Mike Shanahan on RGIII: He had a good week, almost ready for next phase


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III avoided any setbacks to his knee during the offseason and that’s continued through the first full week of training camp.

Coach Mike Shanahan said that Griffin had a “good week” because he’s remained healthy and has been able to execute everything in the plan the team drew up for him. Shanahan said that he thought Griffin would be able to move onto the next phase of his preparation for the regular season after the Redskins play the Titans on Thursday, although he declined to give any specifics about what that next phase might turn out to be.

“After the game, we have a little bit of a different game plan,” Shanahan said, via Tarik El-Bashir of CSN Washington. “If there is no setback, I’ll share that with you next week. The reason I don’t tell you at the beginning is if there is a setback, I’m not going to tell you anyway.”

Griffin has been participating in individual drills and 7-on-7 team drills with his workload increasing incrmentally. He hasn’t done any 11-on-11 work to this point, which may be a hint about what will be involved in Griffin’s next phase. Assuming that goes as well as phase one, there won’t be much mystery left about whether or not Griffin’s on the field for Week One.

12 responses to “Mike Shanahan on RGIII: He had a good week, almost ready for next phase

  1. The Redskins need to be smart about his recovery and RG3 has to be smart about his recovery. The guy is smart and can throw – he doesn’t need to be taking unnecessary hits.

  2. So far RG has had no contact at all which will be a big step.

    Perhaps Shanahan is eager to have RG participate in contact dills. However QBs are rearely touched in these drills anyway during preseason camp.

    The real test will be if he can be tackled and still play. At some point, they have to find that out.

  3. As a Viking fan, I love this dudes game. It was nerve wracking watching AP last year thru the first 4-5 games, he is a stud to great for the NFL, hope they don’t design any running plays for the better half of the season, he has all the skills to sit in pocket

  4. Shanahan has been playing it very smart during this year’s training camp with RG3. I like his approach, and how he is slowly bringing RG3 along, which will give Cousins a great opportunity to hone his skills during the pre season, which if there are any setbacks during the regular season he will be able to come in and confidently run the offense. RG3 has looked very sharp during the 7 on 7 drills, and has only been off target on a couple of passes. The others were drops by his receivers. That is a good sign that he is getting his timing down, and now it’s time to see the other phase and how he performs on 11 0n 11’s after Thursday’s game against the Titans. Will constantly be nervous with this kid, but I like the progression that I’ve seen, and heard through the media.

  5. So thankful for Shanny and RG3. The team is back on track and the future looks bright. The swinging gate era seems the worlds ago now, I’m hoping that was all just a bad dream.

  6. He looks great in 7 on 7 in training camp. Great. Good for him. Kid might play 6 games this year and will be a lifetime back up starting in 2015.

  7. Wow, has Shanahan actually learned something from his stupidity in letting RGIII go back in after his injury in last season’s playoff game?

  8. Time is the real cure. Keep RG3 on the bench until after the bye week; Oct 10 vs the Cowboys should be his return to action date.

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