Hernandez jailhouse letter sold for $18,000

Getty Images

The letter in which former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez professes his innocence resulted in a five-figure payday for the memorabilia store that sold it to TMZ.

According to the Boston Herald, the gossip site paid $18,000 for the letter to Sportsworld, Inc.

Store manager Brendan Brennan said that the handwriting was verified as Hernandnez’s.  Though it’s unclear how Sportsworld, Inc. obtained the letter that was sent to an ex-con named “Karl,” Brennan felt no obligation to comply with Hernandez’s request that the contents not be publicized.

“It wasn’t written to us, so we didn’t have to honor anything from that letter,” Brennan said.

The episode makes us wonder whether the letter to Hernandez that sparked the response was legitimate, or whether it was the equivalent of throwing a baited hook into Hernandez’s cell.

Either way, chances are Hernandez will be getting more letters from strangers.  And chances are he won’t be responding to them.