Tim Tebow has nothing to say about Riley Cooper


Tim Tebow’s working out at Gillette Stadium, but he’s apparently living under a rock.

The Patriots quarterback decided to pass when asked for comment on his old college roommate Riley Cooper, who — perhaps you’ve heard — has gotten himself into some hot water this week.

I haven’t seen everything that’s happened,” Tebow said, via Emily Kaplan of the Boston Globe. “I’ve been pretty busy. I’m going to wait to comment until I hear what happened.”

Um, Tim, here’s the short version.

Cooper got drunk and said something hateful, which offended many of his teammates, and there’s no possible way any person employed in the NFL can be so focused that they haven’t heard about it.

For all his leadership and intangibles, Tebow’s developed a habit of not having much to say when one of his old pals gets in trouble, just as he didn’t comment on Aaron Hernandez.

Or maybe he’s just waiting to deny the Gators three times before the rooster crows and he weeps bitterly.

92 responses to “Tim Tebow has nothing to say about Riley Cooper

  1. The Steelers are the model franchise, and we all know that Pittsburgh wasn’t build in a day.

  2. Hey guys, let’s ask Tim Tebow what he thinks of the Riley Cooper situation. Everyone is dying to know!

    What, he has no comment?

    Quick… let’s get this out on the wire!

  3. LOL, just had to ask Tebow’s opinion. Next can we get his input on Tiger Woods’ 61 today?

  4. UMMMMMMmmmmm, WHY is this a headline? He said what he was supposed to say and what Bellichick probably told him to say.

  5. So when Tebow says something people get on him for always getting attention and not going away. Now he has nothing to say and he is getting bashed for not talking? This proves that onces again this is all media. If the media says something, people believe it.

  6. Theres nothing wrong with…. Not having an opinion on a subject that does not concern you.

  7. in other words Timmy got the message when he was rescued. “Keep your mouth shut and don’t cause distractions if you want a job here”!

  8. Bitter much? Just because he was teammates with Aaron and Riley doesn’t mean they were friends. And is it so bad for him to either a. Want to know more before commenting or b. if he has nothing positive to add to the conversation looking for a way to sidestep it?

  9. pathsovglory says:
    Aug 2, 2013 6:42 PM
    the last bit of this article totally wasn’t necessary…
    I actually thought that was pretty clever biblical reference for Tebow’s sake. Good work Darrin, however i’m willing to bet less than 1/4 of the readers actually picked up on it…

  10. How do you ask a Patriot any question about something controversial and actually think you’ll get a response? You have a better chance of getting a verbal answer from a deaf mute. No surprise here.

  11. let me get this straight. Whenever Tebow talks its news, whenever Tebow doesn’t talk its also news? is it so hard to imagine that Tebow is working so hard to be a QB/RB/FB/TE/WR that he hasn’t heard that a NFL player said something stupid? (is that actually news that yet another NFL player did or said something stupid? ) I’m pretty sure everybody knows that the head coach of his team is not a fan of his players making comments about others players or teams in the NFL. Tebow was just doing what he was told..

  12. Tebow team mates with the following at Florida who got in trouble so far, Chris Rainey, Hernandez and now Cooper. Very interesting.. I say he is the ringleader in these incidents!

  13. There’s a difference between moderate Christians who quietly live their lives by their faith and evangelical fundamentalists who shove religion down your throat at every turn. People are very tired of the latter, especially in politics and sports.

  14. Enough about Tebow! His thoughts, sayings prayers, comments are completely irrelevant to anything concerning Football.

  15. I brought up Cooper to one of my employees today and he didn’t know what happened. The kid is pretty into sports. So it’s beyond possible that after busting his butt at camp he goes back to the dorm and does things other than watch sportscenter 3 times on loop.

  16. Just because TMZ gets all up in every little piece of someone’s life does not mean every other outlet has to. Soon we will be hearing or reading about what somebody wrote on facebook or twitter…oh wait…

  17. The sad thing is that if there were a poll of which player is hated more between Riley Cooper and Aaron Hernandez…I would bet Cooper would be more hated.

  18. tdubdizzle says:
    Aug 2, 2013 6:53 PM

    Theres nothing wrong with…. Not having an opinion on a subject that does not concern you.



  19. As I’ve said before Tebow is the godfather. How many of these people we his teammates and roommates. It’s all going to come back to him in the end.

  20. PFT, where you’ll always be the first to know what, if anything, Tim Tebow has to say about anything!

  21. I see my last post got deleted. All I’m saying is that in the vast scheme of things who cares what
    word is muttered from someone’s mouth?
    Call me anything you want, but please people can
    we move beyond this? We put a man on the moon a few decades ago, looks like we won’t be doing anything anytime soon. We’re too worried
    about what word someone might say. Stupid.
    That’s not a racist thing, I’m white and been called many slurs. Let’s all move on please.

  22. In Foxboro if a player comments on something he shouldn’t comment on he finds himself on the bench (Wes Welker during the playoffs) or on another team (Randy Moss).

    Tebow is learning fast.

  23. I meant to say “If they could, I bet the media would want to write about Cooper’s situation if they could until the END of the 2013 season.’

  24. @dgilet1
    Perhaps “criticism” wasn’t the right word. But remind me, why can’t Christianity be mocked? Is there something special about it? I guarantee a lot of people complaining here have no problem bashing Islam, Paganism, or any other religion. Tim Tebow has made a spectacle of his faith, subsequently opening himself up to ridicule.

  25. We get it. You are not a fan of Tebow. But at least he knows leadership means discretion is the better part of valor. Besides, you need your opinions or there is no website. His career is on the line and h is concentrating on that, as he should.

  26. This story is getting so old, so fast. But the media has an agenda, and that is to make sure Cooper loses his job. Apparently, a fine, having to apologize to the owner and fans publicly, having to humiliatingly apologize to teammates, and sensitivity training wasn’t enough. I am boycotting all Philadelphia media until they stop talking about this.

    Why is Kenny Chesney being asked about this? And really, why does this concern Tebow? Tebow should not comment unless he knows all the facts, because we know how the media wants to pounce on him.

  27. Wow, way to take a more offensive road Gantt!

    As For:
    fillmyjigger says:Aug 2, 2013 8:28 PM

    Perhaps “criticism” wasn’t the right word. But remind me, why can’t Christianity be mocked? Is there something special about it? I guarantee a lot of people complaining here have no problem bashing Islam, Paganism, or any other religion. Tim Tebow has made a spectacle of his faith, subsequently opening himself up to ridicule.

    Tebow as not made a spectacle of his faith, the media has. Tebow walks the walk and that scares the less faithful. Funny how the media seems to ignore all the players that point to the sky or thank God when they get an award, but hey, their different right?

  28. Is it really that hard to credit a guy for not buying into the drama surrounding another team?

    “Um, Tim, here’s the short version.” … he took the high road. I’m not all over Tebow’s jock, but you have to commend him for being under a rock this season. Good for him and the Pats.

  29. As some of you have commented about Christianity, grow up guys its just another brain washing man made religion, like Muslim, Hindus, Buddhism and so on…….thanks for the article Mr. Darin Gannt, and not being a hyprocite and telling as it is to all those whiny Christians….

  30. good for tim tebow! it takes restraint to not feel the need to tell people what you think about every single issue. I respect the man for not wanting anything to do with this stuff. just play football, focus on yourself. cooper isn’t even tebow’s teammate.

  31. Tim Tebow is not anyone’s keeper.

    He can’t win here. If Tebow makes some moral judgment against Cooper or Hernandez then he’ll be accused of preaching.

    If he doesn’t choose to comment (smartly, since Cooper isn’t on his team anymore) then PFT makes a snarky reference to the Bible as if Tebow is somehow shunning some religious obligation.

    How about hunting down Urban Meyer to ask him about the character of the players he recruited for his Florida Gators.

  32. Well lets look all the differences.

    Tim Tebow is a QB and Cooper is a WR.
    Tim Tebow is on a team in Boston (Foxborough) in Cooper in Philadelphia.
    Tim Tebow’s team is in the AFC, the Eagles the NFC and don’t really see each other besides once every four years or if they both make the superbowl.

    Listing all these facts it actually makes sense that Tim Tebow doesn’t know what’s going on with the Philadelphia Eagles and is only concerned with what goes on with his team. You know, the smart thing.

    Darin Grant needs to go away, this TMZ style reporting is nothing but annoying especially when it comes to issues like this. I’m black, stop attempting to sensationalize it as it does nothing but make it more annoying.

  33. I’d like to know what Tebow thinks about catching passes from Tom Brady. No doubt the kid can run when he has the rock. Seriously, he couldn’t be an H back or TE? And we all know he’s healthy.

  34. How can you write an infinite number of articles about Riley Cooper and his “insensitive comment” and then finish an article like that. 21st century journalism.

  35. @dirk504

    Getting the made-up word “Tebowing” trademarked is totally not self-praising. lol

  36. I guess al that crap about his intangibles and leadership and how he makes everyone he comes in contact better people is the load of crap I knew it was. More of that Tebow propaganda to help this non-talented, non-throwing wanna be QB in the NFL. This is a guy he roomed with for 4 years and I guess he really made Cooper a better person, you know, all golly-gee, awe shucks, and all that good hometown stuff Tebow is made of. My question is this, since this is the first time that I’ve seen Tebow runs away from the cameras is what did Tebow know and when did he know it. Did he know Cooper was this kinda guy and more importantly, what did he do about it. I mean the good Christian Tebow must’ve had a sit down with Cooper to tell just how ignorant and disgusting his racism is, right?

  37. At filmyjigger…as a Christian I have many Islamic friends and they should not be mocked either. I can completely disagree with them and I have done so respectfully many times in many great conversations. Let me tell you this though if the writer of this article mocked Islam I can only imagine the uproar. It is easy for people who do not have religious convictions to talk about mocking it when they are not the ones being mocked. That’s what they call a bully my friend. To mock is to insult. Just because you don’t view Christianity in a high light doesn’t mean you can mock it.

  38. Will the league or individual organizations now begin to fine players for saying, ngr or nga, regardless of race?

    And the league still doesn’t have a problem with Redskins?

  39. @driver797 I can sit here and debate about the validity of it or not but this is not the forum for a religious debate. I have had many great discussions with athiest friends about that and have ended respectfully disagreeing when necessary. but this is not a religious or Christian page. Which is why I don’t know why the author even brought it up.

  40. There’s a lot of proof that Jesus did live and if you read the bible, you’ll understand why we believe. I love Christ with all my heart and if we all followed his word, the world would be a better place. I believe self hate and unfullfillment makes people lash out against Christianity with such anger. Jesus loves all of us, even if you don’t believe in him. I hope Tebow, Paolomalu and others keep expressing their faith.

  41. I’m thinking that the Pats may have instructed the team to not talk about Cooper or Tim figured if he’s supposed to refrain from discussing Hernandez, a FORMER player on his own team, he shouldn’t be discussing an issue with a player on another team. Regardless, the way he went about it was not the optimum approach.

  42. Did you know that the top ten states in college graduates per capita are all blue states? Did you know that the top ten states in adult illiteracy per capita are all red states? True Story.

  43. Kinda funny how all the Tebow hating, dress wearing (in their own homes) come crying about his exposure. 2 points fools. 1 YOU clicked and read the “Exposure”. 2 Who presides over your God fearing district and when will THAT money grubbing perv get caught?

  44. So Tebow wants to reserve comment/judgment before he knows the entire story and he gets ripped for doing that? I view that as a classy move on his part- I guess not?

    The dude can’t catch a break and I’m certain most of it has to do with the fact that he believes in what he believes.

  45. It must be frustrating when a player says exactly the right thing and you have to struggle to make them look bad anyway.

  46. I’m glad to see Tebow keeping in rank and file living life as a number not a name. I was a little scared about the potential circus he tends to bring but BB squashed that. Keep you head down and DO YOUR JOB and good things will only happen.

    I’m actually pulling for Tebow for the first time.

  47. @fancyleague,

    1st of all “Christian fanatic”, you don’t know what I believe in LOL
    2nd; Apparently you are not very well educated or just a 10 years old, either way, read the history of Persecution by Christians from the Catholic Romans to the non believers, Portugese Inquisitions that tortured thousands of non-Christian…etc.
    3rd: Again its all MAN MADE religions for weak people like you who are too afraid to face your mortality and give a $1 in the basket every Sunday, so that you can wash all your sins from the week of screwing the mankind. You are a weak MAN.

  48. dgilet1 says: Aug 2, 2013 10:49 PM

    @driver797 I can sit here and debate about the validity of it or not but this is not the forum for a religious debate. I have had many great discussions with athiest friends about that and have ended respectfully disagreeing when necessary. but this is not a religious or Christian page. Which is why I don’t know why the author even brought it up.

    Thank you sir for your comment, the only person to be blamed for this is Tim Tebow himself….if he did not added ” Thank you Jesus” at the end of every comments he made in the past and shoved it to all the viewers, mind you nt all of us are Christians” he wouldn’t be the target of this ridicule…I believe in keeping religious believes to yourself and to your congregation…enough said

  49. Nagant,, you seem to have a real hate for someone (Tebow) who you dont know. Or maybe you have a fixation for Tebow,,,are you Gay?
    Oh by the way, to all you so called religious scholars. Being a Christian is not a religion. its a faith,,and we dont care if you believe or not, its your hell.

  50. Hmmm, looks like some comment deleting is going on. As I said in a previous, now-deleted comment, Mr. Gantt really should have known better than to make such an offensive statement, especially with all the reporting PFT has done about the fallout of Cooper’s remarks.

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