Opinions mixed on Cooper’s NFL future


The Eagles have insisted they’re not going to cut wide receiver Riley Cooper — instead putting him on a leave of absence after he was caught using a racial slur on video.

But around the league, opinion is mixed among team executives about his future in the league if the Eagles decide to turn a trial separation into a permanent one.

“Very tough to trade him right now,” one unnamed executive said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “Time passes – not sure how much time – but he would be signed if cut.”

Trading for Cooper right now would be insane, actively seeking out controversy at a time when every team is hopeful for a new season.

Even claiming him off waivers would take a coach and a G.M. with a huge amount of self-confidence and job security, to bring in a player many consider radioactive because of his remarks.

But talented players get second chances. One exec pointed to Kerry Collins, who rebounded for a long career after a similar incident earlier in his career with the Panthers. But second or third wideouts aren’t in nearly the same kind of demand as quarterbacks, making it harder to draw that comparison.

“Can never say never,” a second executive said. “All it takes is for one team to have an interest. After all, Kerry Collins came back after his situation in Carolina.

“But [Cooper is] not a high-end player, so a lot of teams won’t want to deal with the issue in or out of their building.”

The concept of more-trouble-than-he’s-worth is significant, as receivers who have done more are available now (the 49ers just signed a pair yesterday).

Cooper’s best chance at putting the incident behind him might be with the Eagles, since he has background there, and at least a few people there support him. Introducing him to a brand new place, where he’s only known as “the guy who said that thing” would mean starting from scratch, and there might not be many teams willing to spend the time or energy required to integrate him into their system.

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  1. Wonder What would have happened if DeSean Jackson called Riley Cooper a Irish Slur word? I think he”d have to go to therapy with Tiger Woods LOL

  2. This is ridiculous. He is a young guy that said a word nobody likes. At least he made his own apology instead of a canned PR version created by his “people”. I would bet at least 75% of the league (including execs) have done something similar. Let it go people.

  3. A white guy uses a racial slur at a country concert. I’m sure that NEVER happens.

    Give it a rest.

  4. Quit whining all of you. The dude messed up. This is 2013, not 1975, you have to watch your mouth, and be respectful as a professional athlete. Simple as that. Mr. Cooper should’ve put things into perspective before he decided to drink alcohol. I think the only ones truly mad in this situation are people in their 40s.. Seriously, get over it. He isn’t a star anyway, the Eagles will recover if he can’t play.

    From a young white Ravens fan

  5. Everyone of you sick racists should be ashamed. Let he without sin cast the first stone. None of you guys judging him would want people to hear the things you say when out with family & friends, no one judging him has any record of saying something hateful during a fight or when drunk. Forgiveness for Riley Cooper!!

  6. 2012 – 23 catches, 248 yards.
    2011 – 16 catches 315 yards
    2010 – 7 catches 116 yards

    We’re talking about him as if he was going to Canton… The guy has had very little production in the NFL. You would think they could replace this quite easily.

    The Eagles will regret not cutting his ass the first time someone boos him or throws a banana on the field etc…

  7. Isn’t it somewhat hypocritical that half the Black Comedians & Rap Stars use the N-word exhaustively, and not always in jest. Doing my best Allan Iverson impression: ‘I mean, it’s a WORD, man, not a rape, not a murder, not an assault, just a WORD; not vehicular manslaughter, not wife-beating, not even lying or cheating, man…a WORD, man, just a WORD, that’s all it is. I mean, I’ve used the WORD, but does it effect how I compete, play every game like it’s my last. You all have seen me play, and their takin’ about a WORD, man…just a WORD.’

  8. If people would be calling for people losing jobs for black people saying it, there would be no black NFL players left in the league. I hate the word in general. It really shouldn’t be said by anybody. But to be hypocritical and make the word more punishable because of the color of their skin (or the lack of being a certain color) is racist in itself in my opinion.

  9. Find this all so very humorous. Dude said a word. No, it is not a nice word, but it is a word none the less. Ray Lewis and Donte Stallworth each killed a man. Mike Vick tortured and killed dogs. What has this world become when saying a word (which is said all of the time by people of all colors for various reasons) is viewed as the worst of all of this?

  10. The eagles and Cooper are taking a break but of course the media can’t since they’re the ones making this so much bigger of a deal than it should be.

  11. No one reenforces racial division more than the people who pretend they are trying to eradicate it. Dude used a racial slur that took less than a half second to say and he made himself look like an idiot. The media has spent days gossiping about it, making us all look like idiots. Of all the bad and good things going on out there, this is where you focus your attention. Way to go.

  12. Lets see some ponytail dude attending a Kenny Chesney concert uses a word popular with crap artists. It seems so wrong a every level

  13. Yes QBs are more in demand than 3rd string WRs, but if Collins had said this in this day and age, someone would have caught it on camera phone and it would be on an endless loop on sports news outlets and he’d have people calling for him to be fired as well. And Collins said it TO A TEAMMATE which to me is worse than ranting to some camera phone about a guy who isn’t in your face right then.

    It’s just mind boggling the power of media and PC nation with this stuff. Josh Brent murdered his friend by driving drunk and didn’t receive half this coverage or people calling for his head. Much like the black teens who shot a white infant in the face and killed him because they were robbing the baby’s mother and she had no money got no press compared to the Martin-Zimmerman incident. Either something is a horrifying crime worthy of coverage and outrage or it’s not. It should have nothing to do with race, PC ness etc.

  14. I like how the eagles make him go to counseling. Oh what a heinous crime, I mean you know this is pretty funny at the end of the day.

    The owner must not want Al & Jessie out PARADING around Philly. Who could blame him.

  15. Before this week, the only thing I knew about Riley Cooper was that he was guy who didn’t even try for the jump ball in the endzone on the final play in the 2010-11 Wild Card game where Tramon Williams came down with the INT. I liked it better that way.

  16. If I am Riley Cooper and I get cut, the lawsuit I would file would be huge. Keep in mind players remain on teams after drunk driving, beating wives/girlfriends, using drugs, killing people while driving drunk. Yet Cooper, whom yes is an @$$ hole, gets cut for using a word when the first amendment of the United States constitution provides freedom of speech.

  17. Aaron Hernandez murders someone, and the Pouncey brothers want him set free. Riley Cooper says a naughty word, and Marcus Vick wants him killed.

    Political correctness, out-of-whack priorities, and people who are overly sensitive are now the norm in this society.

  18. Throw him out of the NFL NOW!
    White people.. you have NO way to understand the hurt,.. anger,.. outrage,.. and just how much black people are prevoked when we hear that word come from you. We are ready to die just as long as we can take you with us. Now Im only trying to tell you what its like for us. this is not a good description because its far worse. Im not the best person to try to explain this because truthfully I dont have the words. Im better at football an I cant wait to see Chicago’s offense and what Trestman can do with Cutler and that O-line. this season is taking too long and to many good players are getting into trouble

  19. This story will be completely forgotten a few weeks into the regular season. Bigger news will come along. A guy got drunk and said something stupid that he truly regrets. It’s not like he’s a mass murderer like certain other players.

  20. Let’s see Nutter (good name) Mayor of Philadelphia wants him cut. Same mayor had New Black Panthers as “poll monitors” in an election and allowed them to dress as storm troopers waving night sticks at white voters.
    Where is his outrage at Roddy White, (Falcons) for saying the six jurors in the Zimmerman trial should be killed. Likewise, NY Giants receiver, Victor Cruz saying Zimmerman would be dead inside a year in the hood. Or the great Charles Rangel talking about “Crackers”
    Guess if a “white” says something unacceptable about a black it is a punishable offense. The other way around…not so much.
    Mayor clean up the crime and flash mobs in Philly. Being Barack Hussein Nutter and following BHO’s penchant for getting involved in such matters won’t make you President. Beer summit with Riley Cooper?????

  21. While I have said a couple of times that I forgive Cooper and hope he gets another chance, understand that this is no longer about a word or even about race. It’s about offending your co-workers and customers to the point that a decision needs to be made about whether or not Cooper is worth the trouble.

    If ANY of us do or say something that severely ticks off most of our colleagues and customers to the point where we become a serious distraction at work, regardless of what it is, our bosses will start thinking about whether we bring enough value to make up for our cost.

    Imagine if a Fox News anchor were secretly taped angrily referring to Republicans and Conservatives as a bunch of stupid “teabaggers.” Do you think that person wouldn’t be facing some challenges at work?

  22. I wonder if the Eagles will let me trade in my Riley Cooper jersey for another player’s………..oh, wait a minute, I can’t seem to find it lying around the house!

  23. Who are the stars on the team? djax, vick, mccoy, etc. If they are offended then the Eagles have a major problem. if you have disgruntled stars how are they going to perform? That’s what it comes down to. Is it a double standard? Yes, but this country is full of double standards so live with it.

    Can you call your wife a name? Yes. But you’ll be ready to fight if someone else calls her that name.

    sports is big business, they play by different rules than what we live. In someways the nfl is at the mercy of the stars. There isn’t another Tom Brady or Michael Vick or Peyton Manning just walking the street.

    Should Cooper get cut? Probably not. Is he worth the distraction he has caused? No. He isn’t djax or Maclin so why keep a distraction around if he isn’t contributing?

  24. As the old saying goes – “opinions are like …s – everyone has one and they all stink.” That would be the a-word for those keeping score at home. If he is not a good receiver – he goes – if he is – he stays…there should be no legal thought process beyond that – period. If he is fired for hurting someone’s – ANYONE’S – feelings then that is more illegal than what he did.

  25. He didnt kill anyone, he said a word ONCE in a heated situation where he was drunk! Of course he shouldnt use that word, but why has this story gotten so big?!!!

  26. chi01town says:
    “Throw him out of the NFL NOW!
    White people.. you have NO way to understand the hurt,.. anger,.. outrage,.. and just how much black people are prevoked when we hear that word come from you. We are ready to die just as long as we can take you with us. Now Im only trying to tell you what its like for us. this is not a good description because its far worse. Im not the best person to try to explain this because truthfully I dont have the words. Im better at football an I cant wait to see Chicago’s offense and what Trestman can do with Cutler and that O-line. this season is taking too long and to many good players are getting into trouble”

    were you born in the 50’s and 60’s? if not then you should not be talking. this generation has managed to take a hate word and turn it into a social word made “just for us”. its a hate word regardless of who said it. dont sit there and act like nobody of the black race uses this word and its only other races that offend you when it is said. racism is made of all colors despite what the media would like you to believe.

  27. Has anyone else seen what Michael Irvin said on the NFL Network and he is guilty of using the word? It is not right to condemn Mr. Cooper for saying a nasty word which he regretted and apologized for. How often does he hear that word in the locker room? I am not saying it is right but if you are going to find it offensive when a white man uses it then you need to find it offensive when a man a color uses it as well. He made a mistake and he apologized that should be the end of it.

  28. I’m sorry but what I’m seeing is that Mike Vick got less flack for killing dogs than one guy saying a racial slur. it’s unreal. who in this world hasn’t said something when they’re drunk they wish they could take back. Nobody.

  29. The problem is some people don’t realize whatever you do don’t just affect you but, the people around you and the people who depends on you and also the people who looks up to you. Forgiveness is a choice but, healing is a process. I the young man learned from this. You just can’t say what want and not have consequences!

  30. Shut up, Chi01town. Your mock outrage is palpable. It’s a WORD. Is it bad? Was his behavior poor? Should he be reprimanded? Should he apologize? Yes? Yes, yes, and yes. But thrown out if the league for OFFENDING people? My God…welcome to Russia.

  31. lets fire Kobe for using a Gay slur, oh its not the same thing. he wasn’t even under the influence of alcohol when he did it . or illustrious political leaders Charlie ‘Jeantel’ Rangel: Tea Party is Same Group of ‘White Crackers’ he should be fired also, and he wasn’t drunk also or maybe he was. you have got to love the double standard of being upset in this country. it is our liberal press that pushes the issues that suits their agenda. and you don’t hear about the other side as fervently. and as another person stated Michael Irvin and Prime time how many times have you heard them use the same word. If it is so offensive it should not be used at all. but if they want to use in their everyday language and get upset when another person uses it called being a hypocrite.

  32. To those that say “it’s just a word”, technically, you are correct. To those that say that it pales in comparison to Stallworth being guilty of vehicular homicide, you are also correct. But when you go to war on a weekly basis with your brothers in arms, and then learn that one of your brothers thinks of you in such a crude and disrespectful way, you lose the required comradery, the respect, the core and basic love required for you to even consider him your brother, and to lay out your blood, sweat and tears with, and for him to win the battle, the war, or the game.

    It didn’t result in the loss of life or limb, but it did expose him as one with a certain degree of contempt or hatred towards those that have called him brother, and for no reason other than the color of ones skin. I see it as him being a traitor to the basic code of the brotherhood required to attain the success they all strive for. I’ll wager that this will ultimately end his career.

    “Just a Word”? I think not.

  33. Moral of this story – under no circumstances, in no situation, should you ever use a word that black people find offensive(unless of course you’re black, then the same word is o.k.). But if you’re white the media and some of your fellow-employees will hype it so much that you’ll be given a “leave of absence” by your employer, sent to “sensitivity training,” then when you finish your training and have learned how to think, act, and talk correctly your employer will tell you the leave of absence is permanent. Meanwhile you can be called a redneck, a cracker, a honky, whitey, anything a black person wants to call you, and nobody will even notice. White people just have to learn to stay in their place.

  34. Enough is enough, let the dude play!! My guess is the word cracker has been used plenty of times in the locker room! Nobody should use any of this language, but to fire him, what a joke!!

  35. All of you in the media should be ashamed of yourselves. give a rest already. The guy apologized for saying something in the heat of the moment that without a doubt he hears everyday in the locker room. Who did he hurt ? Did he kill someone ? Steal from someone ? He hurt some feelings ? Ok, maybe he did. But dont we all get our feelings hurt just about everyday ? You all should embarrassed of yourselves for posting this everyday day, multiple times.
    Go find some FOOTBALL stories, since thats what we all come here for !

  36. All this bru-ha-ha shouts down the fact that many black athletes are quite capable of seeing Cooper’s drunken boast for what it was—Cooper revealing an inner bigotry—and responding in more mature way than butt-hurt, knee-jerk, mass-hysteria and primal hatred .

    I think giving them credit for a reasoned response has been completely ignored by the media.

  37. This whole thing is 90% media driven and is a really good example of why the media is held in such low esteem.

    The guy got drunk, made an ass of himself, apologized profusely. Get over it.

    FYI – I am old fat white retired and I have 2 grand nieces and 2 grand nephews who are half black and whom I love who love me and who think of me as their eccentric uncle from Maine, a description which I am very proud of.

  38. I hope he gets a second chance as a black person and a eagles fan to tell the truth i think the media is blowing this out of proportion. I think the guy had to much to drink and said some dumb stuff but I don’t think the guy is racist even though I don’t know him personally over time players will forgive him.

  39. I don’t get all this fuss.

    Yes, he used an awful word, one that I don’t ever use.

    But it isn’t like he came out as a supporter of Aryan Nation or whatever they are called. He didn’t give some drunken or stupid tirade that people should be slaves again or something deeply troubling like that. He used an offensive curse word (that has a double standard in use…).

    He’s been humiliated, fined, “suspended” and has apologized. That’s enough.

  40. chi01town says:

    Throw him out of the NFL NOW!
    White people.. you have NO way to understand the hurt,.. anger,.. outrage,.. and just how much black people are prevoked when we hear that word come from you.


    No as a white person I haven’t had to suffer being referred to in that way by racists my whole life, but I certainly was harassed and teased all through my youth so I am able to understand and empathize with the hurt you suffer. Which is why I never use certain insults or slurs including the wold Cooper said.

    However I doubt very very much that you or any other person has not opened your mouth at least once in your entire life and had something incredibly stupid fly out that you regretted later. That’s part of the human condition, we all make mistakes.

    There is no history of Cooper saying and causing such incidents prior to this. Fine him, sit him a game or two maybe, but out of the NFL for good ?

    I can only imagine what excuses you and the rest of the “off with his head crowd” use when you make mistakes and are faced with zero tolerance solutions being employed against you.

    We’re all humans, we all make mistakes, and we all need compassion and forgiveness.

  41. I would bet Aaron Hernandez uses the word and he isn’t black, and he killed a black guy, but still nobody cares. Lets focus all out hate on this one cracker, he is everything that is wrong with society (sarcasm)

  42. jeff6381…

    “I hope he gets a second chance as a black person and a eagles fan to tell the truth i think the media is blowing this out of proportion. I think the guy had to much to drink and said some dumb stuff but I don’t think the guy is racist even though I don’t know him personally over time players will forgive him.”

    best comment of the board.

  43. All of you “victims” simply need to SHUT UP – there are NO victims in a name calling match – personally have hoses and dogs turned on you and be excluded from public places – THEN you can whine – that was the experience of your grand folk or great grand folk – YOU have experienced little compared to that other than name calling – which some folks (shocked look) EARN- so again SHUT UP and let’s enjoy FOOTBALL!

  44. But a black congressman can use the term “white crackers” and insult an entire group of people. Please people–as rude and denigrating as the N-word is, it’s a name. We should grow up and get over insults. Cooper was wrong, ugly and drunk, but can’t we accept his apology (sincere, I believe) and get on with life?

  45. What if there were a Democratic politician who was secretly caught angrily using derogatory words for gay people? Or a Republican politician secretly recorded lashing out and mocking Evangelical Christians? Just words, right? They’re all just words. But in every case, because those words would severely anger both colleagues and a big portion of the constituency, there would be some serious hell to pay, wouldn’t there be?

  46. Can’t wait for week 1 when one of those Redskins takes him out while going over the middle.

    The Redskins’ players and executives don’t tolerate blatant racism like this…

    I think logicalvoice would agree #redskinsDONTlikeracism

  47. @mancave001
    I tried to explain to you that Im not the best person to talk about this. I would like to talk about football but you have to understand I will hurt you for saying that to me so be careful man. Now the Bears have a new Coach from the CFL and Im wondering will he surprise the NFL or will the NFL surprise him. everybody has seen the westcoast offense but maybe not Trestman’s version of it. Forte will have a big year and so will Cutler if that O-line stand up.

  48. If the NFL kicked out all the players that did bad things … there would be only a handful of black players playing football.
    Double standards … God bless America.

  49. What is the point of cutting Cooper? Most who advocate cutting him seem to be OK with a different team picking him up later and giving him a second chance, so why can’t it just be the eagles who give him that second chance?

    He’s been punished pretty severely for saying a WORD, while drunk. And yes, drunk people do say things that they would not ordinarily say or even really think. If he went on a whole racist ran that would be one thing but blurting out 1 word while drunk proves nothing.

    This is another illustration of how out of control the media is. There are so man voices trying to stand out that they try to one up each other acting tough.

  50. I dunno, doesn’t that dude on the 49ers who said he would never play with a gay player still have a job, that dude Pollard still has a job, Vick killed animals for the chance to win money. Well no they’re not white.

  51. Commit domestic violence be a dadbeat dad use drugs get arrested for drunk driving you’re ok.Use racial slur,career in the NFL over….got it

  52. Chi01town:

    I think you should look a bit more clearly at what you just wrote. You say that you are hurt and offended by a word, and others should just understand that and not use it or be punished greatly……. then you verbally threaten mancave001?!?!?! Could a verbal threat not hurt someone or offend them?

    You can not use the ” I did not mean it” or “it was not a threat” defense because words matter, and words hurt. I doubt you care what was going through Riley Coopers mind at the time he was offensive, you feel he should be punished regardless. Why should you be treated any differently for the words you say? Saying “I will hurt you” to someone else seems a bit hypocritical when trying to point out that another should be held responsible for using harmful words.

  53. Chi, you are an utter joke. you are threarning violence on a sports blog? grow up. here’s the facts. I have gay friends who are utterly offended by Roy hibbert, Chris Culliver, and Kobe Bryants “hate words”. Should they be thrown out of their respective leagues?

    the hypocrisy and double standards are so amazing in this country. let’s throw protests and demonstrations all over the nation when Zimmerman is acquitted of shooting a black youth, but when a black former NFL RB kills his white wife and boyfriend, we are in the streets celebrating?

    you’re right, racism is alive and prevalent. we can keep pulling examples all day long.

    the kid made a mistake. he owned it, apologized for it, and addressed it to the team.

    are you telling me that he should be gone because there are people in the locker Room offended by him? I guarandamntee you that there was some dog lovers in that locker room when mike Vick was brought in.

    oh yeah, where’s the outrage over Marcus Vick offering a bounty for violence. oh yeah, he’s black. that’s ok right?

  54. the only opinions that are mixed are those of the our wonderful left media and idiots on here with hurt feelings. good god get over it already!!! stop trying to ostracise this dude from the NFL, talk about the media making a mountain out of a molehill, pathetic

  55. For everyone using the “blacks say it too” or “what you say behind closed doors” put this in perspective. I’m black and I forgive him for the reason that its the 2000s and yes I have heard and been personally called that word by white people. Bottom line black people do use that word and I don’t like but that accept it amongst themselves. That does not give a pass for any other race to use it especially in the manner Rileye used it. That thinking is more ignorant than those that use the word period.

  56. Cooper should not have been drunk in public (or at all if he gets that out of control) and he used a word that should never be used. However, he did not direct it toward Michael Vick, Shady McCoy, Desean Jackson, or any other teammate on the Eagles. He said it to people on the other side of a fence! It should be those individuals to whom he should be apologizing. I don’t understand why offending a relatively small group of people present during the incident allows everyone to “claim” indignation regardless as to whether the insult was directed toward them. If Michael Vick and others on the team who claim that they forgive, truly do, they should embrace (figuratively) him as a brother Eagle, regardless of his race. This has grown to be a worse curse than the “Dream Team” comment from last year.

  57. “Cooper’s best chance at putting the incident behind him might be with the Eagles”

    Nah, his best chance would be if there weren’t folks hiding an agenda to get the guy fired behind the shield of reporting. Until that changes, he has no chance anywhere. There are reporters who will, forever, do everything they can to get the guy fired because it matches their agenda.

  58. Nas, DMX, Eminem, Jayzee, 50 Cent, J-Lo, Lil Kim, Busta Rhymes, Ice cube, Dr. Dre, Tupac, Biggie, and even a band named after the N word,”NWA”
    All of these so called entertainers used the N word and it’s cool.
    Riley uses it and they want to burn him at the stake.
    Just stop with this BS double standard and make it wrong for all. Not just Riley Cooper.

  59. This is why they would have to play him and showcase him positively and dump him by the end of the Preseason. That’s their best option for a salvage play. Plus it also inspects him in case they decide to keep him. They have no choice but to stay the course and make the best of him before the optimal exit strategy window begins to crack open.

  60. I don’t want Cooper to lose his job or career and I think we need to work harder to see each the perspective of others. I wish no one, black or white, said that ugly word. I also wish that everyone who did or said something stupid, including Cooper, gets a chance to make it right.

    But reading a few comments here, I will say that one of the things I hate most in this world is the victim mentality. I hate it when black folks claim they can’t get jobs because their great great grandparents were enslaved. I hate it when white folks claim that the world is out to get them because a white person somewhere does something wrong and faces consequences for it. Cooper said something that was wrong and is facing heat and some people think of him as the victim. News flash – any person of any race can get in trouble for deeply offending their colleagues and fan base with something they say or do. Remember the Dixie Chicks?

  61. of course Cruz could make generalized comments about Zimmerman and Roddy White could threaten him–with death

    the Eagles fix games and should have won 4-5 more last season when they dogged it and quit on Andy Reid

    — Vick was also busted for being a Bookmaker in the Dog Fight saga– but Barack Obama wants a race war so Riley is the latest object of the trained lab rats who post on blogs –and there is no place for redemption when Barack Obama wants hate and tribulation — and I found it humorous to see the articles of M Vick being the voice of reason in this ordeal

  62. Jay-Z can use that word all the time, and he represents players. Cooper uses it and they want to crucify him. If its wrong to use its wrong to use, regardless of culture etc.

  63. I am disappointed in Vick’s lack of leadership. There is no defense for what Vick did. It was a criminal act…done repeatedly…not a one-time error in judgment. I would have hoped he would do more to rally the team together based on the second chance he received. Its pretty sad that understanding and forgiveness comes from a person like Michael Irvin….one of the most reviled players to ever set foot in the Vet. Now THAT was a leader!!

    Having said that, I doubt its the first time Cooper used the word. How many whites can honestly say they have never used the word in public or behind closed doors? What sickens me most is the white media sucking up to black co-hosts over this.

  64. Here’s a couple of thoughts on how society can take a giant leap forward and we get past the stupid racial divisions that wastes our time and energy:

    1) How about this – nobody uses racial or ethnically insulting words. That means that both white folks and black folks bury the n-word and it’s also not okay to hurl racial insults at white folks either. We all deserve the same respect.

    2) Everybody gets another shot when they make a mistake and sincerely apologize for it. Whether you’re talking about a guy who says something deeply insulting or even a guy who gets involved in dog fighting, they get a chance at redemption and don’t get wiped out forever by stupid choices they make.

    3) We ALL drop the victim card nonsense. No more “the world is against [black/white/your ethnicity here] people.” Everybody has challenges … get over it.

    4) Let’s actually listen to each other’s point of view. None of us actually know what it’s like to live as a person of another skin color or background. I don’t know what it’s like to be a white NFL player who says something extremely inflammatory while drunk … and you don’t know what it’s like to be called the n-word. So let’s cut the crap, talk, and learn from each other.

    Now, back to football!!

  65. Still waiting for Gantt to be fired for his insensitive remarks in another post.

  66. Maybe it time for Obama to put in a new law … anyone says the N word goes to jail. Oh wait a minute …. Every black person would be in jail then.

  67. Wow, some arguments on here are actually about it not being fair that black people can use the word to each other and white people get in trouble for using it? Are you serious? As a black man I can tell you there is nothing worse than being called the N word… it makes me so sick inside. with that said, it is fair that I can use the word as a black man, white people had their time where it was acceptable..

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