Mark Sanchez: I’m having a great camp, I’m in command


Mark Sanchez likes the way his quarterback competition with Geno Smith is playing out at Jets camp.

Sanchez said after Friday’s practice that he believes he has done what he needs to do to show he can be the man for the Jets this season.

I feel like I’m having a great camp,” Sanchez said. “My arms feel good, my legs feel good, I feel strong, I feel accurate, I feel like I’m in command.”

For his part, Smith didn’t want to get into evaluating the status of the quarterback competition.

“It’s up to the coaches,” Smith said. “I just evaluate myself. I don’t worry about any of that other stuff. I feel like, at this point, I’m at least close to where I should be. Am I perfect? No. But am I making good strides? Yes. As long as I stay on that track, I’ll be fine.”

Smith and Sanchez will get a chance to show what they can do in game-like situations on Saturday night, when the Jets have their Green & White scrimmage.

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  1. I like Mark’s confidence, he should feel that way. On the same note he has to realize the reality of the situation, he’s getting outplayed, by a rookie! It is only camp, but all we have is what we have in front of us. The best QB should win the job!

  2. Very very unusual and surprising that a coach, player, owner of the Jests is boasting about their skills and or performance. Now all you need is Ed to come back and the circus will be complete and ready for action.

  3. Dirty Sanchez should pull a Sedrick Ellis and just retire, he’s made all the money needed for a lifetime due to the old CBA and it’s clear he isn’t going to accomplish anything of note in his professional career aside from being the “butt” of jokes.

  4. I was feeling good about the great camp Jake Locker is having until I read this.

    – Titans Fan

  5. Old leadership maxim from the military Mark.

    If you have to tell people you’re in command, you aren’t.

  6. 69finfan says:Aug 3, 2013 6:35 AM

    Very very unusual and surprising that a coach, player, owner of the Jests is boasting about their skills and or performance. Now all you need is Ed to come back and the circus will be complete and ready for action.

    All your team needs is a win in the playoffs. Been awhile, what is it…2000??

  7. Having read the daily practice reports, the reality is that he actually is having a great camp, so he’s just stating the truth. Now if he can only do the same when it really counts…

  8. PS Mark, uh you may want to consider that Geno has thrown exactly zero picks in camp so far. Zero, zilch, nada. Which will also reflect the amount of your playing time if Geno continues to impress.

  9. 5 years in the NFL and Sanchez is still trying to prove he’s a starting QB. That should say it all…Sanchez you suck. You are NOT an NFL starting QB. Get out!

  10. cterreberry says: Aug 3, 2013 6:33 AM

    I would rather here that from the coach.

    Unfortunately, the coaches on this team aren’t qualified to make that call either.

  11. It’s a shame that Sanchez sucks at QB because he’s a pretty good leader. Jets West, number one in conditioning drills, always confident, etc. I’m almost at the point where I feel bad for the guy.

  12. I just read Biff Tannen’s Sports Almanac:

    Jets 4-12
    Rex Ryan: Fired
    Mark Sanchez: Released
    Geno Smith: in a different system for the first 5 years of his career and duplicates David Carr’s career

    There’s always next decade, Jets fans …..

  13. Finsfan you consider that a boast? I hate Sanchez with a passion but be realistic. Guys are supposed to be confident, especially QBs. Your awesome new free agent acquisition, Mike Wallace, is one of the biggest self promoters. Pipe down and worry about how Jeff Ireland blew all your cap space for the next 4 years to save his job this year. The Jets will be better off in the long haul than your weak sea mammals.

  14. It’s easy to see why the Jets wanted to get rid if Tebow, he was such a distraction to their daily operations.

  15. Sanchez to other QBs – “Hey young guns, this is the correct way to throw a pick. Also, why risk your health? Put as little arm strength as you can when throwing passes down field.”

    Mark Sanchez, future QB coach

  16. Sanchez has to start this season you can’t give this team the rookie.
    Sanchez will surprise a lot of people this season this is the same guy who
    Plawd in two championship games
    has beaten NE. I really don’t want an unsecure Diva this team ler sit his ass.

  17. 69finsfan, what part of those quotes had boasting in it? everything Sanchez said began with “I feel” and ended with discussion of his own self evaluation. I would be interested to know what quote there you consider “boasting”?

    No, I belive this falls in the “oh, a Jets post, how can I drop the so overplayed ‘circus’ reference?” I’m not even a Jets fa , bit come on….

  18. Sanchez – “I feel like I’m in command”

    Geno – “Am I perfect? No. But am I making good strides? Yes.”

    Doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one of these guys gets it….there is always room for improvement Mr. Buttfumble.

  19. These comments he keeps making show a LACK of confidence, not confidence.

    He has no idea just how weak he sounds, it’s downright pathetic.

  20. After this article was released, Geno fired his agent for not improving his practice performance.

  21. At least he stop saying he is the leader of the team. Proves he is not completely delusional.

    If Sanchez is having a great camp, will love to hear his opinion on Geno’s camp.

  22. Mark Sanchez= delusional. he’s so far behind, he thinks he’s in first place. Hey Sanchez you can’t talk your way into being the starter, you have to prove it, and the only thing you’ve proven is your totally inept as a starting QB in the NFL.

  23. If Sanchez had any smarts, he’d face reality and realize a few things:

    1. A new GM is on board and he used a high first round pick to bring in HIS QB. Meaning, doesn’t matter how good Sanchez looks, the kid is going to take the job ultimately.

    2. With # 1 being said, Sanchez has to adjust his thinking that he’ll be a career backup from this point on.

    Those two things are the real reality.

  24. Jimthebuilder27….every QB on every team gets asked questions after every practice. You just hear about Sanchez bc he plays for the Jets. Would you tell Brandon Weeden, Blaine Gabbert or Matt Flynn to shut up? He’s just answering the same stupid training camp questions every player gets asked every day.

  25. Fireman Ed approves this message. Take comfort in knowing that Smith is learning everything he can from Sanchez and Rex on how to be an NFL QB.

  26. Really Mark? You already lead the league in interceptions and its barely training camp..Cameras don’t lie

  27. I’m not a Sanchez or Jet’s fan.

    But I certainly realize how terrible it is to deal with the NY media. I don’t know what else he could have said as they (NY media) are relentless.

    So rather than suppositon I can’t wait until pre-season starts and we have some tangible results to comment on. When the games actually start the rubber hits the road and it is what it is.

  28. chiadam says:
    Aug 3, 2013 9:59 AM
    I got loaded last night and told some girl that I’m a helicopter pilot. Me saying it didn’t make it true.

    1 0

    Or an architect. I’ve always wanted to be an architect.

  29. Hey Finsfans. what makes your coach believe that Mike Wallace will take them to the super bowl? The Jets defense got to your QB, and we can do it again.

    Go Jets

  30. I have also heard that about Smith not throwing any INTs so far. They said he’s holding the ball too long instead which in live games would be a sack of course. Now, I think that’s just a rookie thing because he is learning the offense and is thinking instead of reacting. Once Geno trusts what he sees, that will get better.

    But one thing I know for sure…no coach likes turnovers, and defensive minded coaches REALLY hate them. They view their QB primary job as “first, do no harm”. So if Geno avoids turnovers, he will get a big boost in Rex’s view.

  31. If Sanchez loses the job to the Diva Flgeno Smith .. Sanchez doesn’t care he has his $9million guaranteed … JayZ was only able to get $4.5 million for 4 years for Geno Smith …. Sanchez can sit on the bench and preserve his body from hits … The Jets o-Line is a joke , throw Geno Smith out there and see how he will start to cry and look like a basketball player …. #1 Sanchez supporter

  32. Sanchez is done in ny, I think he we be a back up in a small market like Cincy or Kc. I wouldn’t be surprised in less of a media circus like gotham, that if he gets a second chance to start he will play well. Plus his four playoff wins is four more than the bengals have as a franchise in over 22 years.

  33. Reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister, Bagdad Bob, during the invasion way back when:

    “They’ve not been able to control any Iraqi city. We’re waging war against this snake and we will be victorious.”

  34. Hey lrjets | Aug 3, 2013, 6:21 AM CDT. As a dolphin fan I hate the Jets. But I have to say I read the blog just to see your responses to the comments. I have to admit they are usually pretty funny!! And maybe this year the Fins will win that playoff game.

  35. prijak1 says:
    Aug 3, 2013 11:22 AM
    Sanchez will take the JETS to the Superbowl this year
    The only way Sanchez is taking the jets to the Super Bowl, is if he uses some of the money he is stealing from the Jets, and buys the entire team tickets. It is, after all in his home stadium, so he should be able to get tickets.

  36. Just from what we have seen and heard, it seems like Sanchez is actually putting in the work. Geno seems to be off doing his own training (rookies and everyone should train WITH the tream, not alone somewhere way away) .. Everyone wants Geno to win because black QBs are the flavor of the month, and so are rookie QBs. Last years class ws a fluke. DO NOT expect those results out of the class this year.
    (sure spin that as a racist comment, the world is great at finding it anything said, so be my guest! I said nothing wrong about anyone, just stated a fact)

  37. That’s part of the problem… Sanchez thinks he’s the man every year. The only reason he’s still on the roster is because of that toxic contract screwing the Jets.

  38. Sanchez gets a really bad Rap! I actually wish the Vikings would have made a trade for him
    New change of scenery, new WRs, he is way better than people think. He went to 2. AFCCG and for good reasonThey dismantled his receiving core and things fell apart! I bet $$ he would thrive with the Vikings and a solid receiving core and running game! Ponder sucks

  39. Dolphin Fans- Sanchez has 4 road playoff victories- More than your team has in 20 years!

    Isn’t hilarious how the Jets (who lost their best offensive and defensive players to injury) finish a horrendous 6-10, while the Dolphins are thrilled to go 7-9.

    I understand Miami fans being hopeful, but you can start criticizing Sanchez after Tannehill makes a playoff appearance, not before.

  40. Sanchez said it himself in an earlier article. “It’s all in my head.” Maybe he believes that if he tells himself he’s in command, he’ll start to play like it. Genius! But seriously, to whoever said Geno is off doing his own thing…do you blame him? He’s being coached by REX and competing against Sanchez (who’s obviously more into talking himself up than playing like a team leader, on a mediocre team. The last thing Jets fans want is Geno taking tips from the self proclaimed commander, Sanchez Fumble Bum.

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