One bad play likely won’t doom Mike Thomas in Detroit


Yes, Lions receiver Mike Thomas is running with the third string in Detroit.  Yes, he had a bad rep on Friday, where he was shut down by cornerback Domonique Johnson so badly that quarterback Matthew Stafford didn’t even throw the ball.

But that doesn’t mean Thomas will be cut.  Per a source with knowledge of his overall performance in camp, he has had plenty of positive plays, too.  More importantly, Thomas has $1 million guaranteed this year, which could make the Lions more likely to keep him on the 53-man roster.

Besides, there are still four weeks to go before the Lions make their final cuts, and four preseason games to be played.  One bad play won’t seal his fate any more than one great play would cement his spot on the roster.

10 responses to “One bad play likely won’t doom Mike Thomas in Detroit

  1. 2 reasons your trash talk can not be taken seriously…1) you have a blackerry. 2) you are using Boost Mobile….when you get to 2013 and on the digital super highway, then u can talk smack

  2. Not one play, but multiple bad pays last year will doom Mike Thomas (drops in end zone). 1 million guaranteed him a training camp spot, but he wont make the 53-man roster.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if Florio reads anything that’s written about any team. Shaun Hill was the QB playing the series when Mike Thomas was blanketed.

  4. When Portsmouth moved to Detroit they were originally going to call themselves the Spartans. Ownership wanted to name that would go along with the Detroit Tigers thus they settled on the lions. In fact legend has it that bills owner Ralph Wilson was a fan of lions blue and chose it as 1 of the bills colors because of how sharp Detroit’s uniforms looked. Now you No a little history about 1 of the great franchises in the NFL.

  5. I’m a UA grad and Lions fan, so I really WANT Money Mike to make it, but his odds are long. Burleson and Broyles are 2 and 3, and then Pat Edwards, Durham and the rookie Fuller all appear to have a leg up on him. Then, there’s Schilens, who is just as fast but much bigger and is looking good. Thomas needs to really blow it up soon our he will be out.

  6. I’m just happy hearing that Domonique Johnson was stepping up in coverage because it gives hope that our secondary defense problems are behind us. This kind of competition is exactly what the Lions have needed for so long. Imagine how many more wins would come if the Lions could shut down those passing lanes.

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