Santana Moss listed as third-string on depth chart


The job for 2013 of Redskins receiver Santana Moss seemed to be secured when he converted $2 million in base salary to incentives in March.

He may have a hard time earning back the money if, as reflected by the team’s current online depth chart, Moss is relegated to third string.  It ultimately could be hard to earn any of his reduced salary, if Moss gets cut.

Right now, Moss sits behind starters Pierre Garςon and Joshua Morgan and second-stringers Aldrick Robinson and Leonard Hankerson.  Joining Moss on the third string is Donte’ Stallworth.  Among the six-man cluster of “other” receivers are Devery Henderson and Dezmon Briscoe.

Moss, 34, was a first-round pick of the Jets in 2001.  The Jets traded him to the Redskins in 2005 for Laveraneus Coles, who had signed with the Redskins as a restricted free agent two years earlier.

For his carer, Moss has 680 receptions for 9,715 yards and 64 touchdowns.  He ranks fourth all time on the teams career reception and yardage lists, behind only Art Monk, Charley Taylor, and Gary Clark in each category.

UPDATE 12:47 a.m. ET:  The Washington Post projects Moss to be the top option in the slot for the Redskins, consistently reporting he’s having a solid camp.  Which proves yet again that teams simply shouldn’t publish online depth charts if they’re not going to reflect reality.

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  1. It’s bitter sweet. I’d hate to lose Moss because he just exemplifies “Redskins” to me. He’s been here since I “really” started getting into the team and has always been here. A loyal soldier. But, it’s also good sign that we have such depth that a guy Santana would have trouble making the roster. Out with the old, in with the new. Personally, I’d like if he stayed on and we won the SB. That’d be great for the ‘Tana Man.

  2. Who is your source, because from what I have seen everyday at training camp and from talking with most of the sportswriters at camp, he is definitely not 3rd string and most likely top of the list for the slot.

  3. Ok, my bad, I see the link for the depth chart… but just the same, that doesn’t reflect the reality of what is going on in camp right now, nor does it reflect the offensive scheme with a slot man

  4. Surely this is a mistake, according to logical voices he’s the fifth best receiver in the league. Did Washington trade for Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald today????

  5. Moss makes this team over Stallworth and Henderson, and probably over Briscoe (unless he shows something fantastic this preseason). Morgan and Garcon are coming off injuries. Robinson is inconsistent and Hankerson needs to exhibit better hands. I think this team still needs Moss while these younger guys figure things out, and he will be pressed into action the moment someone goes down. Plus, his rapport with Griffin is pretty solid, they had some amazing plays last year (had great catches against NYG, Dallas, and Philly…that has to count for something).

  6. “Which proves yet again that teams simply shouldn’t publish online depth charts if they’re not going to reflect reality.”

    How about you dont write about said online depth charts like they do mean something when you know they dont…

  7. Update: Bloggers shouldn’t write a post if they don’t have any background info to back up their story

  8. Which proves yet again that teams simply shouldn’t publish online depth charts if they’re not going to reflect reality.

    Or maybe sports writers shouldn’t jump to conclusion based on meaningless early August depth charts.

  9. Oh, so he’s “having a solid camp” and he’s “top option in the slot”…after publishing online depth charts that he’s 3rd string.

    Is this trade bait?

  10. Moss had one of his best seasons of his career last year out of the slot (8td’s)… He is still a beast.

  11. It is naive to believe that anything teams publish online will reflect reality.

  12. The Skins did this last year with him too I think. A month before the season starts any depth chart shouldn’t be a real indication of where the season is going.

  13. Or you shouldn’t print made up news about a players position on a team prior to the first ore-season game even being played. Don’t blame the Redskins for your ineptitude.

  14. If you think Josh Morgan will have more grabs than Mantana Sauce, then you’d better sign up for my fantasy league so I can take your money. Dumb article. Do your homework on one of the most consistent WRs of the last decade (catching passes from JV quarterbacks) so you don’t have to run an OOPS update 20 min later.

  15. Moss will have a fine season, no worries. The depth chart in August matters about as much as preseason predictions every year (that usually say Dallas is going to win it all)

  16. “…Which proves yet again that teams simply shouldn’t publish online depth charts if they’re not going to reflect reality.”

    Or it proves that you guys should be doing your homework before publishing speculation to your blogs.

  17. …or you could simply do a little research before posting an article that’s this far off from reality. Almost anyone that has regularly followed the Redskins through this offseason could have told you that Santana was the #1 slot corner on the depth chart, regardless of what’s posted on Considering the fact that those depth charts only cover base personnel, any intelligent football fan could tell you that slot isn’t going to be included on something like that.

    Before implying that a fan favorite and long-tenured member of a team is at serious risk of being cut, maybe do a little fact-checking first. We know it’s your job to cover all thirty-two teams, but that doesn’t exempt you from a little bit of journalistic integrity. Check with WaPo, Tandler, or even the blogosphere for just a second before posting garbage like this the next time. This wasn’t even remotely accurate, and to blame the Redskins for your short-sightedness is pathetic.

  18. Or it proves yet again that those kinds of things should be investigated better before basing an entire article on a pre-season depth chart and speculating a player may be cut.

  19. You can’t trust team websites all the time.

    Do you know how many removed players are on team website rosters for at least one day?

  20. He could jump right into 1st String on the Panthers. Santana doesn’t have to worry about a job this year if he does get cut.

  21. Or don’t pay attention to them. It’s training camp, buddy – everyone knows what Moss’ role will be.

  22. Apparently it comes as news to bloggers that team websites might not be completely accurate, truthful or current. Even sites run by Danny Snyder.

  23. You posted all that as if he is on the bubble, in which he is clearly not & you end it with he is the top slot WR. So for us who are keeping up with Training Camp everyday this was a wasted thread. Moss will be on the field every 3rd down & in ever multiple WR set & has never been on the bubble. SMH.

  24. Try this link. Let me know if it works.  If you sign up for this site you’ll get about 100 emails a day.


  25. Moss isn’t going anywhere. He’s a clutch WR. When the game is on the line and you need to convert 3rd down, he’ll make that catch. Moss is a great Redskin. Hail!

  26. Calm down Redskins fans Moss will make the team this season. He can still get it done 8 TDs last year. Plus he is a cowboy and a giant Killer.Always had great games against those Loser teams year in year out.

  27. This “article” pretty much sums up the fact that this is the Rumor section. You guys start them, then the get perpetuated. Moss is fine and will be on the team.

    Moss is the consummate pro and the Shannys are working harder on the young’uns they have yet to figure out.

    Nothing to see here… moving along.

  28. Moss is not going anywhere. They can list him on the depth chart however they like. Why someone would take a preseason depth chart and ” run with it “, is another example of a writer trying to make news where there is none. Moss led the team in receiving TD’s last year, was second in YAC only behind Pierre Garcon, and was tied for second on the team in first down catches.
    Why would he be cut?

    Hail to the Redskins

  29. Which proves yet again that teams simply shouldn’t publish online depth charts if they’re not going to reflect reality.

    Orrrrrrr maybeeeee bloggers who have their heads up their butts shouldn’t speculate wildly about something they know nothing about?

    Whatever happened to personal responsibility, reporting, and knowledge. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the Redskins should know Moss isn’t in any trouble. Blaming the team is petulant and moronic.

  30. Really?? Maybe since its pre-season?? Pretty sure Moss makes the team relatively easily..

    Pierre Garcon
    Santana Moss
    Josh Morgan
    Leonard Hankerson
    Aldrick Robinson
    Devery Henderson

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