Romo doesn’t think he’ll play Sunday night


One of the great meaningless NFL mysteries of the week has been resolved.  We think.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo doesn’t think he’ll be playing on Sunday night in Canton.

Via Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News, that’s what Romo said Friday when asked about the preseason opener.  Coach Jason Garrett still declines to confirm that Romo won’t play, although Garrett’s initial comments on the topic from more than a week ago provided a pretty strong clue that Romo won’t make the usual one-series cameo appearance at Fawcett Stadium in Canton.

One one hand, it’s no big deal for Romo to miss anywhere from three to 10 snaps.  On the other hand, if he can’t suit up for anywhere from three to 10 snaps, it’s hard not to wonder whether he’s having issues in the wake of offseason surgery to remove a benign cyst from his back.

Either way, exercising caution makes sense.  For the Cowboys, the extra preseason game is more about getting the defense comfortable with a shift to the 4-3 alignment.  And it’s definitely not about exposing a key player unnecessarily to injury.

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  1. It might just be Tony wants his former coach, Bill Parcells, to be proud of him, he sure would play if Bill was there!

  2. I think it has more to do with the fact that Dallas has multiple injuries at both Guard spots than Romo’s back.

  3. I hope he’s ok. I am one of the people who were very happy when the Cowboys signed him to that big contract, ensuring there will be no hope for any other quarterback for years.
    I really hope that he’s not hurt and misses games.

  4. Smart move, despite how much I hate Dallas and Romo. The only thing I despise more than the Cowboys is the preseason. Just four more games for our star players and promising rookies to tear their ACL’s. Except these games don’t even matter. I kind of wish every team didn’t play their starters in the preseason.

    If a player tears his ACL on the way to a regular season win for his team; whatever, that really sucks for the guy, but it’s football and he got hurt playing his heart out and pushing his team towards a Super Bowl. If a guy tears his ACL in the preseason he’s essential just flushed millions of dollars and a big chunk of his career down the toilet in a game that could not matter less. And for rookies fighting for a roster spot– great job man, you played your heart out to impress your coach and make the squad and now your career is over.

    I don’t if there’s an easy solution for this, but I hate seeing guys go down in the preseason, for any team (yes, even the small D). Maybe if they had an 18 game season, but teams could carry a 90 man roster into the first two/three games.

    It’s a stupid idea, yeah, but isn’t it stupider that Jason Garrett feels like it’s a big deal to refuse to endanger his franchise quarterback in a game that just doesn’t matter.

  5. cowboysallday says: Aug 3, 2013 12:30 PM

    lol so many Romo haters. I love it


    You love having a QB incapable of making a play that helps his team in crunch time? You love never being in the playoffs?

    Pretty strange way to watch the game.

  6. Romo and Sanchez are going to surprise this year. Write it down!


    I’ll write it down on a roll of toilet paper an hour or so after eating a big bowl of chili.

  7. It’s the writers and reporters who make it such a big deal…Oh no Romo is not playing in a preseason game! The Cowboys aren’t going to make the playoffs…Come on really.

  8. purplehaze28 says: Aug 3, 2013 12:41 PM

    Romo and Sanchez are going to surprise this year. Write it down!


    They are both coming out of the closet…

  9. phinfan says:
    Aug 3, 2013 12:56 PM
    Fine by me…let him be rusty by the start of the season
    As a Redskins fan, I’m always happy with a worse Romo, but as a football fan and a person, I would much rather Romo be rusty than injured; the only player in the league that deserves to have injuries wished upon him is Perrish Cox (piece of human trash. Or subhuman trash. Or just trash.).

  10. Having a cyst on his back removed would not in any way shape or form disrupt his play, silly to even think that lol. Wish he would play though, makes games more fun to watch when starters play.

  11. I remember when Barry Switzer was the coach of the Cowboys and he coached the NFC Pro Bowl squad from the bench eating a hot dog. Whatever happened to that 90’s cowboys swag?

  12. Yeah I see no reason for him to play. Might as well just wait till the games count before you start losing fumbles and throwing pick six’s.

  13. Why would he? Cameron Wake, Oliver Vernon, Randy Starks, Paul Soliali, Jared Odrick, Dion Jordan, Phillip Wheeler, Danell Ellerbe, and Koa Misi would be on him like white on rice!

    They would make him look like a rookie and with that contract he received in the offseason could you imagine the field day the media would have with that? Just hide for another week Romo but eventually you cant stop the inevitable from happening.

  14. the dolphins defensive back field was upset after hearing this, they had bets on who would intercept the most of Romo passes

  15. Im not a huge Dallas fan, but if I had Romo as my QB, i would have no problem with it. At least he is committed to his team, unlike Krapernick who cant even remember what team he plays for.

  16. Romo haters are the biggest morons in all of sports fandom.

    “Yeah, I hate quarterbacks who throw for a lot of yardage and touchdowns. I also hate quarterbacks who don’t throw many interceptions. I am a tool.”

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