Bucs will wait until after the season to address Freeman contract


Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman soon will begin the final season of his rookie contract.  If he gets off to a great start during the 2013 season, he’ll still have to finish his rookie contract.

G.M. Mark Dominik told WDAE-AM on Saturday (via JoeBucsFan.com) that the team will wait until the season is over before addressing Freeman’s status.

“I think there’s just a comfort level that everybody understands where Josh Freeman’s going,” Dominik said.  “Let’s focus on this season, and then, we’ll go after the season’s over.”

If Freeman has a huge year, the Bucs will have a problem.  They’ll have to decide whether to pay Freeman what he wants, whether to risk another team trying to sign him in exchange for a pair of first-round draft picks via the non-exclusive franchise tender, or whether to start down a path that could cost $80 million over three years via the exclusive franchise tag.

It’s a risk the Bucs are willing to take, possibly because they believe that Freeman won’t play so well that it backs the franchise into a corner.  And possibly because they believe in rookie Mike Glennon.

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  1. I re–ha–heeealy don’t see Free pulling a Flacco here.

    The real question… when Freeman mediocres his way to midseaso, do they start giving Glennon some play time to consider his worth?

    The going rate for even average QBs is rocketing up in the NFL… Freeman probably look at 16 mil if he continues as he has. 12-15 if he bombs…19 for playoffs+

  2. Freeman has spoiled us Bucs fans. Mark needs to go back and look at any and all previous Buc quarterbacks.. Once he does, he’ll realize that we need to lock him up now at a good price.

  3. .

    The Bucs have no other viable option besides waiting until the end of the season. What type of long term contract could you offer him now?


  4. Freeman has looked sharp thus far in training camp, but it’s still only camp. I think Freeman will be okay and if he can help lead the Bucs to the postseason, he’ll receive a nice extension.

    A nice litmus test to determine if someone is just parroting the national media or believing unfounded rumors or actually pays attention to the Bucs and educates themselves before posting a comment is Mike Glennon: if you think Glennon is starting the season or midseason or ending the season in place of a healthy Freeman, you don’t know football, period.

  5. More reactive mngmt instead of proactive. Figuring out what the best move is early and in advance is the way to go. But this team doesn’t have a smart GM. They don’t know what to do and will pay a premium through deferring to a less advantageous time to make the decision.

    This is one of the top GMs that deserves to be fired the most. He’s had this job since 2009 and he’s done nothing and he has them set up poorly as of now.

  6. Freeman will have a great year. # 5 is a stud QB . He is to not going anywhere ….lol @ Glennon starting this year…not happening .

    Bucs will win the South, just watch .

  7. Freeman has all of the physical tools and ability,

    He is from Kansas State, therefore his brain doesn’t think fast enough for him to be successful in the NFL. He can’t process the information fast enough.

  8. Contract talks are always put on the Bucs side but frankly I think that is BS. It takes two to tango.

    Why would Freeman want to sign a contract when his perceived value is low. He is much better than he get credit for.

  9. Really…well, the bucs brass don’t think much of their franchise quarterback by waiting to the end of a contract year…50/50 chance he stays, oh well that sucks.. good luck to Freeman with that burden sitting on his shoulder all season to prove himself like a undrafted rookie fighting for a contract as a starter..just senseless.

  10. I would give him a 6 year, $75 million contract with $15 million now, and a $20 million bonus due on the 3rd day of the league next year.

    If he plays fantastic, you have a great contract for a starting QB. If he plays like garbage you can cut him with no cap consequences going into the future.

  11. They are doing it because they believe freeman is the man. All of this Freeman questioning is happening out there, not here in Tampa. Glennon is not going to be our starter unless Josh is absolutely terrible. Most of his mistakes last year came trying to make up for a dreadful pass defense.

  12. Freeman just has to protect the football. If he does, he’s just good enough to take the Bucs to the promised land. This is his first opportunity in a second year offense.

    He’s entering his Eli years by comparison, both very similar quarterbacks in very similar systems. Yet, Freeman is about to have an elite offense line with a breakout star in Doug Martin to help him; the possibilities are in the multi-millions.

  13. smart business by the bucs, right now freeman isnt worth a new contract with all the turnovers he produces. pretty sure freeman will not have a splash season so the bucs will be in control not bound to a huge new contract freeman dosnt deserve

  14. This is the way I see it.

    Barring any big injuries that haunt us like last season, if Freeman doesn’t take us to the playoffs, he’s out. It sickens me for a QB to have all that talent around him and not manage to go 10-6 AT LEAST. We have a TOP 5 O-Line and a stud RB. Not to mention one of the best WR duos in the league.

    With the boost in our secondary if we can’t get this done i’ll take my chances in the drafts. THREE rookies and a second year took their team to the playoffs last year. There is absolutely no excuse for another rollercoaster year for Josh Freeman.

  15. Joe Flacco should give half his contract to Rahim Moore , cornerback of the Broncos. Talk about stepping in feces. Wow. Flacco is the most lucky NFLer .

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