Eagles have no immediate plans to add another receiver


Lost in the question of whether the Eagles will keep receiver Riley Cooper once the season begins is whether they’ll physically replace him with a new receiver until he returns from his leave of absence.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Eagles currently plan no roster move at the receiver position.

Two days ago, the Eagles waived receiver B.J. Cunningham with an injury settlement.  Also, starter Jeremy Maclin has been placed on injured reserve, shutting him down for the year.

The other receivers on the team, in alphabetical order, are Jason Avant, Dave Ball, Arrelious Benn, DeSean Jackson, DeMaris Johnson, Nick Miller, Ifeanyi Momah, Will Murphy, Greg Salas, and Russell Shepherd.

If those 10 can’t get it done, or if more injuries happen, the Eagles could look elsewhere for help.  For now, they’re standing pat with the guys they have.

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  1. D Johnson has nice speed but probably too small to be an effective blocker. Momah had a nice practice yesterday and could emerge as an effective red zone threat.

  2. I know this is fresh on everyones mind and people have a propensity for reacting with an “off with his head!” type of mentality, but Riley Cooper isn’t going to lose his job entirely because of this incident. The Eagles are doing their best to minimize the situation and reprimand him appropriately, but he shouldn’t be punished like he committed a hate crime. Riley is like 26 years old, and if your entire judgement of who he really is as a person is based upon this one incident, than that shows some serious ignorance on your part. How would you like to be judged entirely upon one sentence that came out of your mouth one time? Cooper really messed up, but let’s just be reasonable here…

  3. Wow I totally forgot the Bucs traded Benn to the Eagles. Waste of a second round pick he was, but thankfully they were smart enough to draft Mike Williams in the 4th.

    And interestingly enough in his 3 seasons Arrelious has more yards, catches and the same number of TDs as Riley Cooper. I always though if healthy and used properly (i.e no Benn’d Arounds) he could be a solid #3 receiver.

  4. Let him who is without sin…I guess not a lot of Bible readers on the Eagles.

    I’m black and think he should not lose his job over this incident. When you are in a locker room and your African American teammates throw the word around like they are saying hello, or listen to music where every other word is saying it you more or less give others license to use it. He was drunk. Tell me one person with breath in their lungs who hasn’t used a racial or ethnic slur.

  5. Free speech rights apply only to censorship by the government. If you say stupid things, your association, company, organization, etc. has a right to discipline you or terminate that relationship. If you say your boss is an idiot, your boss could fire you without violating your free speech rights, too.

  6. I could easily see Benn or Salas grabbing that #3 spot! Plus there are a few teams that are super stacked at the WR position and I will not be surprised if a few “name brand” wideouts become available by the teams get down to 53.

  7. Everyone of you sick racists should be ashamed. Let he without sin cast the first stone, turn the other cheek, love thy brother like thy own. Please forgive them father, they know not what they do. None of you guys judging him would want people to hear the things you say when out with family & friends, no one judging him has any record of saying something hateful during a fight or when drunk.

    Only the Lord can judge & all of you will be judged for your hatred. What horrible miserable lives you must all lead to carry that much hatred around with you over a WORD. Forgiveness for Riley Cooper!!

  8. If this guy was a star player and a huge part of the team we wouldn’t be here. He is marginal and easily replaced and you can’t tell me he stays on this team.

    The chemistry on this team will be damaged keeping him so the bottom line he is expendable and will be gone. Maybe they are looking to trade him. Solves all problems. Any team that takes him needs to get player approval but that might happen.

  9. Maclin was the starting X. Riley Cooper was a background X.

    They can try Damaris Johnson there but he’s more of a Z like Desean Jackson (then again, so was Maclin). They can try Benn there. I hear Russell Shepard and Ifeanye Momah are performing well in camp.

    The other thing they could try is using the rookie TE, Zach Ertz, at the X receiver. He’s as close to a pro “X” receiver as he is to a pro “Y” tight end at this point, and that would leave Celek at the “Y” and Casey as the “F”.

    If they do that then instead of looking for another receiver, they could be keeping another tight end.

  10. With camps cutting down the rosters, a few WR will be available…..then the eagles can cut Riley….no need to go through the season with a distraction.

  11. Eagles have a one-trick pony (Jackson) and a bunch of guys that are 4-5th receivers at best. They are in trouble

  12. Who’s questioning whether or not the Eagles will keep Riley Cooper? Certainly not the Eagles who have made it pretty clear he’s sticking around (and starting). And their opinion is the one that counts (not the liberal media’s or race baiters’).

  13. All Cooper has to do to win back the media is to say the reason he was rooming with Tim Tebow at UF is because they were lovers.

  14. Better start thinking of Casey and Ertz as receivers they will be in the slot most of the time. I don’t think Cooper was ever in the mix, before or after the racial slur.

  15. The section of Bill Parcell’s HOF speech regarding the dynamics of the locker room applies well here.

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