Thomas Dimitroff likes Arthur Blank’s willingness to spend


Earlier this week, Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff said that the Falcons have around $7 million in cap space available and that the team was holding onto it for the moment in case there are any emergencies during training camp.

That doesn’t sound like the only circumstance that would part the Falcons from their money, however. Dimitroff said that one of the reasons he enjoys working for owner Arthur Blank is that Blank does not want to sit on salary cap space when there’s an opportunity to add a player who can help the team.

“The greatest thing about having an owner like Arthur Blank, and I say this time and time again, is that he wants us to spend up to the cap,” Dimitroff said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He doesn’t want us to be fooling around having $15 million or $20 million dollars sitting there. He encourages us to be aggressive with our deals and that’s one of the things that draws a lot of free agents to this market quite honestly, having an owner [like] Arthur.”

When Dimitroff was discussing the Falcons’ cap space this week, he indicated there were no plans to revisit the possibility of defensive lineman Richard Seymour joining the team, although getting through camp with that space intact could lead to a change of heart. Or it could allow the Falcons to pick up some useful pieces that fail to make rosters elsewhere in the league in order to further round out a roster that many expect to challenge for the NFC title.