Cardinals cheerleader arrested after fight with boyfriend

The “days without an arrest” meter had been creeping toward the all-time record of 34.  And with players in camp, the likelihood of an off-field incident was reduced.

But every NFL employee falls under the umbrella, including cheerleaders.  According to, a Cardinals cheerleader was arrested last month for assaulting her boyfriend.

The victim had recorded the incident via his phone, and Megan Elizabeth Welter admitted that she did indeed hit and punch him.

She was arrested on July 20 for assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage.

Welter recently was the subject of news reports regarding her military service in Iraq.  Which likely resulted in someone connecting the dots and noticing that the same Megan Elizabeth Welter who gained publicity for chasing a 16-month tour of duty with an NFL cheerleading gig also had a somewhat more notorious moment roughly two weeks ago.