Antonio Cromartie objects to boos for Mark Sanchez


Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez doesn’t have the strongest base of support these days, but he can always count on CB Antonio Cromartie.

Cromartie has backed up Sanchez in the past and he did so again after Saturday’s scrimmage. Fans in attendance showered Sanchez with boos after he overthrew a deep ball that Cromartie picked off and Cromartie took them to task for vocalizing their disapproval of Geno Smith’s competition for the starting quarterback job.

“I think that’s bullcrap,” Cromartie said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “My thing is if you’re going to be a fan, be a fan. That’s what it’s all about. He’s our quarterback. Geno’s our quarterback and they’re in competition. You don’t come out here and boo anybody.”

The interception wasn’t the only thing Sanchez did that led to boos. He also tripped over his own feet while dropping back and fell to the turf, which just about every beat writer in attendance have dubbed the “Buttstumble” in reference to last season’s infamous “Buttfumble.”

He did hit Stephen Hill with a long touchdown pass that drew some praise near the end of the scrimmage, but Smith got more time with the first-team offense. Smith had an up-and-down day, leaving Rich Cimini of to opine that the “glaring takeaway” from the night was that the Jets still have issues at quarterback.

Friday night’s preseason opener against the Lions will be their next chance to iron out those issues as Sanchez or Smith bid to move ahead in the race for the job.

32 responses to “Antonio Cromartie objects to boos for Mark Sanchez

  1. Don’t like Cromartie, but have to give him props. He has talent and does back up his teammates when it’s not the most popular thing to do.

  2. Preseason should prepare players for everything. Including booing. Especially this circus.

  3. Of course Cromartie loves Sanchez. Wouldn’t you love a guy who always throws you the ball? He is consistently Sanchez’s #1 target every training camp/practice.

  4. Hard Knocks declined the Jets offer to be on the training camp show because they did not want it to spoil what is to come this season.

  5. You better get used to it Antonio, because that’s all you’ll hear from Jet fans, they’ve had enough of this clown(Sanchez) and with him on the team the Jets are as respectable as a circus act.

  6. Sanchez put himself into this situation, he is going to have to prove himself that he can be a QB in the NFL, then the fans will stop the boos.

    Jet fans aren’t Red Ryan, we aren’t just going to pat him on the back and tell him everything is okay. Grow-up and stop being a little boy.

  7. This article explains why I don’t have season tickets anymore. I told the Jets ticket sales that as long as Sanchez is QB, I’m not going to purchase season tickets. I will just choose what games I would go to this season.

  8. Sanchez wants Cromartie to be a receiver. He holds on to the ball better than Hill. Cromartie can play both side of the ball. Bill Belicrap does it NE . He lets defensive players play both sides of the ball.

  9. Not a Jets fan, but who is this clown (Cromartie) to tell fans what they can do? The fans are the reason this league exists. You’re damn right they are going to boo when players suck. Don’t tell me I can’t boo…after investing thousands of dollars in tickets and merchandise, as well as thousands of hours of time and emotional highs and lows. If this was my team I’d be raising hell right now.

  10. I see no point in continuing the Sanchez era. If they’re even, go with the guy who at least has some potential upside. I don’t care what they’re paying him, you have to make decisions based upon what is best for the franchise.

    Sanchez is not going to get any better. Why keep spinning your wheels and going nowhere? Start the rookie and see what you have. Nothing else really makes sense to me.

  11. Marky’s confidence has long been shattered; he will be gone after this season…

    Wrecks will be canned before the end of the season!

  12. Is anyone surprised? It’s jets fan and Sanchize. Though it’s easy to say, classic jets fans, it’s also hard to blame them. At least now Geno realizes what to expect from his new fan base.

  13. Poor Mark Sanchez ….. you stunk up the joint for three seasons straight and I don’t care about you not having weapons you were a top 10 pick…. now its boo birds and then a boot …. if only they hadn’t gauranteed 20 mil you’d have seen it already…

  14. this is the problem with the jets. SHUTUP. this is why I respect guys like Brandon flowers in KC, Joe Haden in Cleveland, guys who just haven’t complained with sub par or terrible qb play, and who don’t get in the middle of this type of stuff

    so sick of cromartie.

  15. A real fan doesnt go to their teams mini camp to boo, I’m with cromartie on this one. If you don’t like what you see then stay home, you jets fans are fake. You only like your team wen they’re doing good, you have to support them as well in their down years. Sanchez may not be the perfect QB but if you fans think that geno is gonna come in and do much better, well good luck to you.

  16. I just want Sanchez to start at this point just so Geno gets some clipboard time. One of the biggest mistakes the NYJ made with Sanchez, IMO, was having him start Day 1. The Geno-led version of the team isn’t going to be much better, might as well groom him and let the experience of watching Mark teach him what NOT to do.

  17. You non NYC haters just do not get it. As players of course in NY, and not even as fans.

    Stick with your frozen pizza and bagels in your town and root away !!

  18. I hope the Circus makes sanchez the starter, gives him a huge raise, and keeps him for 10 more years!

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