Tracy Porter moving on from jersey swap


Raiders cornerback Tracy Porter was initially upset about having the shirt taken off his back (at least the number) and given to someone else.

But he said Thursday he’s moved on, no longer upset that Charles Woodson was given preference over No. 24 without his consent.

“The jersey situation is what it is,” Porter said, via Scott Bair of “It got some attention because I spoke out about it. I didn’t like the way it was handled, but whatever man. I’m not going to leave camp because my jersey number was switched.”

Porter joked that he’s still trying to extract something from Woodson in exchange for the number, since he didn’t get a chance to barter.

“That’s in the works,” Porter said. “Maybe .5 percent ownership in his winery, or something like that. Honestly it’s all good. I’m just trying to make it through my sixth NFL training camp.”

Considering Woodson was listed with the number in the team’s media guide (which was printed well before camp started), this switch was well in the works without Porter’s knowledge, so anything he gets is a goodwill gesture on Woodson’s part.

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  1. I’m a life long raider and it was a little dirty but at the same time ur dealing with a hof’er who will always be 24 in black n silver. Thats like a newbie telling p. Manning I want 18. Porter will always be remembered as a saint anyways..

    This is the stuff the raiders have to work on though. Get more proffesional tell this kid to shut it..its cwoods # and handle it behind closed doors.

  2. A true lack of class from Woodson on this one. If he wanted the number so badly, he should have made an acceptable offer or signed with a team that had it available. Dude is like 40 and he’s still crying until he gets his way. And people act surprised when athletes act entitled…

  3. Porter should have just given the number to Woodson and said he was doing for the fans that wanted to rock their old Woodson jersey.

    Demanding cash from a teammate in exchange for a number is comes off as kind of petty especially when that teammate is a HOFer, Heisman trophy winner and universally respected leaguewide.

    The high road can lead to unexpexted fortune.

  4. Numbers are assigned and not owned.

    Besides, which of the two players has ever stepped on the field in a #24 Raiders jersey? Just one

  5. Don’t worry Tracy… after a game or two you’ll get “sick” again and won’t have to play anyway… so it’s a moot point.

  6. Hi Darin Gantt, can you please look into whether Nike made Porter pay for all those unsold Porter #24 jerseys? They make other players pay for the unsold ones when they change numbers.

  7. If Nike makes Porter pay for any un-sold Jerseys its BS. Forward the bill right to Charles Woodson, Its his problem.

    The Raiders should have at least talked to Porter first before taking the Jersey away. Majorly unprofessional.

  8. C Wood’s a Raider Icon. He put in work for that number. It’s a OG call.

    Too bad we don’t have Gruden here to give Woodson some snaps at receiver again…those were the good ole days.

  9. granadafan…

    I highly doubt Nike started churning out Porter jerseys when he signed lol. It’s just his Mom, sister and cousin that need to replace the ones they custom made 😥

  10. Trixie Porter had a chance to do something that no one would ever forget. Just once I want to see class from an NFL football player. If I were Porter, I would’ve shown up at Woodson’s (re)introductory press conference with the jersey in my hand, with Woodson’s name already on it, and handed it to him in person. “I suppose you’ll be needing this, …” That would have been an unselfish gesture which Raider fans would have remembered for a long time, even after Porter is gone out of the league. It would have been a gesture which had instant ramifications for cohesion in the locker room, and endeared Porter to the Raider nation. Instead Porter acts like a petulant crybaby when he has had no association to the number 24 at all in his past. His only association with the number 24 is this unfortunate set of circumstances. It just goes to show that making a positive impression by doing something unselfish is not important to Porter. You wasted a perfect opportunity to make a statement to the team about yourself, Trixie. Instead, look at what you’ve been saying.

  11. Tracy Porter overplayed his hand and he ended up getting nothing. He has no history with the Raiders and no attachment to the number. When Woodson signed, he should have turned the number over for free or offered it for a nominal price. He acts like he was disrespected and hasn’t done a thing in Oakland, or in Denver last year, to have earned one bit of respect. When you have a HOF resume like Woodson, you get respect. When you’ve bounced around the league for the last few years because no team wants to make a long-term commitment to you, you get whatever number is left over. Get over it Tracey and just be happy you’re still on the roster. You may have no number in a few weeks.

  12. Woodson signs = May 2013
    Porter signs = April 2013

    Woodson = Future HOF, which began in Oakland
    Porter = Future ???

    Woodson = Fan Favorite
    Porter = Former Donkey

    If this was the pro-bowl, the senior player gets the number. Heck, if Porter played a year with the Raiders, even a game or two, I could understand.

    I guess that Donkey Detox is not out of his system.

  13. here is the real question to ask.

    If the number was such a big deal to Porter, why didn’t he try to get #22….after all that has been his only NFL number. He can offer Tawain .5 stock in whatever he might own for it as well.

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