Kolb exits practice after slipping on a mat


When the Bills cut Tarvaris Jackson, we knew that the starting quarterback job was EJ Manuel’s to lose.  If coach Doug Marrone will let Manuel back up the oft-injured Kevin Kolb, it means Marrone is comfortable putting Manuel on the field — since he’ll inevitably be on the field because Kolb inevitably will be injured.

Of course, before Kolb can get injured in the regular season, he needs to get through the preseason uninjured.  And before he can get through the preseason uninjured, he has to get through training camp uninjured.  And before he can get through training camp uninjured, he has to routinely get to the practice field uninjured.

Via multiple reports, Kolb injured himself while walking to a field on Saturday.  Per Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, Kolb slipped on a rubber mat while walking from one field to the other.  Via Sal Capaccio, trainers looked at Kolb’s knee.  Per Capaccio, Kolb was “visibly upset” as he headed to the locker room with his pads off.

The injury comes a day after coach Doug Marrone told reporters that the team is “very, very pleased” with Manuel’s progress.  He may get even more chances to progress if Kolb ends up missing practices and/or preseason games due to his unexpected-in-manner-but-not-in-result injury.

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  1. As a Cardinals fan I really want him to succeed as a healthy Kolb (with pass protection) would be a decent pro QB.

    That said, if they ever made a Spinal Tap-esque movie about pro football, Kolb slipping on a rubber mat en route to the practice field should be the opening scene.

  2. Can I get a hell ya? Sorry Kolb but this is a good thing. Now E.J can get all the first team reps and not to mention this really makes you look like a tool.

  3. When I read “visibly upset” I imagined Kolb swearing up a storm – in sign language

  4. I’m sure the Bills would rather have had some time to groom E.J.Manuel instead of throwing him right into the frying pan, but its starting to look like it may not play out that way.

  5. it doesn’t top the butt fumble, but if there was footage of it happening, it would probably come close.

    either way, manuel was going to win the starting job. this just makes it a certainty.

  6. Kolb needs to just call it a day while he can still be mobile enough to enjoy his young family. There are many careers that are open to him and he’s followed his dream in football. Some things are more important than playing in the NFL and perhaps he should quit while he is ahead. It was stupid to cut Travaris Jackson when Kolb was so injury prone…injuries were bound to happen, but I thought he would at least make it out of camp!

  7. “The Bills are a terrible organization. Buffalo is a horrible city.

    Shut it all down.”

    Hey come to Buffalo sometime.
    We’ll see who shuts who down.

  8. Kolb being “visibly upset” may indicate the severity of this injury.

    The Bills will probably have Brad Smith start taking snaps as their 3rd string/emergency QB.

    Good thing they convinced Brad to take that pay cut rather than cutting him.

  9. LOL! He can’t even get to Sanchez s level!!! At least Sansch++ was a below average QB!!

    Remember!!! B+He backed up M.Vick!! The turnover machine….

    2nd only to Sexy Rexy Grossman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I feel bad that one man can be so injury prone, but come on! I couldn’t help but snicker at this one. We should refer to Kolb as “Mr. Glass” from now on.

  11. Jason Saidoo says:
    Aug 3, 2013 9:48 AM
    EJ Manuel was seen carrying a can of WD-40 a few minutes prior to Kolb slipping…

    At least he was original with his setup. I swear the film ej was watching was home alone and would definetely of used some marbles or hot wheels cars. Good play.

    I knew it was a conspiracy to get ej Manuel the starter. All I hear is ej Manuel looks better than kolb. But you hear in press conferences thy key the defense go nuts blitzing on kolb but ej keep it simple. Looks like ej took matters into his own hands. Wd40, banana peal, butter do what it takes to win ej.

  12. After an investigation, Bills officials ended any speculation of EJ Manuel causing the mat to be slippery. Instead they have turned to Stevie Johnson, who was found to have butter fingers.

  13. “Anybody who thinks a college coach and a rookie quarterback can come in and make noise is an idiot. 3-13 at best.”

    I guess you didn’t watch the Seahawks last season did you?

  14. markandrasko says:
    Aug 3, 2013 10:02 AM
    “The Bills are a terrible organization. Buffalo is a horrible city.

    Shut it all down.”

    Hey come to Buffalo sometime.
    We’ll see who shuts who down.
    Western NY is gorgeous and Buffalo is not a bad town. People who make nasty comments like that usually live in huge cities where they make 50 k and have to have roommates and pay huge taxes just for the “privilege” of living is such a fantastic city. Meh. You want a real rathole, check out Gary, IN sometime.

    This injury is basebore esque in silliness. I mean they have guys on the DL for things like pulling a muscle while getting the mail. This one fits right in.

  15. Well, I was way off. I figured he would be injured by week 3 of the preseason. Shows what I know.

  16. Can they save money cutting him too and signing Byrd!?

    Jeff Tuel just became a backup. How nice would it be to have Ryan Nassib now.

  17. He was given the starting job in Philly and was knocked out in his first game as a starter, paving the way for Michael Vick.

    He was given the job here in AZ and even when the O-line did its job, Kolb would still run to where there was no protection so he could get mauled.

    Word is on his way out of town, he tripped over a dime laying on the sidewalk. The guy has always been more circus clown than QB.

    Still, I admire Andy Reid for picking Ken Whisenhunt’s pocket and convincing him Kolb was a starter in this league. It helped us get rid of Whisenhunt, who wouldn’t recognize a starting QB in this league if he was sleeping between Whiz and his wife.

  18. The Bills would be smart to sign a FA Qb off the street today as the back up because Kolb can’t be depended on to even show up for that back up role.

    Kolb is a lot of things, a NFL Qb isn’t one of them.

  19. This guy ain’t got it, never did, never will. NFL rule: Hurt=Play, Injured=IR, Inactive, Don’t Play. Slipping on a mat? This one is the best.

  20. We should of kept Fitz for the number 2 spot now the line just has to protect ej we will be fie…

  21. How does one even slip on a mat? Mats were literally designed by science to prevent people (or rugs or wet boots or dinner plates) from slipping. C’mon man, that’s like 3rd Grade PE 101. Only Kevin Kolb could defy the laws of nature in order to embarrass himself.

  22. hatesycophants says:
    Aug 3, 2013 9:39 AM

    The Bills are a terrible organization. Buffalo is a horrible city.

    Shut it all down.

    Let me know what address I need to send the ONE WAY airline ticket to Buffalo? Come for a visit, I bet you’ll never leave, I mean want to leave. We’ll see who shuts what down, or up for that matter.
    Signed, Western New Yorker.

  23. This is such a mean-sprited, passive aggressive, sarcastic source for NFL News. You really ought to be ashamed. A guy slips on a rubber mat, so that means he is completely inept? Dont get it.

  24. hatesycophants says: Aug 3, 2013 12:24 PM

    “Mom, you should have seen how tough I was on the internet today!”
    “Mom, come downstairs and see how tough I was on the internet!”

    You gotta think these insults through, brah.

    That said, Buffalo is one of those surprisingly big market teams. Granted it’s mostly (dirty) Canadian money, but Buffalo is actually one of the more lucrative teams in the league. While you may have a point about management, the Bills have as much chance of shutting down/moving as the Packers, Cowboys, or Redskins.

  25. Hahahaha… This guy is unbelievable. It’s no wonder teammates can’t respect the guy. Brittle, weak, egomaniac, and average at best. Don’t let the door hit him in the ass on the way out or he will be back on the IR again with a bruised buttocks

  26. As a Ram fan, I have no dog in this hunt, but Kevin Kolb shouldn’t be taking heat for being injury-prone. Last year he was playing QB behind one of the worst offensive lines I’ve ever seen. The Rams sacked him so many times that I thought one of his limbs might fall off. My impression from those games is that he was running for his life the entire time, and was actually showing some courage and toughness. Calling him injury-prone is just a cheap and unfair tactic.

  27. I’ve just been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole as a Buffalo Bills fan. SMH

  28. Amazing.

    Eagles paid him 16 million
    Cardinals paid him well over 20 (out of his initial 65 million deal)

    Bills (potentially) 2 yrs 13 million.

    What’s sad is he only has 21 NFL starts. He’s made at least 36, probably closer to 40 million+ and scheduled to get a couple more million.

    So if he goes on IR we could say he’ll of made 42 million for 21 NFL starts. Or about 2 million per start.

    If/when he comes back he still has his propensity for concussions. His detached ribs which healed out of place has to be a risk as well.

  29. People slip on things…and stumble on all sorts of weird crap…the guys played the last 2-3 years with the absolute woooorst o-lines in the entire league…lets just ferget the guy was 5-0 before he got injured on sack number 104 thru 5 weeks…but all the intellient people just laugh, say dumb sh, and think the guys just sucks in all aspects….let’s start thinking before we sound tarded like just about all ya

  30. It’s not as funny as it sounds. I slipped in the street and that’s how I injured my leg yet I play football and play very physical.

  31. In a follow up story, Kevin Kolb suffered a torn meniscus as well as a collapsed lung after sneezing. A follow-up MRI then revealed nerve damage to his nasal cavity. He will have to placed on IR.

  32. Sad to read about this, Kolb has a lot of potential, I and a bunch more have seen it. Maybe it was a contrived way to ease EJ into the starting rotation so as not to hurt Kolb’s image?

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