Steelers to break out their throwbacks on November 17


Last year, the Steelers unveiled perhaps the ugliest alternative uniforms in the history of sports.

They’ll be back again in 2013.

The good news, if there is any, is that the Steelers possibly will be wearing the prison bumblebee look only once this season, on November 17 against the Lions.

Last year, the Steelers wore them twice, in a win over the Redskins and during a loss to the Ravens.

Maybe next year they won’t wear them at all.

41 responses to “Steelers to break out their throwbacks on November 17

  1. There’s a reason teams moved on from some of these old unis. These give those brown Bronco suits a run for their money.

  2. Maybe the most innovative way I’ve seen a team alienate their fanbase– kudos!

  3. elwaysagenius says:
    Aug 3, 2013 3:12 PM
    Ben personally asked for the prison stripe feel, stating “I should probably be in these anyways”

    8 0 I see your mortician is still co authoring your posts…time to get a new one with better material.

    As a fan of the steelers those unis are horrible and do remind me of the old donkey unis.

  4. Too bad they aren’t using them a few weeks earlier, then the players would not have to spring for separate Halloween costumes.

  5. Are the Lions contractually obligated to play against each teams worse possible jersey? Remember they did play against the powder blue and yellow eagles a few years back.

    Haven’t those fans suffered enough?

  6. If Goodell is gonna fine anyone for anything, he should fine the Steelers for wearing those godawful things. That’s unnecessary roughness against the eyes of the viewing public.

  7. Some of the guys pull them off better than others and make them look good. But I still think they need a 1970s throwback.

  8. Good God those are horrible. As a fan, I generally like the throwbacks, but only if they LOOK GOOD. Really, who is making the calls on these uniforms??

    The Chargers powder blue, the 90’s Rams, and the 80’s Eagles all look terrific. Denver needs to bring back their Orange Crush uniforms for a game too.

  9. Personally I don’t think they look as bad as the media loves to portray them to be. And I don’t let public opinion change the way I feel about things. That being said, I’ve actually grown to like them and am looking forward to seeing them play with them again.

  10. Sweet fancy Moses! I love my Steelers but those are horrendous! Our only hope is that the Lions get dizzy watching us run around in them.

  11. Here we go Steelers, here we go! You’re jealous?

    Pittsburgh was not built in a day.

  12. Does anyone else not think this is a hilarious little jab at the lions and their personnel?

    Wearing Jail house uni’s…. lol…

  13. As a Browns’ fan, I have great respect for the Steeler organization, but those unis are hideous. Really? An eye test for astigmatism.

  14. I still like the black jersey with the yellow stripes with white pants and gold helmet of a couple of seasons ago best. I don’t know why they deviated from that classic look. I play it all the time on Madden.

  15. Like I’ve said many times, why don’t they just trot out their block letter unis from the 70’s-90’s? Those were tight – and didn’t look completely buffoonish.

  16. All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
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  17. I kinda like those – but I’m also glad my SAINTS don’t have similar unis…although our throwbacks throw us back to some pretty hard times…

  18. Those looked really bad on a playoff team. Imagine how bad they will look on a 5-11 team?!

  19. That’s why the Browns have the best uniforms. They look as good today as in the 1950s.

  20. A team management that chooses to retain Rottenberger after 03/05/10 is capable of other idiotic decisions, as we see here.


    A Damn Yankee (Deb knows what this means)

  21. Oh dear no. What are they trying to prove? I mean people can’t actually be buying this crap…..right? Please tell me you’re smarter than that Pitt fans.

  22. They are wearing them again because they are superstitious football players. They won in those crazy costumes last year which by their illogical, magical thinking brings them to only one conclusion: they must wear them again this year daggummit!! if they want to get a W.

  23. Those looked really bad on a playoff team. Imagine how bad they will look on a 5-11 team?!

    1 0 but hey they will look good on this years ravens.

  24. To Steelers Management: these uniforms are so hideous they make the game unwatchable. I throw up a little in my mouth when highlights of the game are showed. You should be fined by the rest of the league for damaging the NFL brand. STOP wearing them!

  25. Anything to distract the fans from another dismal season. These gimmicks are beyond sad.

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