Football is back tonight, and so is SNF Extra

At the top of the hour, football will be back.

Sure, there’s still a month and a day to go before regular-season football returns.  Until then, however, the only football will be preseason football.  Which is far better than no football.

Tonight, from the stadium that sits next to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Cowboys and Dolphins square off in Canton.  The game will be televised on NBC, and it’ll be streamed live, and free, at

Again this year, every NBC preseason, regular-season, and postseason game will stream live via Sunday Night Football on NBC Live Extra.  The application features multiple camera angles and all sorts of other bells and whistles, including a Twitter-based chat moderated all night long by yours truly.

So check out SNF on NBC Sports Live Extra and watch the game and ask your questions and read my answers and ask more questions and read more answers and watch the game.

UPDATE 8:55 p.m. ET:  Due to some technical issues, the chat feature isn’t functioning.  But the game is streaming online tonight.