’s going to ruin his life. Apparently, this is how it’s supposed to work when you live in a progressive, tolerant society.

  182. I must say, with the AH murder trial, Cooper being an ignorant/drunken idiot, the Denver Broncos front office having 24/7 Happy Hour…the Oakland Raiders are becoming a model franchise in the NFL…who would have thought that?

  183. Should he have said it? No
    Was it a dumb thing to do? Yes
    Having said that, I think they are making way too much of this and I am an African American. The man apologized. Get over it and move on.

  184. kinggw says:Aug 2, 2013 10:53 AM

    ….Cracker and/or Redskin aren’t similar to the N word its not even close. There isnt 400 years of slavery and mistreatment of a race behind either one of those terms so lets stop….


    You are off a bit dude. So theres no ill history behind redskin? Natives were nearly exterminated with genocide by settlers who stole their land and then given small portions to continue on what legacy theyd have left.Your statement holds no water.

    You are just as biased as the people you are pointing a finger at.

    This PC crap has gone way too far. Cooper was wrong but let things sort themselves out for real people! Shoot if you dislike cooper so much, just take comfort in the hits he takes. His team mates need to pull their panties up too… just smile when he gets a bloody nose and move on from it dang people!

  185. This situation and the fallout speaks more about the condition and values of society more than anything else about it. In this culture we can see that image, appearance, and words are propped up as values over understanding, compassion, let alone racism and solving it. Because of that and our inability to intelligently, collectively cure societal problems, we can see double-standards play out like a carnival that invite media frenzies and attention, over legitimate concerns for humanity, such as financial/social inequalities that actually breed contempt at the foundation of our collective experience. Deteriorated education and the capitalist scheme, minus integrated educational programs perpetuate the cycle we continue to share together. Understanding human behaviors is largely ignored to the point that labels are used to stomp out and blame the symptom that individuals like Riley become. At the end of the day it just is what it is when it comes to Riley becoming ostracized– because he is not an elite talent, only then does the capitalist media/corporate culture find forgiveness. If you don’t have skills, there is less forgiveness, and will to understand.

  186. You’ve got to be kidding me; losing his job for saying a word? I understand that it is highly offensive, personally I don’t believe anyone, whatever color, should be use that word under any circumstances. But it’s kinda funny when you consider the NFL employees actually felons, people who murder bystanders while drunk driving, spousal abusers and the list goes on and on. And Cooper says the “N” word during a fight while drinking and the book gets thrown at him? Let’s be honest when you are in a verbal conflict with the possibility of it getting physical you’re trying to hurt the other person as much as possible. Is it right, no, but I can see getting carried away under those circumstances, we all have.

  187. jetfan28 says:Aug 2, 2013 9:33 AM

    I’m a black guy that find what he said very offensive. I also find people defense of him saying its not that bad because “rappers” use it equally as offensive.


    I need someone to help me understand this. I don’t believe anyone (that I read) said it wasn’t that bad. Your offense with the term is understandable, however.

    But frankly, all spin aside, when it’s OK for “rappers” to use the term, we shouldn’t take offense? A complete double standard. Now THAT is offensive.

  188. godofwine330 says:
    Aug 2, 2013 1:32 PM
    @ ravenmomma

    I think the term ‘African American’ should be regarded just as offensive as the N word. If you were born here, you are AMERICAN, plain and simple, just like all of us born here. If I were black, that label would totally offend me.
    I agree. They don’t call White people White Americans, or Polish Americans, or Russian Americans. Nope. They are just White, the same way that I am just Black.


    Please, please do. As a white person, I always find it rather hilarious when someone tells me they it’s African-American, not Black, and then they get all confused when I then respond that I would like to be called Caucasian-American, hehe.

  189. Anyone who thinks Riley Cooper should be cut (for this) is a stone cold fool. While it’s absolutely ridiculous what he said, I’d rather a player say something stupid than do something stupid — which is what most other NFL delinquents choose.

  190. Why are people even bringing Vick into this? He went to prison for 2 years, in addition to losing his job, endorsements, and reputation. He paid the price for doing something that was reprehensible to the team.

    Riley Cooper’s actions weren’t illegal, but there are several legal but stupid things that get people canned every day. Don’t believe me? Try getting drunk at your XMas party and saying the same thing.

    Fans kill me praising athletes to the point where you give them more value than you give yourself. End of the day, he’s an employee of the Eagles. They have every right to terminate him just like your job wouldn’t blink before sending you home to explain to your wife why you can’t go in tomorrow.

  191. Hey, When is Roddy White going to take a leave of absence for saying that 6 people should go home and kill themselves?

    When is Victor Cruz going to see a therapist?

    Just curious.

  192. Activist Journalism…it’s damaging, unfair, and unprofessional.

    This witch hunt needs to end.

  193. I cant imagine he was using the N word in a racial or derogatory fashion. How many African Americans were at the Kenny Chesney concert?????????? (unless the concert was in Florida and they were protesting the Zimmerman verdict)

  194. If a black player had said the same thing nothing would have been said,rappers certainly know this.

  195. City of brotherly love? Please. More like the City of brotherly hate. Just read the posts in this thread & their rationales. Then look at all the thumbs down of sensible posts. These are the same fans that boo’ed Santa Claus, cheered as Michael Irvin was carted off the field at The Vet, & boo’ed as the greatest QB in Eagles history was drafted, although many wanted RB Ricky Williams who later quit on football. This is why this team has never won a Superbowl. Bad karma & extreme negative energy.

  196. Riley Cooper became a pariah in his locker room because of his own comments caught by hidden camera . He is the one responsible for managing his relationships with his teammates – if he gets to the point where the majority of the team hates his guts then he’s not done a very good job of managing those relationships. He’s toast because most of his teammates don’t want him there and other teams won’t pick him up because they know it will cause too much of distraction in their locker rooms.

  197. If you say anything that can be offensive to others, anything at all, you should be kicked out of any job and never be given another job again. And then you should be publicly shamed for the rest of your life. Offensive language of any sort and through any interpretation should be banned. Anybody that says anything offensive should go to jail.

    Yep. Makes sense to me.

  198. we are talking about the same Philadelphia where the Black Panthers stood outside the polls and threatened White Election officials and refused to allow them through the door and did not allow Whites to even vote…yup Philly knows all about racism– that is why we call them Philthadelphia

  199. I am black and i find Riley Cooper’s comments disturbing like everyone else but i believe in second chances and the guy did offer what seemed to be a sincere apology. He just got drunk and hyperactive one night and made a jerk of himself but i don’t think the guy should be kicked off the team or blackballed because of it. The team has fined him and gave him a leave of absence. Give him the help and education he seeks and let the man continue his career and let’s move on.

  200. Not condoning what he said/did at all, it was idiotic. But, once again, a white guy says something and it’s the end of the world, yet when a black guy says something, nothing is ever said. Double standard BS, period. It’s ok for a black person to say ‘cracker’, ‘honkey’, ‘if larry bird were black, he’d be just another good player (charles barkley)’, yet a white person is all but crucified. I, for one, am SICK AS HELL OF IT!

  201. it’s funny how people want to compare people who commit crimes to what this idiot did they are dealt with criminally by the justice system so it’s not apples to apples…….as well as saying it’s ok to say because black people say it…I guess hernandez fans can use that rationale to go shoot people too. For the slow people in the room think about it this way…..

    Go in to work tomorrow, find a black person and say in your nicest, cheeriest, most pleasant voice….”Good morning N!***R!, want to go grab some coffee?” You would be out of a job in about 4 minutes……..why isnt it any different with him?

  202. In the NFL, you can murder dogs, do illicit drugs, or beat strippers, but if you say the (God forbid!) “N word” you’re done?!

    Give me a break! This is the biggest double standard in the American culture (In my opinion).

    I bet any time Riley Cooper tries to put his hand out to plant any opposing secondary player, if he does dodge them, he’s racist right? (The white man holding the black man down)

    The double standard is so incredibly rampant here.

  203. As a black man I’ll say I don’t like the use of the N-word by white or black people. While I don’t follow all the outrage of people posting that “Well, they get to say it,” let’s grow up a little. I know when someone is calling me a jerk versus just saying I am being a jerk. I also know when someone is degrading me with the N-word versus being an idiot, as I think say rappers do.

    What Riley Cooper did was wrong. Whether he accepts that, whether it is a condition of his character or a stupid drunk moment isn’t my concern. Who hasn’t done something stupid while drunk? Shouldn’t haunt you for the rest of your life.

    But….he does represent an organization. The NFL and the Eagles. They do have a right to make decisions about whether conduct of any sort represents those organizations. So the chips will fall where they may. If I do something my organization doesn’t like, whether it is a mark of my character or temporary stupidity, they have a right to decide what happens to me. Same is true for Riley Cooper.

  204. Riley Cooper is a scrub. What’s the big deal. Just cut him. If Jeremy Maclin was healthy it would be a non-issue to just get rid of Cooper.

  205. If any Black Eagles player were caught on film using a derogatory slur against White people there would be 10,000 comments from Whites saying get rid of them. White people have wanted to get rid of Black players based on how they dress or their hair styles. Its ridiculous how Whites down play racism because they’re usually the ones doing it.

  206. He is so stupid but, if you cut him for using that word you have to cut everyone who uses a derogatory word. Bunch of hypocrites complaining while their own IPOD is loaded with this word. Sorry the its ok for us, but not for them no longer cuts it. The funny thing is he probably wasn’t saying it about black people anyway.

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