Ref who worked Eagles practice saw no problems keeping pace


Talk that new coach Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense could run into trouble with officials who can’t keep up is being disputed by an NFL official who worked an Eagles practice.

NFL official Scott Green was at Eagles training camp this week and said he doesn’t see any reason the league’s officials will have any problems with spotting the ball quickly enough to keep up with the pace the Eagles’ offense is running. Green said no issues arose during the portion of practice when the Eagles went 11-on-11 with a live clock.

“What I’ve seen over the last two days, we didn’t have any problem,” Green said, via “It didn’t seem out of the ordinary, as far as the pace.”

Green noted that the Patriots employed some of Kelly’s concepts last year for their own fast-paced offense, and the officials were able to keep up just fine.
“There was nothing last year that came out about the Patriots or any other team about how we were spotting the ball,” Green said.

And there should be no problems for the Eagles, either.

28 responses to “Ref who worked Eagles practice saw no problems keeping pace

  1. Officials are usually pretty good at watching Mike Vick turn the ball over at a furious pace, Chip Kelly or not.

  2. Yeah Lady Gaga McCoy can throw women off buses but a word has traumatized him to the point of no return !

  3. Coach Kelly has said a thousand times that he will adjust his offense to fit the NFL. This has been a non story from the start.

  4. The refs aren’t the issue. The issue is whether the Eagles offensive players are better conditioned, faster and have more wind and stamina than all their opposing defenses. Don’t bank on that.

  5. Maybe it was easier to keep pace because their offense only played with eleven men due to the fact they were short one wr!!

  6. In Philthy country, you don’t say anything’s wrong. Good way to get stabbed or beat up.

  7. Y’all seriously need to get off this. Everyday, it’s chip Kelly offense this, speed that, iggles this, Vick McCoy jackson Barkley blah blah blah. Pathetic

  8. buffalobills716 says:
    Aug 3, 2013 4:02 PM
    Lol is him one of the replacement ref?
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    Is you one of the “no child left behind” kids?

  9. I wish this story came out before the Wall Street Journal article. It would have saved several useless articles. Again, everyone who wants to comment that Kelly is going to fail in his transition to the NFL should prob wait until the regular season to call it officially a failure.

  10. The up tempo offense works great during the regular season. Defenses are simply “gassed” by the time the 4th quarter rolls around.. the refs won’t have an issue with Kelly’s scheme (the Pats and Peyton have done it for awhile now).

    The real problem with the up tempo offense happens during the Super Bowl.

    It simply cannot be run, to its full potential, due to the extended commercial breaks and half time show. In a sense.. teams that run it suffer a handicap in the most important game of the year.

  11. Chipper and his 11 headed offensive monster machine tour 2013 is locked and loaded.

  12. What’s weird is that due to the theory of relativity, if Chip Kelly’s offense is as fast as I’ve been hearing, the game and play clocks will actually start going significantly slower. Brilliant strategy.

  13. More importantly what did this ref have to say about Cooper and his comments?

  14. Ref’s wo’t have to worry much cause Chip’s offense will be mostly ‘3 and out’ when they have the ball.

  15. Does this guy Chip Kelly remind anyone else of another college coach that flamed and burned in the NFL? That would be the ole ball coach Steve Spurrier who spent 2 painful years trying to quicken up the Redskins with Air Ball 10.0. Probem was the Redskins couldn’t be turned into Gators by coaching em up! And by the same token, maybe Eagles can’t be turned into Ducks. My bet is that Eagle fans and ownership will soon be thinking Andy Reid and Donavon McNabb look very good in hindsight.

  16. I think this offence is going to change the game as it will limit D substitutions and make it more of a mental game. I’m not an Eagles fan, but I can’t wait to see how this all shakes out. Chip will either reinvent the game, or be fired after year 2. I can’t wait to see this.

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