Stevie Johnson could miss most of preseason with hamstring strain


Bills receiver Stevie Johnson suffered a hamstring injury on Friday.  That alone doesn’t tell anyone much; some guys come back quickly from a hamstring injury, some don’t.

Per a league source, Johnson has definitely strained the muscle, and his specific timetable for a return currently is unclear.  The assumption is that he’ll miss most of the preseason.

His absence for the meaningless games will impair his ability to learn the offense being installed by the new coaching staff.  However, it’ll give other guys on the roster an opportunity to step up.

If nothing else, those opportunities will help offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett have even less stress about finding a No. 2 wideout.  It could, of course, give him some anxiety about having a No. 1 wideout.

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  1. I guess teams don’t want to use up valuable practice time and instead, expect players to be responsible for their own stretching.

    I’m sure each franchise’s trainers emphasize the importance of stretching, but a wise one would make a yoga-like series of stretching a mandatory, organized activity before and after every practice.

    I think there’d be a decline in the number of spontaneous injuries like hamstrings and Achilles.

  2. No contact in OTA’s and mini camps appears to have an adverse effect on all the injuries this early in all the training camps. Maybe want to rethink that strategy.

  3. Who cares if he misses Preseason games. The Regular season is the only thing that matters. From the sounds of it, he’ll be ready for it.

  4. Get this guy health cause in round 12 of fantasy football I intend to draft him.

  5. dchetz says:
    Aug 2, 2013 4:51 PM

    It will give “Other guys on the roster an opportunity to step up”…. what other guys??? Yikes!

    Da’Rick Rogers- Undrafted Rookie Free Agent with massive potential.

    Brad Smith- Can be a weapon with the right QB.

    T.J. Graham- Showed promise last season and is due to break out.

    Marquise Goodwin- Speedster we picked up in the 3rd round. Had some good numbers at the U of Texas. Also has experience as a kick/punt returner.

    Robert Woods- Early 2nd round pick, who was a major factor at USC. Broke records held by Keyshawn Johnson.

    Chris Hogan- Has a good possibility to make the roster. Has the same type of route running as Stevie Johnson, the same tight crisp and shifty moves that got Johnson his big contract. He just needs a shot.

    Brandon Kaufman- Tall Receiver who is a big target. Was undrafted, but ranked well at the combine.

    Need any more? The Bills will be alright.

  6. EJ-they could trot out Jerry rice and Lynn swann in their primes and it wouldn’t matter. You need a qb in this league. Bills don’t have one. They’ll finish ahead of the jets but not by much.

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