Bill Parcells wants to keep an eye on LT in Canton


Bill Parcells doesn’t get to buy the groceries in Canton, but he does have some suggestions about where to put the furniture.

Referring to his new bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Parcells had a suggestion as to where it should be located.

“I’d like to be somewhere near Lawrence Taylor so I can keep an eye on that sucker,” Parcells said.

Finding talent and channeling it is the reason Parcells was on the stage Saturday night. He built a reputation by coaching the Giants to two Super Bowls, and turning around teams. He made the Patriots, Jets and Cowboys better than he found them, taking all four of the teams he coached to the playoffs.

But in his speech, he thanked everyone from the personnel men who taught him to the secretaries who helped keep organizations on track, spreading the praise around.

Many of his own former assistants, including Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick, were on hand for the evening, and that legacy of teaching the teachers might be among the highest praise to be given to any coach.

28 responses to “Bill Parcells wants to keep an eye on LT in Canton

  1. His Giants were offsides on the Bills wide-right kick, replays proved it but the refs didn’t throw the flag.

  2. lmmfao! This site is playing ESPN today. Real football fans are watching, trust that. It’s just a joke anyways, dude had the best speech of the night. Didn’t even have to read a “script” like all the other guys. In other words PFT do you really have to go through each Hall Of Famer and give a summary? That’s not football news, that’s trolling ESPN. lolz

  3. Congrats to Coach Parcells. Not happy with how he left the patriots, but did a great job every where he coached.

  4. In the late 60’s & 70’s, the giants were plain awful, from top, to bottom.
    Wellington, the owner would NOT hire anyone who DID NOT play for the freaking team!
    Andy Robustelli, a former DE, was the GM, and Alex Webster, a former RB/FB, was the coach!
    If there were ever two that should not have been there, it was them, I know!
    Later, Rozelle finally had to step in as the nephew
    Tim Mara owned part of the team and DID want to hire outside professionals.
    That deal brought George Young, GM in from Miami, and Tim got bought out.
    young hired Perkins from Alabama and later hired Parcells as an assistant.
    1986 Simms hits on 22-25 passes for 225 yards,
    3 TD’s, MVP. and the giants had finally moved forward.
    THANKS, Bill {Simms still holds that record, and two were literally drops!}

  5. Great speech by Parcels. Standing ovation by the crowd. Clearly you could see how he motivated his players. He is a master. But when the camera cut over to Sean Payton…how could he be that tan?

  6. For forty years the Patriots struggled with bad ownership and for the most part worse coaching. Parsells is the one that changed the culture of the Pats and we still reap the benefits 20 years later. Congrats Coach.

  7. Congratulations to Coach from a life long Giants fan. Those years in the mid 80’s to early 90’s were incredible especially after suffering through the agony of the 70’s (Miracle in the Meadowlands anyone) and early 80’s. His coaching record and coaching tree is impressive.

  8. If Norwood’s kick is good and the Bills win the Super Bowl, is Parcels a Hall of Famer?

    George Young built the Giants, not Parcells.

  9. Didn’t do jack when he was with the dolphins. Took the money with 2 years left in the contract

  10. Coaches around the league should take notice. Parcells didn’t jam his philosophies down his players throats (like Kelly is doing). In 86, he adapted his offense to finesse to suit those players. In 90, he went with power. Did the same with jets, pats and cowboys. That’s how you become successful…not showing off how smart you are (spurrier).

  11. GIBBSvsPARCELLS: those games were truly epic.from ’82-’92 those 2 won 5/10 SB.I REALLY miss those games.

  12. Norwood not good from that distance. Giants held and forced a tough fg attempt. I’m glad it went wide right. Huge underdogs much like the 2006-07 team ruining the perfect season.

    Parcells & George Young reinstalled pride to a franchise lost in the wilderness.

    Best turnaround coach ever.

  13. I was a little surprised that Parcells would associate with LT in that momment given some of the legal issues LT has found himself involved in recently.

    I’m a fan of Parcells and I loved watching LT play the game the right way but some of the stuff LT has been involved in would make me think Bill wouldn’t go there.

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