Eddie Lacy “a huge weapon” at Packers’ scrimmage


Apparently all that weight is making Eddie Lacy tough to tackle.

The Packers had their annual preseason scrimmage on Saturday night, and Lacy, the big rookie running back whose weight has been a hot topic in training camp, was the star of the show.

“He’s going to be a huge weapon for us,” teammate B.J. Coleman said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “First time out. Environment like that. I thought he did a great job. It’s nice to have him back there with you. He runs the ball hard. He’s a very strong man.”

Lacy had consecutive runs of 7, 16, 19, 4, 8 and 4 yards. Fellow running back Alex Green’s job could be in jeopardy with the arrival of Lacy and fourth-round rookie Johnathan Franklin, but Green still praised Lacy’s effort.

“He went in there and proved he could run the ball effective,” Green said. “Even when he was a little bit winded he still ran hard and finished runs. Picked up the blitzes when he had to. I thought he did great.”

Although James Starks got the start at running back on Saturday night, Lacy is looking like the leader to be the No. 1 back when the season begins.

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  1. I saw the scrimmage, and he was a beast. We got an absolute steal in the second round. Should have been a top 10 pick. Thanks TT. Can’t wait for the season to start, while we will all hold our collective breath through the next 4 weeks. Go Pack Go.

  2. So I guess this means the run D still isn’t fixed? If a bloated RB who’s sucking wind after 5 carries is slashing that D, what will AP do to it?

  3. It looks like the hapless and tasteless Vikings and Bears are going to lose twice each to the Packers again this year. That makes 4 years in a row, and that kind of division dominance is incredible.

  4. Eddie averaged over 8 YPC last night against the Packers’ D. Peterson averaged a bit over 5 in the game they won against the Packers.

    Considering that the Green Bay D was better than the Vikings’ last year (by 4 spots) – what do you think Eddie’s gonna do to the Vikes?

  5. Last packers saw of Adrian Peterson, when it counted, was 22 carries for 99 yards. You can down play or all you want but Lacy is a gigantic addition to this team. Offense will be scary good.

  6. anytime the ball is not in Rodgers hands, that’s a win for the other team. Hope he gets 30 carries a game.

  7. Let’s wait till he does anything in the regular season before we measure him for his HOF jacket. Let’s not be like the Viking trolls who take a small samples of effectiveness and project it all the way to a Superbowl win, a win that they never have achieved.

    For those readers who might be unaware that the Vikings are 0-4 in Superbowls.

    But I too saw the scrimmage and he is the type of back that you hit at the line of scrimmage and he still comes out of it with a three yard gain. He moves tacklers back and his is nimble enough to make you miss. I don’t know what he is going to do in the regular season but from I saw, Green Bay has not had a RB like this in years.

  8. It still amazes me that the Packers sell out their stadium for a glorified practice. You can hate on the Packers all you want but they have some amazingly loyal fans.

  9. Keep in mind he was running against the Packer’s defense. Lets wait and see how he performs against an elite defense.

  10. DL Datone Jones in the first, Eddie Lacy in the second and equally dangerous Johnathan Franklin in the fourth, a couple athletic O-Linemen, a couple more athletic WRs to stockpile.

    The Pack got MUCH better through the draft this year.

    BTW, there were 63,000 fans who paid $10 each to watch this Packer practice, and the thing was sold out weeks ago.

  11. I like Lacey, he may be good, but please packer fans, don’t judge from you awesome run d, he better be good, cause u guys will need to score 40 a game. Your D is awful and Only getting worse

  12. The last time someone ran the ball against the Packers defense, he ran for 181 yards and an NFL record for QBs.

  13. Okay, Packer fan here. Look, two things.

    1) Was the Packers D good last year? No. But it was ranked 11th. Not exactly the porous defense that all of you morons are making it out to be. Hell, they were 17th against the run. Stop acting like they’re the 2008 Lions.

    2) It was a scrimmage. It was live tackling, but they hardly took anyone to the ground. Eddie Lacy is not going to average 8 YPC during the regular season. I’d be happy with 4.3 ~ 4.5, and probably that’s a lot closer to what we’re going to actually see from him.

    Let’s all relax and stop sounding like homeriffic idiots. Packer fans and rivals alike.

  14. The Packers had no trouble scoring against the 49ers. Despite being out coached and the untimely game -changing fumble, the Packers were still competitive. It’s not like getting blanked in an important game as the Vikings did years ago against the Giants. The few improvements the Packers have made here and there and I guarantee you the 49ers fear the Packers more than the Packers fear them.

  15. I get a kick out of reading posts from Packer haters like Viking and Lions fans. Exactly how many championships have your teams had? In case you’ve forgotten — the Packers have won more championships than any other team. Thirteen championships to be exact.
    So, say what you want about the Packers defense. The fact is, the Packers have owned the NFC North division since the early 90’s and that won’t change any time soon.
    At least the Bears can say they won a Super Bowl. That’s more than the Vikings and Lions can say.
    The Vikings even blow it when they have more talent than any other team. And the Lions are so bad, their best RB ever couldn’t take the losing anymore and quit in his prime.
    And btw, the most over-rated player in the NFL is Suh. The only thing he is great at is playing dirty.
    At least the Vikings have Adrian Petersen, who is is a great player and classy guy. But the Lions are filled with a bunch of egotistical wannabes, starting with their head coach.
    The fact is, the Packers can win with any of these RB’s they have because they have the best QB in football and he makes everyone around him better.
    So laugh all you want at the Packers’ defense. But while they’re in the playoffs, your teams will be playing golf somewhere.

  16. Ignorance. Lacy isn’t meant to be Peterson. He’s meant to actually give the team a running game for a change. Teams will actually need to respect it.

  17. I never heard of this guy until he ran through that inept Norte dame defense.

    News flash: the packers just paid Aaron’s Rodgers record money to throw. They are not going to run the ball unless the game is already wrapped up.

  18. Stellar

    Is that why the 49ers beat the packers twice last year? Because the 49ers were afraid of the packers?

  19. Lacy was the last person I wanted to see the Packers get in the 1st round… and then he went in the 2nd.

    -Vikes fan

  20. I also think its downright pathetic that fans get excited over a teams prospects after a scrimmage…a scrimmage. Not even a half assed preseason game…a scrimmage. But no, let’s declare Eddie lacy the greatest running back in 50 years for the packers right now! And on a team that doesn’t run the ball.

  21. Four weeks of preseason to drop ten pounds plus the season where most players have a hard time keeping weight on? Let’s quit making a big deal about his weight. Will he be Adrian Peterson? No. Will he be a heck of a lot better than what the Packers are accustomed to? Yes. Aaron Rodgers with the added threat of play action could be a dangerous combination.

  22. what I’d like to ask AP is how to get ahold of some of that HGH because I was an athlete that had ACL reconstruction, and I sure as hell didn’t come back stronger 6 months later.

  23. Last packers saw of Adrian Peterson, when it counted, was 22 carries for 99 yards. You can down play or all you want but Lacy is a gigantic addition to this team. Offense will be scary good.

    Pretty sad when you think giving up almost a 100 yards is an accomplishment

  24. I so can’t wait until the regular season. Lacy looked good last night at the scrimmage. Our D will finish in the top 5 this year. Datone Jones is a beast. Teams will look past our D b/c of the last 2 years. By the way what do u call a Vikings player w/a Super Bowl ring? An ex Packer. Now Jennings & Bishop will find out what it’s like to not make the playoffs. Packers Will once again dominate our div on the way to the Super Bowl

  25. It was just a glimpse of what the guy can do with the football in his hands. A glorified practice yes, against a bad run D yes but he still looked good doing it.

    All of these people who are counting on a worse Packers team this year will be sorely mistaken. The number 1 OL looked good and Datone Jones looks like the real deal, he would have had 3 sacks last night if the QBs were fair game.

    Get your popcorn ready!

  26. Who compared AD and Lacy running stats in a scrimmage vs real season play??? And you wonder why us Viking fans think you fake stock holders are drunk 24-7

  27. Damn what flavor Haterade are they serving today, losers? Your teams all suck and I can say that because no team that beats us needs to talk smack about the Packers cause they got the job done against us. If you have something to say about the Packers on EVERY article, you’re a sad overweight cellar dweller that crys everyday about how the Packers hurt your feelings once or twice a year. Keep crying crybabies and we’ll keep winning.

  28. He was good I’m sure, but the Beer made him look like AP to the Pack faithful. Can you imagine if they served hard liquor? They’d have a street named after him already.

  29. He looks like he’s going to be a beast – cannot wait to watch him in regular season games. Packers with a run game you have to defend will make Rodgers that much better.
    And anyone who thinks the Packers won’t be better than last year’s 11th overall in Defense has not been paying attention. Good luck to all the teams in the NFC North… 2nd place is up for grabs!

  30. All the Pack needs is a running threat to unclog the passing lanes. If Lacy looks even half what he looked like last night it’s all bonus. And he also can catch the ball.

  31. I submit that if you’re a Vikings fan on here, you need to assert the following before posting:

    1) Admit your team has never done ANYTHING in the post-season to warrant the chest-thumping your insipid ViQueen fans insist on doing.

    2) Assert that despite having the duo of Moss and Carter, your team STILL couldn’t reach the Super Bowl.

    3) Admit that #4 did to you what he did to Packers fans in 2004(heave it up in the infamous 4th & 26 playoff game) and 2008 (heave up against the Giants) against the Saints in 2010.

    4) And finally, admit that you’re beneath the Bears fans and the lowly Lions fans because deep down, you’re not that good.

  32. Maybe because the packer defense is so horrible? Naaahhhh….. Put on the rainbow colored glasses packer fans. For you, it’s gonna be a long year.

  33. I really think all these Viking fans are people in some sort of asylum.

    He doesn’t need to be Adrian Cheaterson. He just has to pick up short distance first downs and keep the chains moving.

    Also, if HGH Peterson were rushing against the Vikings defense, he’d have had 250 yards per game.

    You do realize that the packers were missing several starters and still were a better squad than minny’s terrible (and still a rapidly declining) defense.

    What sucks for you is:

    I’m right, and you know it.

  34. Now that the O line is decimated with the loss of Bulaga, the run game is going nowhere. They are a patch quilt that will spend all their time pass blocking.
    They do not have the talent to also learn run blocking so the Lacy’s of the world, on this team are in real trouble. If he gets 400 yards I would be shocked.

  35. Ted Thompson is no idiot. He knows clearly he has no deep pocket owners to give him untold money and back load contracts. He pays as he goes since the team is owned by people. He is forced to play money ball, His his six round picks, who were sitting on the bench last year, have to play this year. They suck, the team will suck. I have them 0-5 to start the season. 9ers have field day in Frisco.

  36. When you play against a defense that shies away from contact I’m sure he looked very good.

    Throw in an OL that just lost their best player for the year and I’ll ask just who is going to block for him? Packers are done.

  37. TO the dummy who said the Pack swept the division. Remember the last regular season game? The one where AD put up over 200 yeah that game.

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