Colts downplay Bradshaw’s participation in walkthrough as “mental reps”


Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw remains on the physically unable to perform list, with a lingering foot problem.  It means he can’t practice.

And yet, as pointed out by Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, Bradshaw took “a few handoffs” in practice on Sunday.

After practice, coach Chuck Pagano downplayed the situation to reporters, saying that Bradshaw is “[j]ust getting the mental reps.”

Of course, mental reps are just that.  Mental.  These were physical reps, given that Bradshaw actually was on the field, taking handoffs.

The Colts have been down this road before, albeit with a different regime.  Five years ago, quarterback Peyton Manning, on the PUP list after offseason knee surgery, participated in a walk-through practice, which technically violated the PUP rules.

Two years ago, the 49ers came close to a violation with receiver Michael Crabtree on the PUP list.  G.M. Trent Baalke apparently intervened before Crabtree’s participation in the “warm-up” phase of practice became participation in practice itself.

In some respects, it’s a no-harm, no-foul situation, since any player on the active/PUP list counts against the 90-man roster.  Still, the line on this point is fairly bright.

And if simply calling participation in a walk-through practice “mental reps” keeps a team on the right side of the rule, look for more teams to do the same thing with their players who are on the physically unable to perform list.

5 responses to “Colts downplay Bradshaw’s participation in walkthrough as “mental reps”

  1. They tried to explain it to him several times, then drew diagrams on a sheet of paper. Nothing was getting through, so they walked him out onto the field, placed the ball in his hands, and pointed the direction he was supposed to go. Mental reps are different in different cases.

  2. Why are players put on the PUP list? They still count on the roster, so do they have to or is there some advantage or something?

  3. Not sure why they wouldn’t just take him off the PUP list? It’s not like he’s going to miss time in the regular season and need that designation, so if he’s able to take “mental reps” by getting a few handoffs, why not just take him off the list?

  4. Andrea
    The advantage is for the regular season(if he’s still not ready), that is where the extra roster space comes into play.

    With that said, time for Irsay to pay some money.

  5. The PUP List, just like the injury report exists for odds makers to keep track of eligible players, even though sports books are illegal in most areas. And the NFL is strongly against any form of gambling on games lol. I’m sure that there is an official reason endorsed by the league, but this is really why either exists. These are formalities that keep the league from being scrutinized more for the illegal gambling business that it is feeding with these reports. Really, why else would there be an injury report? It’s not to keep the casual fan informed.

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