Mike Thomas struggling in Lions camp


Just before last year’s trade deadline, the Lions shipped a 2014 fifth-round draft pick for receiver Mike Thomas — who may be long gone before the 2014 draft.

In fact, Thomas may be gone before this year’s final roster cuts: According to MLive.com, Thomas might not be long for the roster after he has struggled mightily while working with the third-string offense.

On Friday, Thomas was shut down so badly by backup defensive back Domonique Johnson that he simply stopped running his route and they quit on the drill. That’s not good.

Thomas once looked like a promising young player, having caught 66 passes for 820 yards in his second season in Jacksonville. In 2011 the Jaguars were so high on Thomas that they gave him a five-year, $19 million contract with $9 million guaranteed. But now Thomas looks like he may be out of the NFL by the time the regular season starts.

21 responses to “Mike Thomas struggling in Lions camp

  1. Doesn’t matter whos listed as first second third or fourth string this team sucks they’re a one off with last year so it won’t make a difference #deadskinsgoingnowhere

  2. @lionsmark09 Kris Durham probably make the lions roster this year if he can learn the playbook and run correct routes. Last year he made some spectacular catches, but also caused many ints because he was running wrong routes.

  3. Why would you trade for a wr from a team that is devoid of any in the 1st place?

    You don’t win 4 games by making smart decisions. Fire up the clown music

  4. For all the Lions haters, Detroit took a chance of Thomas’ potential and burned a 5th round pick because they lost: Burleson, Broyles and Young all by mid-season. It didn’t work.

    And for people that can’t understand how the GM keeps his job after burning a FIFTH round pick, well you just showed how dumb you are. Th Lions just cut a Safety who was picked up immediately yesterday. They’ve got talent. A fifth round pick will not make this team next year.

  5. Typical lazy piece of crap, get payed stop playing. This move made no sense to me last year. This dude has been eating up cap space and been a huge waste of space. He did nothing down the stretch last year and I am quite frankly surprised he lasted this long on the roster.

  6. In the middle of a 4 win season the team wastes a 5th rd pick on a turd.AGAIN 4 wins isn’t an accident. The 10 win season before was

  7. He was a bandaid who didn’t work out. It was kind of a flukey thing last year having 3 WRs go out.

    With Burleson and Broyles back healthy this season, we’re looking solid. And … the word is the DBs are showing a lot of improvement in training camp, especially Bill Bentley.

  8. All you Lions Haters…get a damn life! Your team must not be anything worth talking about if all you do is come on our blogs and talk sh*t. We don’t waste our time worrying about you…we focus on our Lions regardless of if we’re coming off losing seasons to finally make a playoff birth or if we just went 0-16. That’s what real fans do! And all the hatin comments in the world won’t change our level of dedication to our guys. And you better start lookin out cuz we’re coming! Fast and Hard! In it to win it!

  9. Somebody gives me 9 million guaranteed and i don’t really wanna play football? Yup.. just give up and stop giving effort. Guaranteed Cut.
    Enjoy post football life Mike.
    Set up a trust for yourself and only use so much money a year. Retire Smart my friend.

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